BENGAL <b> <font color=red> 2-2 (2-4) </b> </font> KERALA

01.04.2018: BENGAL 2-2 (2-4) KERALA (FT.)
BEN : Ranajit, Ankit, Sanchayan, Monotosh, Nabi, Sourav, Bidyasagar, Tirthankar, Jiten, Sumit, Prosenjit.
KER : Midhun V, Rahul V Raj, Lijo, Sreerag, Jithin, Seesan, Afdal, Anurag, Jithin MS, Rahul KP, Vibin.
BENGAL : Jiten 68', Tirthankar 120'+2'
KERALA : Jithin MS 18', Vibin 117'

KERALA beat BENGAL 2-2 (4-2) to win their 6th Santosh Trophy
BENGAL 2-4 KERALA : Seesan S's shot, SCORED
Bengal changed their Goal keeper. Skipper Jiten Murmu will face Kerala's Seesan S.
BENGAL 2-3 KERALA Sanchayan Samaddar's shot, SCORED
BENGAL 1-3 KERALA Jestin George's shot, SCORED
BENGAL 1-2 KERALA Tirthankar Sarkar's shot, SCORED
BENGAL 0-2 KERALA Jithin Gopalan's shot, SCORED
BENGAL 0-1 KERALA Nabi Hassan's shot, MISSED
BENGAL 0-1 KERALA Rahul's shot, SCORED
BENGAL 0-0 KERALA Ankit Mukherjee's shot, SAVED

END OF 120 MINUTES. Match will be decided on tie-breaker.
BENGAL <b> <font color=red> 2-2 (2-4) </b> </font> KERALA

120'+6':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Tirthankar scored from free kick.
120'+4':Foul against Jiten, free kick to Bengal in a very good position.
120'+3':Bengal looking for equaliser, but Kerala defence cleared the ball taking no risks.
120':4 minutes of added time.
118':Substitution for Kerala: Mohammed Parokkottil in place of Sreerag.
117':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Vibin Thomas scored for Kerala. Yellow Card to Vibin for celebration.
116':Kerala atacking more now to take this 1-man advantage. But score remains same.
112':RED CARD to Rajon Burman for high boot. Bengal down to 10-man now.
111':Yellow Card to Nabi.
108':Another dangerous attack of Kerala nearly finds the winner. Bengal survives again.
107':Tirthankar's left footed shot from free kick, Midhun made a fine save to deny it.
106':Foul against Jiten, free kick to Bengal.
106':Second half of the extra time resumed.
101':Substitution for Kerala: Jestin George in place of Rahul KP
99':Kerala's corner, Vibin's header, Ranajit save it.
97':Fine attack of Kerala, substitute Krishna cleared the ball in goalline.
96':Tirthankar's corner kick, Midhun saves the ball.
95':Tirthankar's free kick, Midhun punched it away.
92':Kerala's corner, header went straight to keeper Ranajit.
91':Substitution for Bengal: Krishna Biswas in place of Sourav Dasgupta. This is the 3rd and final change for Bengal
END OF REGULATION 90 MINUTES Score: Bengal 1-1 Kerala. Match will be decided in extra time.
90'+3': Yellow Card to Sanchayan.
90'+2':Substitution for Bengal: Sandip Bhattacharya in place of injured Bidhyasagar Singh.
90'+1':Kerala with another fine attack, but Bengal defence cleared the ball well.
90': 3 minutes of added time.
87':Afdal's shot, Keeper Ranajit comes off the line and Prasenjit cleared the ball.
85':Tirthankar's corner, but header went wide.
85':Another corner to Bengal.
83':Counter attack of Kerala, Afdal's cross, but Ranajit made a brilliant save. Jithin missed a golden opportunity.
82':Ankit's shot from Tirthankar's corner, went straight to Midhun.
82':Jiten's pass to Tirthankar and his shot deflected results another corner to Bengal.
81':Tirthankar's free kick, went wide.
81':Foul on Tirthankar, free kick to Bengal in a very good position.
80':Tirthankar's corner, cleared.
79':Tirthankar's shot, Midhun cleared it. Corner to Bengal.
78':Substitution for Kerala: Sreekuttan VS in place of Anurag PC
77':Good move through Tirthankar and Jiten, and a through to find Bidhyasagar, but another sliding tackle by Kerala defender to clear the ball.
76': Tirthankar's forward through, cleared in Kerala defence.
76': After the water break, teams are back in the field.
74': Bidhyasagar's cross from right flank, no one followed and Kerala defence cleared it.
73':Tirthankar's forward through to find Bidhyasagar, cleared.
72':Chance to Rahul KP from Afdal's pass, but his shot went wide.
71':Kerala's attack, Ankit with another fine tackle to deny it.
69': Counter attack of Kerala, Anurag's shot, well save by Ranajit.
68':GOALLLLLLLLLLL Bengal equalised through Jiten from Rajon's pass.
67':Afdal's minus, cleared in Bengal defence.
66':Anjit's forward pass, Jiten's header cleared in Kerala defence.
65':Jiten's cross to find Rajon, cleared in defence.
63': Tirthankar's cross from left flank, cleared.
62':Yellow Card to Tirthankar.
62':Fine minus from Jithin but Anurag's shot went wide.
Kerala beat Bengal 1-0 in the group league match at Mohun Bagan ground.
58':Tirthankar's corner, cleared in Kerala defence.
57': Chance to Afdal VK, but Ranjit saves the ball.
55':Bengal still looking for equaliser, but score remains still same. Kerala leading 1-0.
Bengal and Kerala meet Santosh Trophy final 2 times so far. Bengal won both the times.
1993–94 (FINAL) : Bengal 2–2,7–5 (pen) Kerala
1988–89(FINAL) : Bengal 4-3 (pen) Kerala
51':Tirthankar's cross from left flank, cleared in defence.
46':Players Change in Bengal: Rajon Burman in place of Sumit Das.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME Kerala Leading 1-0 against Bengal in Santosh Trophy Final.
45'+4':Jiten's fine turn and shot, Vibin blocked it.
45'+3':Fine chance to Kerala, but missed it.
45'+2':Kerala defence cleared the ball from corner.
45'+1':Bidhyasagar's shot, deflected and corner to Bengal.
45': 4 minutes of added time.
44':Kerala's corner, Lijo take it. Ball cleared in defence.
43':Yellow Card to Sourav.
42':Bengal's corner, cleared in defence.
41':Tirthankar's free kick, Midhun tipped it over bar.
40':Chance to Afdal VK, but his shot went wide.
35':Kerala's semifinal's scorer Afdal VK's cross from left flank, Jithin completely missed the shot.
32':Jiten's shot, went over the bar.
25':Tirthankar's free kick, Manotosh's header went straight to keeper Midhun.
24':Foul against Sumit, free kick to Bengal.
22': Sumit's shot, went wide.
19':Tirthankar's long ranger, straight to keeper Midhun's hand.
18':GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Seesan's fine through pass to Jithin MS and his brilliant run and shot finds the net.
15':Score remains still goalless.
12':Ankit with a fine tackle to deny Kerala.
11':Sanchayan committed a foul, free kick.
10':Kerala's free kick, went wide. Seesan take the free kick.
9':Manotosh's long forward pass, went wide.
6':Fine cross from right flank, header cleared by Kerala defence.
3':Kerala's move, Sourav cleared the ball.
0':Kick off.
0': 1993–94 (FINAL) : Bengal 2–2,7–5 (pen) Kerala
0': 1988–89(FINAL) : Bengal 4-3 (pen) Kerala

2016-17 : BENGAL 1-0 GOA
2010-11 : Bengal 2-1 Manipur
2009-10 : Bengal 2-1 Punjab
1998–99 : Bengal 5-0 Goa
1997–98 : Bengal 1-0 Goa
1996–97 : Bengal 1-0 (aet) Goa
1995–96 : Bengal 2-0 Goa
1994–95 : Bengal 2–1 (golden goal) Punjab
1993–94 : Bengal 2–2; 7–5 (pen) Kerala
1988–89 : Bengal 4-3 (pen) Kerala
1986–87 : Bengal 2-0 Railways
1982–83 : Bengal 0-0 (joint winners)
1981–82 : Bengal 2-0 Railways
1979–80 : Bengal 1-0 Punjab
1978–79 : Bengal 1-0 Goa
1977–78 : Bengal 1-1, 3-1 Punjab
1976–77 : Bengal 1-0 Maharashtra
1975–76 : Bengal 0-0, 3-1 Karnataka
1972–73 : Bengal 4-1 Tamil Nadu
1971–72 : Bengal 4-1 Railways
1969–70 : Bengal 6-1 Services
1962–63 : Bengal 2-0 Mysore
1959–60 : Bengal 3-1 Bombay
1958–59 : Bengal 1-0 Services
1955–56 : Bengal 1-0 Mysore
1953–54 : Bengal 0-0, 3-1 Mysore
1951–52 : Bengal 1-0 Bombay
1950–51 : Bengal 1-0 Hyderabad
1949–50 : Bengal 5-0 Hyderabad
1947–48 : Bengal 0-0, 1-0 Bombay
1945–46 : Bengal 2-0 Bombay
1941–42 : Bengal 5-1 Delhi

2004–05 : Kerala 3–2 (golden goal) Punjab
2001–02 : Kerala 3–2 (golden goal) Goa
1992–93 : Kerala 2–0 Maharashtra
1991–92 : Kerala 3-0 Goa
1973–74 : Kerala 3-2 Railways