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East Bengal coach Marcos Fhalopa will resign officially tomorrow?.

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The tenure of 11 matches will come to an end on Wednesday afternoon. Marcos Phalopa the Brazilian coach of East Bengal will officially announce his decision from his position after the CFL match of East Bengal against Peerless tomorrow....One Club official said that the name of the new coach may be announced after geting his resign letter tomorrow after the match...>>>>> READ OUR 9th OCT NEWS

It is likely that Armando Colaso is going to seat in the Red and Gold dug out replacing Phalopa. East Bengal officials are having discussion with Armando Colaco for the last couple of days and he is reaching Kolkata within 19 of November to take charge of his new assignment.

There is a dilemma whether Phalopa will resign before the derby - but after a meeting with the officials the Ex FIFA instructure decided to quit on Wednesday afternoon. Incidentally Marcos Phalopa was in the position of East Bengal's coach for the shortest term.

There is a rumor in Kolkata maidan that the ex East Bengal coach Trevor James Morgan are also interested to re join. Morgan is the most successful coach in India in the recent times, who has a good relation with the footballers. So, we have to wait and see in the next few day regarding the changes in Red and Gold. The results of East Bengal under Marcos Phalopa's coaching.

CFL Premier Championship - 1st win of United SC beat Kalighat MS

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FT : Match End, United's 1st win after 6th match, Courtesy Anupam Sarkar's spot kick. MOM-Eric of United SC.
90': 3 minute added time.
89': Eric's corner kick cleared.
88': Again Santanu saved a brilliant shot of Biswajit from closer, corner for USC.
85': Free kick for USC as Eric was fouled.Free kick cleared.
81': What a shot of ERIC? left footer from out side of the box hits the post and out.
80': 1-0 is the score line for USC.
PLAYER CHANGE-USC: SUkhen out and Deepak Mondol-Sr. In
77': Nice display of ERIC of USC, super fast with left foot, crossed from left but where is Biswajit?
75': United is leading 1-0 - Anupam scored.
73': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Anupam Sarkar Scored for USC from Spot Kick.
72': PENALTY!! for USC, as Eric was fouled by Arijit in the box.
70': More and more attack of USC, leading by Souvik.
67': PLAYER CHANGE-KMS: Pahoon in and Krishanu out.
66': Beautiful display of the match now, up and down of attack and counter attack.
65': 0-0 still now.
63': Again nice save of Santanu from close shot of Eric.
62': Yellow card to Hassan of USC.
60': Still no score in the match.
58': PLAYER CHANGE-USC: Eric in and Bello out.
56': Attck of USC, Biswajit's header from Snehasish's right sided cross went out.
55': USC got the corner, Snehasish shot cleared from KMS box.
55': No score yet. 0-0 still.
53': Nice save of KMS keeper Santanu, Souvik's right sided grounder went to him for his proper position.
51': KMS attacked well but Bello cleared finally,
48': USC is attacking no.
46': PLAYER CHANGE-USC: Anupam in Baldip out.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : End of Half Time. No score.
45+1': Corner kick cleared from USC box.
45': 1 minute added time.
44': Free kick for KMS, poor shot cleared for corner of KMS.
40': Still goalless.
38': Free kick for USC as Biswajit was fouled. Snehasish shot cleared.
38': Sudden shot of Biswajit from top of the box went out.
36': No score. 0-0.
33': No damage done in corner kick of Snehasish.
33': Souvik's well right footer saved for a corner.
30': 0-0 still now.
28': Corner for USC from Biswajit's right sided attack, Snehasish shot but foul of USC in box.
27': Good attempt of KMS, Krisanu left sided cross and Saikat's header went to Keeper.
25': Wrong cross of Brswajit of USC from right headed out by Kallol.
23': Good attack of USC, Surojit to Snehasish in KMS box but well cleared by Supriyo.
20': Stiull 0-0 is the score line.
19': Free kick for USC, Hassan's kick but foul.
18': Offside of Joel Sunday. Scored 11 goals in CFL.
17': Souvik towards Dhanachandra but the ball went out for Goalkick for KMS.
15': 0-0 is the score line.
13': Wrong pass of Jayanta went to KMS player.
10': No score yet in the match.
9': Sukhen back passed to Ishan as Joel in front of him.
7': KMS atacked, Joel to Mohon in USC box but his poor left footer saved by Ishan.
5': Still no score in the match.0-0.
3': Krisanu to Saikat but he was offside trap. Saikat scored 4 goals so far in CFL.
2': USC attaced, Surojit to Souvik to Snehasish is left but his poor cross cleared.
1': Match Starts just now.
0': Match will start soon.