FC Bayern Youth Cup Final : 10 boys has been selected for German trip.

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German Giant Football team FC Bayern Munich and their partner Adidas India and Audi India who conducted a five - a - side U-16 Football Torument at Delhi on 15th & 16th of October 2011 and at Mumbai on the 10th & 11th December 2011 has just ended today before starting of Baichung bhutia farewell Exhibitioon match today at Delhi.

The FC Bayern Youth Cup in Mumbai concluded on Dec 15th where more than 400 young and talented U-16 footballers participated in the event. FC Bayern scouts Paul Breitner & Harald Cerny were present. FC Bayern head scout Werner Kern has previously scouted the likes of Hargreaves, Schweinsteiger, Mueller & Lahm was also present today in the Final match between Delhi and Mumbai boys.

the 15 most talented boys from Mumbai and 15 from Delhi played each other in the Final on 10th January where selected 10 best boys will travel to Germany for the FC Bayern Youth Cup international Tounament in May. Bollywood actor nd avid Football fan John Abraham also attened FC Bayern Munchen Youth Cup in Delhi.

Today in the final between Delhi v/s Mumbai today at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi before startting of the India vs Bayern Munich match, Delhi boys won the match via sudden death. Alongwith two Bayern Youth Coaches Werner Kern and Sebastian Dremmler, Delhi boys were assisted by Delhi based AFC 'A' Lisence" coach Tarun Roy. The boys came in the camp most from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Luckhnow, shillong, Kolkata, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland etc.

DELHI BOYS : Pranav Kotra, Sayak Barai, Founder Passah( Meghalaya), Jatin Arora, Suman Deb (Kolkata), Marbiangki Suchinang ( Meghalaya), Albert Rai, Arpan Pradhan, Anirban Barua, Pirei Shokwungnao ( Manipur), Imliakum Longkumer ( Nagaland), Malsawmkima (Mizoram), Maitshaphrang Nengnong ( Meghalaya), Jesterwell Shangpliang( Meghalya), Lalmalswama.

MUMBAI BOYS : Arjun Mehra, Shub ham Bodke, Siddharth Colaco, Aurochit Patnaik, Suraj Dhopi, Sudhir Dhopi, Karan Chavan, Karan Patel, Manish Punjabi, Sushant Jadhav, Atman Mehta, Rushabh Dhere, Rohan Fasge, Valentine Perreira, Shaun Fernandez.

FC Bayern Youth Cup India is an open football scouting programme which aims to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hundreds of young and budding Indian footballers to be selected to represent India at next year's FC Bayern Youth Cup India in Munich.

CFL PREMIER LEAGUE : Aryan routed East Bengal 4-1.

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10.01.2012 : East Bengal   1-4   Aryan Club ( KEB - FT..)

KEB :Tolgey 43' :: ARN : Charls 60',68', 84' Gopal 66'

KEB : Debjit, Saikat, Sunil Kr., Sunil thakur, Robert, Sanju, Sushant, Paite(Mehtab 52'), Baljit(Penn 58'), Doungel, Tolgey.

ARN : Sibram, Joheb, Mohon, Subhankar, Eric, Rajib, Gopal, Charls, Saikat, Surojit, Ogbuka(Pankaj 59').
FT Match End. Aryan beat East Bengal in 4-1
90'+3':East Bengal's attack, Penn is in off side
90':Referee added 5 minutes injury time
87':Yellow card, Referee shown yellow card to Okpara after he made a bad tackle to Charles
85':Aryan leading 4-1 now
84':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... Charles again scores for Aryan and a hat-trick of Charles
83':Still no fruit full attacks by East Bengal
82': Misunderstanding between two Sunil made this result
81':Score remains still same, Aryan leading 3-1 now
80':Charls's shot directly in Debjit's hand
79':Saikat's centre from right wing, Sushant's header over the post
78':Aryan's attack and a corner
77':Good chance to Penn, Subhankar clears it very well
76':Charls shot from free kick went very wide
75':East Bengal's defence looks worst today
73':Yellow card. Referee shown yellow card to Rajib for his bad tackle
71':Rajib made a bad tackle to Sushant, both are lying in the field
70':Players Change in East Bengal: Okpara cames into field in place of Sunil
69':Aryan leading 3-1 now

68':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... Charles scores again for Aryan from a brilliant run of Charles
66':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... Gopal scores for Aryan in a good counter attack
65':Brilliant counter attack of East Bengal, Sanju's shot directly in Sibram hand. Bad miss of Sanju
65':Gopal's centre directly in Debjit's hand
64':Aryan played very impressive today
62': Tolgey's shot, Sibram fists it very well
61':Score now goes to 1-1
60':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... Charles's header equalized Aryan
59':Players Change in Aryan: Pankaj came in place of Ogbuka
58':Players Change in East Bengal: Penn came into the field in place of baljit
57':Score remains still same
56': Good chance to Charls from corner, his shot went wide
55':Subhankar's shot and a corner
54':Robert's free kick directly in Aryan's players foot
53':East Bengal's attack, Tolgey's centre went wide
52':Players Change in East Bengal: Mehtab in place of Paite
51':Sanju's shot from free kick directly in Sibram's hand
50':Tolgey today scored his 50th goal for East Bengal
49':Brilliant chance to Baljit from Tolgey's pass, but he made a foul
48':Good chance to Ogbuka, Debjit clears it brilliantly by coming upwards
47':Sushant long shot directly to Sibram
47':Surojit's header went wide
46':Second half starts
HT East Bengal leading 1-0 after the end of first half
45'+1':Yellow Card. Charls made a bad tackle to Sushant. Referee shown yellow card to him
45':Referee added 2 minutes injury time
44':East Bengal leading 1-0 now
43':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...Tolgey's centre from right wing touches Joheb's foot and finds the net

42':Saikat made a bad tackle to Charls, free kick to Aryan
41':Another corner of East Bengal
40':Brilliant save of Sibram from corner
39':Tolgey's attack and a corner
38':Sanju's weak shot, directly in Sibram's hand
37':Rajib's centre directly in Debjit's hand
36':Brilliant counter attack of East Bengal, Baljit's shot just missed second post
36':Good chance to Aryan from this corner, Sunil clears it
35':Another Aryan's attack and a corner
34':Good centre and Doungel's header blocked by defenders
32':Tolgey's shot, blocked by defenders
30':Ogbuka's shot, good save by Debjit
29':Sunil Kumar made a bad tackle, free kick to Aryan in a good position
28':East Bengal's attack through right wing by Sanju,but ball touches sideline
27':Score line remains same
26':Rajib's centre from right wing, went wide
25':Aryan's attack through Ogbuka, Sunil Kumar clears it brilliantly
24':Centre to find Doungel, again a offside
23':Good pass to find Baljit, ball directly goes to Sibram
22':Score remains goalless still now
21':Long forward pass to Baljit, offside
19':Long forward through to Tolgey, Eric clears it
17':Again Aryan's attack and a corner, ball went wide from corner
16':Saikat's shot, good save by Debjit
15':Too many miss passes by East Bengal players
14':Baljit try to shot, but blocked
13':East Bengal's attack through Tolgey, but a misspass
12':Aryan attacks more in these early minutes
11':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Gopal after he made a bad tackle to Paite
9':Rajib's shot, defenders clears it
8':Defenders made a bad tackle to Sushant, free kick to East Bengal
7':Rajib's long weak shot, directly in Debjit's hand
6':Score remains still goalless
5':East Bengal's attack through Tolgey,defenders clears it and a corner
4':Saikat made a bad tackle when Charls clered the ball
3':Tolgey's minus, Charls clears it
2':Sanju's forward pass to find Tolgey, defenders clears it
1':Aryan's attack from left wing, Sunil clears it
0':Kick off
0': Match is very near to the start

Bye Bye Baichung : A Tribute to the Great Indian Captain.

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Date of birth: December 15, 1976 :: Place: Namchi, Sikkim

International caps: 107 : Goals: 43

He has scored 10 hat-tricks during his career for CLub Football. Scored 5 goals for JCT against Mahindra United in 1996-67 1st NFL.

Debut: vs Thailand, Nehru Cup, Calcutta, 1995 in Kolkata as a substitute for Shabbir Pasha.

First international goal: Versus Uzbekistan in 1995 Nehru Cup in Kolkata. India won the match 1-0.

International tournaments

1.World Cup qualifiers: 1996, 2001, 2004, 2007
2.Asia Cup finals: 2011
3.Asia Cup qualifiers: 1996, 2006
4.Pre-Olympic qualifiers: 1995
5.Asian Games: 1998, 2002, 2006
6.Nehru Cup: 1995, 1997, 2007, 2009
7.Afro Asian Games: 2003
8.LG Cup: 2002, 2004

Trophies won ( INETERNATIONAL)

1.AFC Challenge Cup: 2008
2.Nehru Cup: 2007, 2009
3.SAFF Cup: 1997, 1999, 2005
4.SAF Games: 1995
5.LG Cup: 2002
Most Valuable Player: AFC Challenge Cup in 2008. Scored three goals in the tournament including one in the final

Player of the Tournament: Nehru Cup 2009 (scored two goals and won two Man of the Match awards); SAFF Cup 1999 and 2005.

Record: Has scored 12 goals, highest by an Indian in SAFF Cup.


1.Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok, 1987, 1988, 1989
2.SAI Centre, Gangtok/Sikkim Blues: 1990, 1991, 1992
3.East Bengal: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009
4.JCT: 1996
5.Bury FC (England): 1999, 2000, 2001
6.Mohun Bagan: 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 (captain)
7.Perak FC (Malaysia): 2003
8.United Sikkim: 2010, 2011

State Appearances: Played for Bengal in Santosh Trophy in 1994, 1996, 1997 and led the team in 1998. Bengal won the trophy on the all the four occasions and Bhaichung scored 12 goals

Trophies won ( DOMESTIC)

1.LG ASEAN Club Cup: 2003 Jakarta
2.Wai Wai Cup: 1993 Kathmandu
3.National Football League (I-League): 1996-97, 2003-04
4.Federation Cup: 2006, 2008, 2009
5.Kolkata League: 1993, 1995, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008
6.IFA Shield: 1994, 1995, 1996, 2004
7.Durand Cup: 1993, 1995, 1996, 2004
8.Rovers Cup: 1994


1.Padma Shri: 2008

2.Arjuna Award: 1998

3.AIFF Player of the Year: 1995, 2008


1.National Football League, 1996-97
2.Federation Cup, 1995, 1996, 2006
3.LG ASEAN Cup, 2003
4.Kolkata League 1994



22-Jul-00 - London: India 0-2 Fulham FC

India: Virender Singh, Prabhjot Singh, Mahesh Gawli, Roberto Fernandes, Daljit Singh, Jo Paul Ancheri (Khalid Jamil, 88), Basudeb Mondal (Hardeep Singh Sangha, 46), Jules Alberto (Hardeep Singh Saini, 46), Renedy Singh, I.M. Vijayan, Baichung Bhutia [CAPTAIN].

26-Jul-00 - West Bromwich: India 0-0 West Bromwich Albion

India: Virender Singh, Prabhjot Singh, Mahesh Gawli, Roberto Fernandes, Daljit Singh, Jo Paul Ancheri, Khalid Jamil (Jules Alberto), Hardeep Singh Saini, Renedy Singh, I.M. Vijayan, Baichung Bhutia [CAPTAIN].

29-Jul-00 - Leicester: India 1-0 Bangladesh - Goal: Jo Paul Ancheri (12').

India: Virender Singh, Prabhjot Singh, Mahesh Gawli (Tapan Ghosh, 82), Roberto Fernandes, Daljit Singh, Hardip Singh Saini, Jo Paul Ancheri (Jules Alberto, 86), Khalid Jamil (Basudeb Mondal, 49), Renedy Singh (Syed Shabir Pasha, 68), I.M. Vijayan (Bijen Singh, 80), Baichung Bhutia [CAPTAIN].

29-Aug-02 - Watford: India 0-3 Jamaica

INDIA: Sangram Mukherjee; Satish Kumar Bharti (77' Bijen Singh), Mahesh Gawli (78' Arun Malhotra), Samir Naik, Deepak Mandal; Shanmugam Venkatesh (66' Jo Paul Ancheri), Manitombi Singh, Tomba Singh, Renedy Singh (58' K Ajayan); Baichung Bhutia (Captain), Abhishek Yadav (61' Praveen Kumar).

01-Sep-02 - Wolverhampton: India 0-0 Jamaica .

INDIA: Rajat Ghosh Dastidar; Debjit Ghosh, Deepak Mondal (46' Manitombi Singh), Mahesh Gawli, Samir Naik (79' Satish Kumar Bharti); Jo Paul Ancheri, Shanmugam Venkatesh, Renedy Singh, Tomba Singh (62' Bijen Singh); Baichung Bhutia (Captain), Abhishek Yadav (74' Praveen Kumar).

21.02.2007 - Dubai: India 2-2 Al Nsar : N.P.Pradeep 38' and Manjeet Singh 58'