CHENNAI CITY <b> <font color=red> 3-1 </font> </b> MINERVA PUNJAB
09.03.2019 : KFC NEWS TEAM: Chennai City FC crowned as the new champions of I League. In a tension packed final day of I League Chennai City defeated Minerva Punjab FC by a comphensive margin of 3-1 at home and reached to the magic point of 43 leaving behind East Bengal their nearest rival with just a point behind.
It was a memorable and tension packed evening in Indian football when the top two team of the current edition of I League, Chennai City FC and East Bengal completed the tally with a difference of a point.
CHENNAI CITY <b> <font color=red> 3-1 </font> </b> MINERVA PUNJAB
East Bengal finished their mission in I league with 42 points secured 2nd position from 20 matches. At Kozhikhode today East Bengal after conceding a goal midway in the second session scored twice to overcome Gokulam FC by a margin of 2-1. East Bengal's hunt for the I League tittle still remain unconquered even after sixteen years of participation.

Chennai City after saving the religation in the previous years competetion had a dream run under Akbar Nawas in the current year proved to be the most competetive team. Down by a goal against Minerva Punjab FC at home Chennai scored thrice and reached at the pole position of the I League table with 43 points in their kitty.

I-League now have had three new champions in the last three seasons - Aizawl FC, Minerva Punjab FC and now Chennai City FC.

CHENNAI CITY <b> <font color=red> 3-1 </font> </b> MINERVA PUNJAB

CCFC: Pedro Manji (56'), Gourav Bora (66', 90'+3')

CCFC : Mauro, Roberto, Sandro, Vanspaul, Romario, Gaurav, Ajithkumar, Manji, Regin, Sriram, Kaplan.
MPFC : Nidhin Lal, Alhassan, Quero, Akashdeep, Bilala, Makan, Akash Arashpreet, Amna, Caicedo, Amandeep.

09.03.2019 : NEROCA FC (2-3) Real Kashmir (FT)
NFC : Chencho 19'.
RKFC : Danish Bhat 31', 49', Armand 58', Odil Chidi 90+5'
MOM : Danish Farooq. (Real Kashmir)

NEROCA FC <b> <font color=red> (2-3) </font> </b> Real Kashmir

NFC : Bishorjit, Roshan, Eduardo, Ashok, Katsumi, Subash, M.Meitei, Naocha, Saran, Williams, Chencho.
RKFC : Bilal, Ravanan, Hammad, Robertson, Katebe, Loveday, Krizo, Farooq, Ritwik, Armand, Surchandra.

09.03.19 : Aizawl FC (2-1) Churchill Brothers (FT )
CRB : Willis Plaza 6'
AFC : H. Eldor (P- 43'), Kromah (P-87')
MOM : Lalawmpuia. (Aizawl FC- GK)

Aizawl FC <b> <font color=red> (2-1) </font> </b>  Churchill Brothers

AFC : Lalawmpuia, Lalrinchhana, Paul, Lalrinfela, Richard, H. Mawia, Lalrinchhana, Isak, Govin, Kromah.
CBFC : Kunzang, CHRIST, Vaz, Eldor, Fernandes, Nicholas, Novakovic, C. Lyngdoh, Aucho, Plaza, Jovel Martin

SLFC : Donboklang Lyngdoh 90+3'
AFC : Kromah 40',83', Lalkhawpuimawia 64',Isak 89'
MOM : Kromah - AIZAWL FC

AFC : Gurpreet, Paul, Isak, Lalrinfela, Kassaga, Remsanga, Kromah, Hmingthan Mawia, Lalrinchhana, Govin Singh, Vanlalduatsanga.
SLFC : Khongsit, Rakesh, Khongsit, Sheen, Lalmuanpuia, Samuel Kynshi, Mahesh Singh, Phrangki Buam, Novin Gurung, Dohling, Chalieu, Kenstar Kharshong

03.03.2019 : GOKULAM FC 2-1 NEROCA FC (FT)
MOM : Daniel Addo - GOKULAM FC
 <b>GOKULAM FC  <b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font> NEROCA FC (FT
GKFC: Arnab, Deepak, Andre, Daniel, Irshad, Joseph, Fabien, Jayaraj, Emmanuel, Lalmuankima, Mehtab
NFC: Lalit, Eduardo, Katsumi, Chidi, Subhas, Malemnganba, Sebastian, Huidrpm, Roshan, Williams, Chencho

CCFC : Sandro R 30', Pedro Manji 69'
CB : Willis Plaza 40', 71', Remi 50' .
MOM : Willis Plaza - Churchill Brothers.
CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY FC(FT)
CRB : Remi Lorougnon, Vaz, Eldor, Aniston Fernandes, Aucho, Nicholas Fernandes, Kunzang Bhutia, Nenad Novakovic, C. Lyngdoh, Jovel Martins, Plaza.
CCFC :Mauro Boerchio, Akhand, Roberto E, Sandro R, Romario Jesuraj, Gaurav Bora, Nestor Jesus, Ajithkumar, Pedro Manji, Regin M, Sriram B
90': 5 minutes added time.
71': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL : 3-2 to Churchill Brothers and hattrick of Willis Plaza. 21st goal in the league.
69': GOAAALLLLLLLLLLL : 2-2. Pedro Manzi scored from spot kick. 20th goal in the league.
68': PENALTY TO Chennai City as Eldor mistaken when cleared a ball and handled it.
49': GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL 2-1 for Churchill Brothers. Remi scored the goal.
40': GOAAALLLLLLLLLLL : 1-1. Plaza scored off a nice left sided cross of Nicholas Fernandez. 19th Goal of Plaza in the League.
37': Yellow card to Wayne Vaz of Churchill.
30': GOAAAAAAALLL : 1-0 for Chennai City, Sandro's free kick deflected from wall and changed the way to enter in the goal.
29': Free kick for Chennai as Nestor was fouled.
22': Yellow card to Nenad of Churchill.
20': SCORE LINE IS 0-0

28.02.2019: GOKULAM FC 1-3 AIZAWL FC (FT.)
GKFC : Marcus Joseph 9'
AFC : Pail 83', L. Mawaia 88', Kromah 90+5'

ARR Amarjeet 78' (Pen), Rahul KP 90+1'
RKFC : Koffi Teth 82', Robinson 88'
MOM : Suresh singh - INDIAN ARROWS
INDIAN ARROWS  <b><font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> REAL KASHMIR (FT)
ARR : Lovepreet, Boris, Anwar, Narender, Suresh, Meetei, Amarjit, Akash (Ashis), Sanjeev (Rahim), Deepak, Rohit.
RKFC : Bilal, D.Ravanan, Robertson, Katebe, Loveday, Ganie (Vicky), Krizo (Kofi), Farooq, Armand, Surchandra (Ritik), Abhash

23.02.2019 : MINERVA PUNJAB 1-0 NEROCA FC (FT)
MOM: Juan Quero
MPFC: Juan Quero 68'
MINERVA PUNJAB <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> NEROCA FC(FT..)
MPFC : Nidhin, Al Amna, Kalif, Juan, Akashdeep, Makan, Akash, Arashpreet, Prabhjot, Jorgeivan, Amandeep
NFC :Lalit, Eduardo, Varney, Naorem, Katsumi, Subhas, Malemnganba, Sebastian, Huidrom, Williams, Chencho

MOM : Naorem Mahesh Singh - SHILLONG LAJONG
SHILLONG LAJONG  <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> GOKULAM KERALA (FT..)
SLFC :Rakesh, Lalrohlua, Nabin, Pale, Lyngdoh Kynshi, Mahesh, Buam, Novin, Dohling, Chalieu, Kenstar

GKFC :Arnab, Irshad, Mehtab, Jr Joseph, Abhishek, Imran, Castro, Fabien, Arjun, Pritam,


AIFF PRESS RELEASE : With Hero I-League defending champions Minerva Punjab FC failing to turn up for their scheduled match against Real Kashmir FC on February 18, 2019 at TRC ground in Srinagar, the Match Commissioner’s report along with other relevant documents are being referred to the All India Football Federation’s League Committee for further action as per the I-League Regulations.

The match commissioner along with the referees who have been posted in Srinagar since Friday (February 15, 2019), were at the venue for the match for a slated 2 pm kick-off, along with host club Real Kashmir FC as per the regulations.

Despite the tragic events which have unfolded in Kashmir over the past few days, football for the people of Jammu and Kashmir has been maintained on schedule, with assistance from the security provided by the authorities, with the qualifying matches of the Santosh Trophy being completed on February 16, approximately 36 kilometres from Jammu in Katra, which was, and is still under curfew.

CCFC : Sandro R 7', Pedro Majni 78', 90', Nestor 81'
SLFC : K. Pale 23', S.Kynshi 85'
MOM : Pedro Manji - CHENNAI CITY
SHILLONG LAJONG <b><font color=red> 2-4 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY (FT..)
SLFC : Purba, Aiban, Nabin, Kenstar, Novin, Kynsai, Rohlua, Synshi, Kitbok, Phrangki, Mahesh.
CCFC : Mauro Boerchio, Regin, Vanspaul, Romario, Gaurav, P. Raju, Ajithkumar, Jozef Kaplan, Sandro R, Nestor, Pedro.

16.02.2019 : GOKULAM FC 1-1 INDIAN ARROWS (FT.)
IA : Rahul 22'
GKFC : Marcus 64'
MOM :Marcus Leric Jr Joseph - GOKULAM KERALA
GOKULAM FC <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS
GKFC : Arnab, Daniel, Marcus, Deepak, Suhair, Fabien, Md Irshad, Mehtab, Imran, Lalmuankima, Alfred
IA :Prabhsukhan, Anwar, Amarjit, Abhijit, Akash, Lalengmawia, Rahim, Rahul, Ashish, Sanjeev, Deepak

11.02.19: NEROCA FC 3-3 CHENNAI CITY FC (FT..)
CCFC : Pedro Manji 35', 42', 45+1'
NFC : Felix Chidi 52', Chencho 68', Williams 88'
MOM : Pedro Javier Manji - CHENNAI CITY
INDIAN ARROWS (<b><font color=red> 0-2 </b></font>) CHENNAI CITY
NFC: Lalit, Eduardo, Kallon, Tondomba, M.Meitei, Sebastian, Katsumi Yusa, Subash, Naocha, Glen Williams, Chencho
CCFC : Santana, Sandro R, Sydney, Sinivasan, Gaurav, Nestor, Ajithkumar, Pedro, Ranjeet, Regin, Jozef Kaplan., Sinivasan, Gaurav, Nestor, Ajithkumar, Pedro, Ranjeet, Regin, Jozef Kaplan.

08.02.2019: INDIAN ARROWS ( 0-2 ) CHENNAI CITY (FT)
CCFC : Sandro R 71', Vijay P. 90+1'
INDIAN ARROWS (<b><font color=red> 0-2 </b></font>) CHENNAI CITY

ARR : Samik Mitra, Jitendra, Anwar, Suresh, K. Meetei, Amarjit, Abhijit, Akash, Asish, Sanjeev, Lalengmawia.
CCFC : Nauzet, Roberto, Sandro R, Sydney, Romario, Gaurav, Nestor, Ajithkumar, Pedro , Ranjeet, Regin M.

06.02.2019: REAL KASHMIR ( 1-0 ) GOKULAM FC (FT.)
RKFC : Krizo 51'
MOM : Loveday Okechukwu - REAL KASHMIR

REAL KASHMIR (<b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font>) GOKULAM FC

RKFC : Bilal, D.Ravanan, Robertson, Katebe, Loveday, Farhan, Krizo, Farooq, Bazie Armand, Surchandra, Abhash Thapa.
GKFC : Arnab, Mehtab Singh. Deepak, Imran, Alfred, Addo, Irshad, Jr Joseph, De Castro, Fabien, Lalmuankima H,

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Hero I-League debutants Real Kashmir FC continued their fairytale, securing pole position on the points table with 1-0 return leg victory over Gokulam Kerala FC. Ivorian beanpole striker Gnohere Krizo, scored his third goal of the season in the 51st minute of the second half to help his side log all three vital points in tough underfoot conditions.

David Robertson, Kashmir’s Scottish coach has more or less settled on his first team for the season and played Krizo, who was suspended for the last game, on the day in place of Ritwik Kumar Das, who started in their last game. Gokulam coach Stanley Rosario, on the other hand, made as many as three changes to his starting XI, prominent among them being the induction of another Trinidadian forward Russel Alfred to partner Marcus Joseph upfront.

The game was played under constant snow and therefore a lot of long ball play was on display, which was also naturally advantageous to the hosts given their height and physicality.The first half did not produce many chances and no goals, however, Kashmir’s Dharamraj Ravannan did manage to pick up a yellow card for a cynical tackle.The goal came in the sixth minute of the second half when Krizo pounced on a rebound after Danish Farooq’s long-range punch could not be cleanly collected by Arnab Das Sharma in the Gokulam goal.

Showing good poacher’s instincts, Krizo was first to react and it was a stretch in the end but he managed to bulge the Gokulam net.Rozario did throw in the likes Arjun Jayaraj and V.P.Suhair in a last ditch effort but an equaliser eluded them. Real Kashmir now have 32 points from 16 games, two clear of erstwhile leaders Chennai City FC, who have two games in hand though. Chennai have a chance to get back on top when they take the field day after against the exciting youngsters of Indian Arrows.


SHILLONG LAJONG (<b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font>) CHURCHILL BROTHERS

SLFC : Phurba, Rakesh Pradhan, F. Lalrohlua, Nabin Rabha, Kitboklang Pale, Samuel Kynshi, Naorem Mahesh Singh, Phrangki Buam, Novin Gurung, Kupar Dohling. Kenstar Kharshong

CBFC : James Kithan, Rowilson Rodrigues, Wayne Vaz, Hussein Eldor, Dawda Ceesay, Nicholas Fernandes, Richard Costa, C.Lyngdoh, Cavin Lobo, Jovel Martins, Willis Plaza


INDIAN ARROWS (<b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font>) MINERVA PUNJAB

ARR : P. Singh, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, Amarjit, Rahim, Akash, Rahul, Asish, Deepak, Rohit Danu.
MPFC : Arshdeep, Juan, Akashdeep, Souvik, Akash, Devrani, Prabhjot, Al Amna, Caicedo, Zacharie, Amandeep.

01.02.19: MINERVA PUNJAB ( 0-1 ) AIZAWL FC (FT)
AFC : Lalrinchhana 68'
MOM : Lalrinchhana - AIZAWL FC

MINERVA PUNJAB (<b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font>) AIZAWL FC

MPFC : Arashpreet, Juan, Sanyasi, Souvik, Devrani, Prabhjot, Saurav, Arshdeep, Caicedo , Zacharie, Amandeep Singh
AFC : Vanlalduatsanga, Albert, Omolaja, Alfred, Richard, Kromah, Vanlalthanga, Lalrinchhana, Lalawmpuia, Govin, Dodoz,

01.02.19: INDIAN ARROWS ( 2-3 ) NEROCA FC (FT)
ARR : Borish Singh 34', Danu 62'
NFC : Chidi 38', Yusa 68', 90' (pen)
MOM : Boris Singh Thangjam - INDIAN ARROWS

INDIAN ARROWS (<b><font color=red> 2-3 </b></font>) NEROCA FC (FT)

ARR : P. Gill, Boris, Jitendra, Narender, Suresh, K. Meetei, Amarjit, Rahim, Akash ,Asish, Deepak Tangri
NFC : Mauro, Kallon, Ashok, Ronald, Tondomba, Sebastian, Sushil ,Roshan Singh, Yusa, Chidi, Subash,

CB : Willis Plaza 70'
RKFC : Farhan Gani 56'

CHURCHILL BROTHERS (<b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font>) REAL KASHMIR

CB : James, Rolwinson, N. Mohonraj, Vaz, Eldor, Aucho, Costa, C.Lyndoh, Cessay, Wolfe, Plaza.
RKFC : Bilal, Ravanan, Robinson, Katibe, Loveday, Farhan, Danish, Ritwik, Armand, Surchandra, Abhinash.

28.01.2019 : REAL KASHMIR ( 1-0 ) CHENNAI CITY (FT)
RKFC : Krizo 81m

NEROCA FC (<b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font>) AIZAWL FC

RKFC :Bilal, Ravanan, Mason, Aaron, Loveday, Farhan, Krizo, Danish, Bazie, Surchandra, Abhash
CCFC :Nauzet, Roberto, Sandro, Edwin, Pandiyan, Jesuraj, Gaurav, Nestor, Kamaraj, Pedro, Raja

27.01.19 (M-1) : NEROCA FC ( 0-0 ) AIZAWL FC (FT)
MOM : Malemnganba Meitei - NEEROCA

NEROCA FC (<b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font>) AIZAWL FC

NFC : Lalit, Eduardo, Kallon, Ashok, Ronald, Katsumi Yusa, Felix, Subash, Meitei Kshetrimayum, Sebastia, Glen Williams
AFC : Govin Singh, Zela, Lalkhawpuimawia, Dodoz, Albert Zohmingmawia, Kareem Omolaja, Alfred Jaryan, Richard Kassaga, Hmingthan Mawia, Vanlalduatsanga, Lalawmpuia .

CBFC : Willis Plaza 22', 45'
ARROWS : Deepak Tangri 36'.

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS

CB :James, N.Mohanraj, Rowilson, Eldor, Israil, Nickson, Novakovic, Ceesay, C. Lyngdoh, Wolfe, Plaza.
ARR : P.Gill, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, K. Meetei, Amarjit, Abhijit, Rahul, Asish, Deepak, Rohit Danu.

SLF : N. Mahesh Singh 85'
MOM : Phurba Tempa Lachenpa ( GK- SHILLONg LAJONG)

MPFC : Nidhin Lal, Deepak, Toure, Akashdeep, Souvik, Akash, Thoiba, Prabhjot, Saurav , Arshdeep, Caicedo.
SLFC : Phurb, Lalrohlua, Khongsit, Nabin, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Pale, Samuel J Lyngdoh, Buam, Hnamte, Dohling, Kenstar.

MINERVA PUNJAB  <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

NER : K. Kllon 24'
CB : Plaza 85', 90+2'
MOM : willis Plaza- churchill grothers.

CRB : James Kithan, Mohanraj Rowilson, Wayne, Aucho, Nenad, Costa, C.Lyngdoh, Wolfe, Plaza, Ceesay,
NFC : Lalit, Eduardo, Kallon, Naorem, Kshetrimayum, Sebastian, Yusa, Denechandram, Chidi, Subash, M.Glen Williams

REAL: Aaron Katibi 74'
MOM : Purba - SLFC
SLFC : Phurba, Lalrohlua, Nabin, Pale, Samuel J, Mahesh, Buam, Novin, Hnamte, Dohling, Kenstar.
RKFC: Bilal, Ravanan, Robertson, Katebe, Loveday, Khalid, Armand, Surchandra, Tetteh, Abhash, Nagen

19.01.2019 : MINERVA PUNJAB 1-1 GOKULAM FC (FT..)
GKFC : Marcus Joseph-82'
MPFC : Caicedo 90+4'
MOM : Marcus Joseph - GOKULAM FC
RED CARD : Konan Zacharie - MINERVA 20'
MPFC : Arshdeep, Toure, Akashdeep, Arashpreet, Deepak, Prabhjot, Saurav, Arshdeep sr.Caicedo, Zacharie, Amandeep.
GKFC : Arnab, Deepak, Addo, Jr Joseph, De Castro, Musa, Abhishek, Muirang, Pritam, Imran, Charles.

18.01.2019 : CHENNAI CITY 4-3 AIZAWL FC (FT.)
CCFC : Sandro Rodriguez 28', 69', Romario 61', Pedro Manzi 80'.
AFC : Albert 38', Issack 90+1', L.Mawaiwa 90+3'.

CHENNAI CITY  <b><font color=red> 4-3 </b></font> AIZAWL FC

CCFC : Santana, Sandro, Vanspaul, Sinivasan, Romario, Gaurav, Nestor, P. Raju, Ajith, Pedro, Jozef.
FC : Gurpreet, Govin, Zela, Paul, Omolaja, Alfred, Richard, Vanlalthanga, Vanlalduatsanga, Dodoz, Albert.

13.01.2019 : Shilling Lajong 0-3 Indian Arrows (FT)
ARR : Vikram Singh 18', Lalengmawia 32', K. Meetei 45+3'.
MOM : Lalengmawia - INDIAN ARROWS.

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 3-1 </b></font> GOKULAM FC

ARR : P. Gill, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, K.Meetei, Amarjit, Rahul, Asish Rai, Lalengmawia, Vikram, Rohit Danu.
SLFC : F. Lalrohlua, Sheen Stevenson, Nabin Rabha, Samuel, K. Pale, Samuel J Lyngdoh, Mahesh Singh, Novin Gurung, Dohling, Chalieu, Kenstar Kharshong

GKF : Marcus Joseph 14'
CB : D.Ceesay 37'. Willis Plaza 57', 90+2'.
CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 3-1 </b></font> GOKULAM FC

CB : James Kithan, Rowilson, Mohanraj, Wayne Vaz, R. Costa, Eldor, D.Ceesay, K.Aucho, C. Lyngdoh, W.Plaza, A.Wolfe.
GKFC : Arnab, Fabricio Ortiz, Daniel Addo, Jr Joseph, De Castro, Mudde Musa, Salman K, Pritam Singh, Jestin George, Rajesh S. Dimple Bhagat

05.01.2019 : (M-2): CHURCHILL BROTHERS 2-0 MINERVA PUNJAB (90'+5'FT.)
CRB : Anthony Wolfe 61', 85' (Pen)
CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB

CRB : James, Rowilson, Khalid Aucho, N. Mohanraj, Nicholas Fernandes( Wolfe), Nickson Castanha, Novakovic, Costa, Vinil Poojary, Plaza, Ceesay,
MPFC : Bhaskar, Toure, Hitova Ayemi, Souvik, Makan Winkle, Akash, Arashpreet, Deepak, Caicedo Rodriguez, Opoku, Amandeep Singh.

05.01.2019: (M-1): AIZAWL FC 0-1 INDIAN ARROWS (FT)
ARR : Rohit Danu 14'


AIZAWL : Gurpreet Sing, Rochhar Zela, Lalkhawpuimawia, Dodoz, Isak, Kareem Omolaja, Alfred, C.lalrosanga, Richard Kassaga, Vanlalthanga, Lalrinchhana
ARROWS : P. Gill, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, K.Meetei, Amarjit, Rahul, Asish Rai, Deepak Tangri, Lalengmawia, Rohit Danu.

04.01.2019 (M-2): CHENNAI CITY 3-2 GOKULAM FC (FT.)
CCFC : Pedro Manzi 8'. Pedro Javier 59', 80'
GKFC : Musa Mudde 17', JOEL SUNDAY 38'(Pen)
M.O.M : Pedro Manzi - CHENNAI CITY
RED CARD : Pandiyan Sinivasan - Chennai City, Arjun Jayaraj-Gokulam

CHENNAI CITY <b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font> GOKULAM FC

CCFC : Nauzet, Roberto, Sandro, Vanspaul, Alexander, Gaurav, Nestor, Ajithkumar , Pedro Javier, Shem Marton, Sriram.
GKFC : Shibinraj Kunniyil, Daniel Addo, De Castro, Mudde Musa, Md Rashid, JOEL SUNDAY, Abhishek, Arjun, Christian, Rajesh, Dimple Bhagat.

04.01.19 (M-1): NEROCA FC 3-2 SHILLONG LAJONG (FT)
NER : Katsumi Yusa (8' Pen), Subhas Singh 21', M. Metei 55'
SLFC : Sheen (pen 53'), Phrangki Buam 89'
M.O.M : Subhas Singh - NEROCA FC

NEROCA FC <b><font color=red> 3-2 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

NER : Lalit, Saran, Eduardo, Kallon, Ashok, Subash Singh, M. Meitei, Katsumi Yusa, Sebastian, Felix Chidi, Glen Williams.
SLFC : N. Chalieu, F. Lalrohlua, Sheen, Nabin, Kitboklang Pale, Samuel, Mahesh Singh, Phrangki Buam, Novin Gurung, Dohling, Kenstar.

CB: Willis Plaza 40'.
MOM : Nickson Castanha ( CHURCHILL)

INDIAN ARROWS <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS

ARR : Prabhsukhan, Boris, Jitendra, Anwar, Amarjit, Rahim, Rahul, Asian, Deepak, Laldanmawia, Vikram.
CB: James, Rowilson, Plaza, Ceesay, Aniston, Nicholas, Nickson, Nenad, Richard, Vinil, Mohanraj

AIFF PRESS RELEase : After two losses on the trot, Churchill Brothers picked up a win in their clash against the Indian Arrows in the first match of the 12th Hero I-League at the Kalinga Stadium complex in Bhubaneshwar on Sunday (December 30, 2018). A goal from Willis Plaza was enough to hand the Goan side the three points while the Arrows suffered their first loss in three games.

It was the away side that started off the first half on a stronger note, with the league’s top scorer Plaza testing the gloves of Prabhsukhan Gill in the 4th minute. Receiving the ball at the edge of the box, the Trinidadian shimmied to his left and fired in a powerful effort that produced a fantastic diving save from the Arrows goalie. Floyd Pinto’s side, that came into the match off the back of four points in two games and two clean sheets, then created the next chance of the match. Boris Singh, playing as a winger, drove past his marker and fizzed in a cross, which was thwarted by Rowlinson Rodrigues.

The match turned into a tactical tussle in the middle of the park as both sides vied for possession and control over the game. The Arrows looked to play their quick-passing, high-tempo style while Churchill aimed to slow down the pace of the encounter. Rahim Ali and Amarjit Singh had an effort each from long range but the young side failed to test the opposition keeper.

However, just when it appeared that the first half would end goalless, the away side scored the opening goal through their main marksman Plaza in the 40th minute. A long ball was played into the Arrows’ box and centre-back Jitendra Singh mistimed his clearance, which fell kindly to Plaza and he made no mistake in slotting the ball home. The former East Bengal man did not take to the pitch in the second half due to an injury concern and was replaced by compatriot Anthony Wolfe. With the action restarting, the Arrows upped their urgency as they looked for the equaliser.

Rahim Ali looked like a threat throughout the course of the encounter but the Churchill defence remained rock solid. Wolfe, in the 54th minute, had a good chance to extend his side’s lead after he beat Jitendra and Asish Rai down the left but Gill was alert to the danger and took the ball off the attacker’s feet. The Arrows had their chance to level the scores in the 74th minute as Boris’ cross caused chaos in the Churchill defence. The loose ball fell to Anwar Ali inside the penalty area but his effort went just over the bar.

Aniket Jadhav and Sanjeev Stalin came on for the Arrows they continued to hunt for their first goal of the match. Five minutes were added on by the referee and despite multiple waves of pressure by the young boys in blue, the Goan side held firm and maintained a clean sheet to pick up all three points.

(M-2) : 29.12.2018 : CHENNAI CITY 6-1 SHILLONG LAJONG (FT.)
CCFC : Nestor Gordillo 12', 70' Roberto 38', Pedro Manzi 43', 78', 80'
SLFC : Samuel 53'.
M.O.M : Pedro Manzi - Chennai City

 CHENNAI CITY   <b><font color=red> 6-1</b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

SLFC : Phurba, Kenstar, Allen Lyngdoh, M. K. Wahlang, Novin Gurung, K.Khongsit, Phrangki Buam, F. Lalrohlua, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, K. Pale, S.S.Sohktung.
CCFC : Nauzet, Gaurav, E. Vanspaul, R. Eslava, Ajith Kuma, Nestor Gordillo, Vijay Ponnurangam, Pedro Manzi, Shem Marton, Sri Ram, Sandro Rodríguez

(M-1): 29.12.2018: AIZAWL FC 3-2 GOKULAM FC (FT..)
AFC : Kroma 52', Lalkhawpumaawia 63', Rochhar Zela 70'
GKFC : Joel Sunday 90_3, 90+6' (Pen)
M.O.M : Alfred Jaryan - AIZAWL FC

 CHENNAI CITY   <b><font color=red> 6-1</b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

AFC: Lalawmpuia, M.Govin, Zela, Lalkhawpumaawia, Dodoz, Alfred, Clalrosanga, H.Mawaia, Vanlal, Lalrinchhana, Kromah.
GKFC: Shibinraj, Ortiz, Addo, Guleherme, Suwair Vp, Musa, Sashid K, Abhishek Das, Arjun, N.Singh, Dimple Bhagat.

23.12.18 (M1) : NEROCA FC 0-0 MINERVA PUNJAB (FT.)
M.O.M : M. Meitei - NEROCA

NFC : Lalit Thapa, Eduard, Subash, Chidi, Kallon, Ashok, Yusa, Williams, M. Meitei, Saran, Sebastian Thangmuansang.
MPFC : Bhaskar, Deepak, Arashpreet, Tourè, Thoiba, Pratheek, Moinuddin, Makan, Caceido, William, Amandeep.

NEROCA FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Champions Minerva Punjab FC and Manipur’s Neroca FC played out an exciting draw at the latter’s home in Imphal’s Khuman Lampak stadium, to deny both a chance to improve their league standings considerably. The home-side dominated both possession and chances created and even missed a penalty, but could not get past a solid Minerva defence. The result meant that Neroca stayed at fourth place in the 12th Hero I-League standings with 15 points from nine games while Minerva moved up by one to be sixth after 10 games with 13 points to show.

The game maintained a high tempo throughout with both teams displaying an urgency to score. Neroca however outscored the visitors 64-36 in possession, 12-5 in shots taken, 11-2 in corners and 4-2 in the shots on target count and while the game deserved a goal, there were none on the day.While the hosts had fielded an unchanged eleven, Minerva went for as many as seven changes, the crux of them being fielding nine Indian players and just two foreigners in William Opoku and Lancine Toure.Neroca made their intentions clear from the beginning when in the 7th minute a Subhash cross from the left, fell to Katsumi inside the box and his effort went straight to keeper

Ghanaian William Opoku then broke away for Minerva in the 16th minute for his first of many chances in the game, and was close to goal but Eduardo came up with a timely challenge to deny him.Neroca though dominated the half and the combination of Singham Singh and Katsumi Yusa in particular were looking very dangerous.

Minerva got the first golden opportunity after the break when a muffed up clearance, this time by Ashok Singh in the Neroca defence, fell invitingly for Prateek Joshi in front of goal. His left footed effort was admirably kicked to safety by a wrong-footed Lalit Thapa in the Neroca goal.The hosts however began to take control again soon and forayed regularly into the box. Subhash, Sebastian and Katsumi from the left and Malem and an ever overlapping Ashok Singh from the right were creating havoc in the Minerva defence.To top it all Australian defensive midfielder Aryn Williams’ interception and distribution was fantastic as has been the case in recent games.

Sustained pressure resulted in Manandeep being called out for handball inside the box and Chidi blew the resultant spot kick over the bar in the 77th minute of the game.The combination of Subhash and Katsumi created one last chance in injury time but the latter’s shot from just outside the box went straight to Minerva keeper Bhaskar Roy.

22.12.2018 : CHENNAI CITY 0-1 REAL KASHMIR (FT.)
RKFC : Abednego Tetteh - 77'( Pen).
MOM : Roberto Eslava - CHENNAI CITY

CCFC : Nauzet, Gaurav Bora, Edwin Vanspaul, Roberto Eslava, Ajith Kumar, Néstor Gordillo, Alexander Jesuraj, Mashoor Thankgalakath, Pedro Manzi, Pravitto Raju, Sandro Rodríguez.
RKFC : Bilal Khan, Dharmaraj Ravanan, Muhammad Hammad, Loveday, Abhas Thapa, Abednego Tetteh, Surchandra Singh, Bazie Armand, Farhan Ganie, Danish Farooq, Gnohere Krizo.

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Debutantes Real Kashmir FC pepped up the 12th Hero I-League title race, inflicting a first defeat of the season on table toppers Chennai City FC riding on a Abednego Kofi Tetteh penalty conversion late in the second half to run out victors by a solitary goal to nil.The game at Coimbatore’s Nehru stadium was mostly a battle of attrition and the result takes Kashmir to second on the points table, just one point behind Chennai who still lead with 18 points. Both teams have completed nine games.

The visitors made as many as three changes to their starting eleven from the previous game. Mason Robertson, the burly Scottish defender sat out and was replaced by Muhammad Hammad. So did Nagen Tamang and Khalid Qayoom in midfield and Kashmir lads Farhan Ganie and Danish Farooq played in their stead. The hosts made just one change in that Charles Lourdusamy went out and Pravitto Raju got a start in his place.

Kashmir got the first chance of the game as early as in the third minute when a Surchandra Singh free-kick from near the left corner flag escaped the boots of two Kashmir players very close to the Chennai goalmouth. The home-side then started to try and take control of the game but Kashmir were presenting a compact defensive formation and as much as Chennai’s creative Spanish midfielders Nestor and Sandro tried, they could not find an opening.

The pair first broke through in the 31st minute and Nestor missed one from close, albeit from a narrow angle. Kashmir immediately replied with a Surchandra Singh effort. It was evident that Kashmir were trying to play a physical game to disrupt the fluent Chennai midfield recording five times as many fouls as the hosts in the first half. However, it was not as if they were not looking to score, finishing the half with much lesser possession but more chances than the home-team. This would be the story of the match eventually, however Chennai would catch up on the chances score with a flurry at the end.

Nestor got the first good chance of the second half as late as in the 57th minute, when a lovely long ball from Roberto Eslava found him in the clear inside the Kashmir box. For once, Nestor’s first touch deserted him and he could not take the opportunity. Following the pattern of the game, Kashmir hit back immediately with one of their own as a Krizo strike on the turn beat Chennai keeper Santana and hit the crossbar.

The game seemed to be headed towards a stalemate when Kashmir were awarded a penalty in the 76th minute as Gourav Bora was adjudged to have brought down Krizo inside the box. Kofi Tetteh had to take the spot kick twice over, but converted both of them and gave Kashmir the lead.Chennai tried to hit back immediately but Spanish striker Pedro Manzi missed a regulation chance of a lovely chipped ball by Nestor.

Their coach Akbar Nawas immediately swapped a midfielder for a forward, bringing in Ameeruddin in place of Pravitto Raju to bolster the strike force. He also brought in fresh legs ion the right wing, taking off Romario Jesuraj and bringing in the speedy Vijay. Vijay did inject pace on the right flank and had a couple of opportunities to score and Manzi missed the easiest chance in the dying seconds of the game when his header bounced off the Kashmir bar, but in the end it was the visitors who came away with an important victory to throw the title race wide open.

21.12.2018 : INDIAN ARROWS 1-0 GOKULAM FC (FT)

GKFC : Arnab Das Sharma, Deepak Mondal, Guilherme Batata, Fabricio Ortiz, Jo?l Sunday, Daniel Addo, Rohit Mirza, Mohammad Rashid, Jishnu Balakrishnan, PA Nasar, Christian Sabah.
ARROWS: Prabhsukhan Gill, Rahim Ali, Amarjit Kiyam, Jitendra Singh, Boris Thangjam, Anwar Ali, Rahul Kannoly, Ashish Rai, Vikram Singh, Lalengmawia, Deepak Tangri

INDIAN ARROWS <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font>GOKULAM FC

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : The Indian Arrows stunned eighth placed Gokulam Kerala FC with a 1-0 win at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack today courtesy of Amarjit Singh Kiyam?s 66th minute penalty strike, leading Floyd Pinto?s team to their second win of the Hero I-League season. With this win, the Indian Arrows have jumped up a place to be in the 9th position while Gokulam Kerala FC are placed eighth in the Hero I-League points table.

The game began with hosts Indian Arrows in their traditional sky blue while visitors Gokulam Kerala FC in Maroon. Bino George, head coach for Gokulam Kerala FC today started with an amped up attack through new recruit Rohit Mirza .Gokulam Kerala FC as expected started on an attacking note, but the Indian Arrows stood strong enough infront of goal.

On the contrary the hosts made their way past into the Kerala box quite a few times, but their lack of creativity in finding the finishing touch eluded them of any lead. Rahul KP, Boris Singh, Rahim Ali played interesting football, but could not maintain the tempo of their runs once inside the Kerala box, losing the ball more often than not to Gokulam?s Ghanian defender Daniel Addo. The first 45 minutes came to a close with no goals being scored on either ends.

The second half began with Gokulam Kerala FC showing their intent to gather a much needed lead but Indian arrows defence line stood like a wall denying the visitors any chance to find the back of the net. Gokulam Kerala FC however continued with their attacks and did get some real close chances to score, but could not convert any to their favour.

A free kick by Gokulam?s Brazilian mid-fielder Felipe Castro in the 63rd minute that could have easily gone into the Arrows net was cheaply missed by Daniel Addo?s misplaced header. This was the closest that the visitors came to score in the game. Soon after on the counter a silly foul inside the Gokulam box by Feliipe Castro on Vikram Pratap Singh ended up in the hosts being rewarded with a penalty shot.

Indian Arrows captain, Amarjit Singh there after made no mistake in taking the penalty shot, ensuring the hosts draw first blood in 66th minute, scoring his second goal of the season. Thereafter Gokulam Kerala tried increasing their attacks but the young Arrows side were too strong and committed to deny them any loose ends. The game came to an end with the young Indian Arrows stealing a stunning win of 1-0 over Gokulam Kerala FC, with the goalscorer being awarded the Hero of the match.

MOM : Alexander Romario - CHENNAI CITY
MPFC : Bhaskar, Souvik, Toure, Calcedo, Akashdeep, Amandeep, Thobia, Njoku, Sangwan, William, Kuboki.
CCFC : Nauzat, Roberto E, Bora G, Edwin S, Ajith kumar, Charles Anandraj, Mashoor S, Alexander Romario, Sandro R, Nestor J, Pedro Manzi.

MINERVA PUNJAB FC <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY FC

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Chennai City FC remained unbeaten in the 12th Hero I-League thanks to a penalty save by Spanish keeper Nauzet Garcia Santana on the injury time, after playing out a goalless draw at the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkhula against hosts Minerva Punjab FC in Sunday’s first game. With this win, Chennai restored a four-point gap at the top of the league table.

The match did not rise to any great heights as the scoreline suggests. However Chennai were the more dominant side, particularly in the second half. Minerva, despite bolstering their attack with the return of the Japanese striker Yu Kuboki, who incidentally missed the penalty, also played out their second goalless draw of the season.

The result takes Chennai to 18 points from eight games while Minerva stay at fifth with 12 points from the same number of completed games.Besides Yu Kuboki, Bhaskar Roy also regained his position under the Minerva bar with Arshdeep who started in the last game getting back on the bench. For Chennai, Mashoor Shareef started in midfield in place of Pravitto Raju, who had started the last game.

Minerva had the first clear chance of the game within first 10 minutes when a Lancine Toure header went wide off a well thought out set-piece. A few minutes later, William Opoku cut in past two defenders and unleashed a right-footer bringing out a save from Chennai’s Spanish goalie Santana.Chennai’s best effort of the first half hour was a Pedro Manzi strike from outside the box which was safely collected by Bhaskar Roy.

Yu Kuboki then showed the first glimpse of his prowess in front of goal, when Njoku’s header off a Toure long ball played him on in the 34th minute and with a defender on his shoulder, came up with a clever movement with the intent of chipping the keeper. The ball dipped but still lobbed over the target.

Chennai ended the otherwise even half stronger though with two chances in the last five minutes. First Nestor caught Minerva on the break and found Manzi inside the box whose strike was off target. Then, Nestor’s compatriot Sandro played Charles inside the Minerva box and the burly midfielder’s strike, after going past two defenders, was thwarted by Bhaskar.In the second half, Chennai gained dominance and Nestor and Manzi combined well to create several chances, however their finishing today left a lot to be desired.

15.12.2018: GOKULAM FC 1-1 REAL KASHMIR (FT)
GKFC : Pritam Singh 20'.
RKFC : Surchandra Singh 69'
MOM : Ningthoujam Singh - GOKULAM FC

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> AIZAWL FC (FT)

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Having played six home games on the trot, Real Kashmir FC earned a vital point away from home at Gokulam Kerala FC in their second away fixture of the season on Saturday. Pritam Singh opened the scoring for Gokulam Kerala FC on the 20th minute but the visitors came back strongly in the second half to equalise on the 69th minute, when Surchandra Singh scored his third goal of the season from an acute angle.

Following the result, Real Kashmir sent Churchill Brothers FC Goa to the third spot with 14 points from eight matches, while Gokulam Kerala replaced Quess East Bengal on the sixth spot with 10 points from eight matches. Coming back from a humongous 6-1 win against Lajong, David Robertson opted to field an unchanged starting lineup in their second away fixture this Hero I-League season.

Bino George made as many as five changes to the starting lineup including giving Joel Sunday his debut for the Keralite outfit. While Joel Sunday replaced another foreigner Mudda Musa, Rashid K and Pritam Singh came in for Bodo and Rajesh S in attack. Dimple Bhagat filled in for Deepak K, and Arnab Das Sharma took the charge under the woodwork, replacing Shibinraj. Gokulam Kerala who were at the receiving end in their last fixture against Quess East Bengal, started on full throttle to make the amends in front of the home crowd.

On the 10th minute, Arjun Jayaraj came close to finding the back of the net but his right-footer ricocheted off the post. Seven minutes later, on the other side of the pitch, Loveday leapt above others to connect to a looping corner but it went off target. Pritam Singh took another three minutes to open the scoreline for the hosts to send the crowd into a rapture. The midfielder took on his own to hurl the attack from the middle and before goalkeeper Bilal Khan could reach on time, he chipped it into the goal.

After conceding the goal, Real Kashmir tried every bit to restore the parity but Ortiz and Castro played a significant role to keep them at bay. After the changeover, Robertson replaced Nagen Tamang with Ritwik Das to instil some versatility in the attacking front and it paid some dividends in bits and pieces for the visitors.

Loveday once again tried his luck but before he could get something out of it, Arnab Das Sharma snatched it on time. In the 69th minute, Surchandra Singh stunned the Kerala crowd having scored the equaliser from an acute angle inside the penalty box.Both coaches used their substitutes in the dying minutes of the match but both defences stood tall to deny the attackers until the final whistle. Gokulam Kerala will now fly to Cuttack to challenge the Indian Arrows on 21st December whereas Real Kashmir FC will go to Coimbatore to clash their swords with table-toppers Chennai City FC on the next day.

NER: Katsumi Yusa 3', 88'
CBR : Khalid Aucho 37'.

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> AIZAWL FC (FT)

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Neroca FC defeated Goan side Churchill Brothers FC Goa 2-1 thanks to two brilliant headers from Hero of the Match Katsumi Yusa in the first and the 87th minute of the match to end Churchill’s unbeaten run in the Hero I-League. With this win, Neroca FC are now placed second on the points table with 14 points, three points shy of table toppers Chennai City FC. Hosts Neroca FC began in orange while vistors Churchill Brothers FC Goa were in their away sky blue kit. Neroca FC made no mistake in showing their intentions right from the kickoff, starting on an attack.

A loosely cleared from Churchill Brothers’ Mohanraj from inside the box landed straight into the legs of Aryn Williams who then delivered a beautiful cross back into the box which was well met with a beautiful diving header by Katsumi to guide the ball back into the Churchill Brothers FC Goa nets putting the hosts onto a lead with just 13 seconds on the clock. With this, Katsumi now has the record of the fastest goal of the I-League, beating James Moga, who had netted on 14 seconds for Pune FC against United Sikkim in 2012-13.

This goal changed the game right from the first minute as Neroca FC went on an attacking spree with the hope to double their lead but unfortunately couldn’t breach the defence line of the visitors thereafter. Churchill Brothers, on the other hand, played a cautious game thereafter, having conceded way too early, but slowly started coming back to their attacking ways in the latter half of the first 45 minutes.

Neroca FC, who were attacking in quick successions, did trouble the Churchill defence but somehow couldn’t manage to get the better of them. Churchill who were, however, playing with a marginal advantage of higher ball possession went on with their attacks in intervals. Churchill finally managed to restore parity when a beautiful free kick from Dawda Ceesay was well headed into the net by Kahlid Aucho in the 37th minute. The game thereafter was a mixed bag of attacks from both ends but neither of the teams managed to extend their lead.

The second half began with Neroca FC trying to get the lead but a defensively strong Churchill Brothers FC Goa denied them any clear chance to capitalise. Neroca FC, however, came close enough to extend their lead but could not when Churchill Brothers Goal Keeper James Keethan made an outstanding save off a shot from Felix Chidi in the 61st minute.

Neroca FC did not stop, but were unsuccessful in finding the back of the net. It was only in the 87th minute when Katsumi Yusa completed his brace FC through a header that came off from an inch-perfect cross from Aryn Williams, giving the hosts a critical 2-1 lead which eventually guided them t secure all three points at home.

CBFC : Khalid Aucho 23', Israil Gurung 25', Antony wolf 55', Plaza (P-78')
AFC : Kromah 62'
CB Israil Gurung - Churchill Brothers

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> AIZAWL FC (FT)

CBFC : James Kaitan, Wayne, N. Mohonraj, Eldor, Ceesay, Isral, Novcovic, Lamgoulen H, Richard Costa, Aucho, Plaza,
AFC : Gurpreet, Paul, L.Mawaia, Albert, Kareem, Alfred, Lalram, Kromah, Vanlal, Uulu, Dodoz.

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> AIZAWL FC (FT)

Goan powerhouse Churchill Brothers FC Goa not only maintained their unbeaten record but also got within sniffing distance of table toppers Chennai City FC with an impressive 4-1 victory over former champions Aizawl FC at home on Sunday. At Vasco Da Gama’s Tilak Maidan, the two-time former champions scored through Khalid Aucho, Israel Gurung, Anthony Wolfe and Willis Plaza while Aizawl’s only goal came from Liberian striker Ansumanah Kromah. Churchill went into the half-time break two goals ahead while the rest of game’s five goals came in the second half.

With their third win of the league campaign, Churchill have now moved to the second spot with 13 points from seven games. Chennai are four ahead having played the same number of completed games. Aizawl remain stranded on the ninth position with five points from eight games.

07.12.2018: NEROCA FC 3-0 INDIAN ARROWS (FT)
NER : Katsumi Yusa 29', Felix Chidi 54', M. Metei 84'.
MOM : Felix Chidi - NEROCA

NEROCA FC <b><font color=red> 3-0 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS (FT)

NER : Lalit, Eduardo, Kallon, Ashok, M.Metei, Serastian, Thyangan, Yusa, Chidi, Subhas Singh, Aryin Williams.
ARR : P.Gill, Boris, Anwar, Narender, Suresh, Amarjit, Rahim, Rahul, Asish, Sanjeev, Vikram.

05.12.2018: REAL KASHMIR 1-0 AIZAWL FC (FT )
RKFC : Baize Armand 32'.
MOM : Baize Armand - REAL KASHMIR
REAL KASHMIR <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> AIZAWL FC

RKFC : Bilal Khan, D. Ravanan, Robertson, Loveday, Khalid, Krizo, Armand, Surchandra, Abednedo, Abinash, Nagen.
AFC : Gurpreet, Paul, Dodoz, Albert, Kareem, David, Alfred, Lalrinfela, Lalram, Kromah, Mawaia.

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Debutants Real Kashmir FC continued their impressive showing in the 12th Hero I-League season registering a solitary goal victory over former champions Aizawl FC at the TRC Turf ground in Srinagar on Wednesday. Ivorian midfielder Bazie Armand struck the winner at the half-hour mark to help the hosts register their third win and propel them to fourth in the league standings with 10 points from six games. Aizawl remain in ninth place with five points from seven games.

REAL KASHMIR <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> AIZAWL FC

Both coaches made one change to the playing eleven from the side which began their respective previous games. New Ghanaian recruit Abednego Kofi Teteh got the first start in place of Zambian Aaron Katebe for the Kashmiris while Joe Zoherliana of Aizawl was replaced in deep defence by Nigerian Kareem Nurain who made a comeback post an injury lay-off.

The hosts made their intentions clear from the outset as Ivorian striker Krizo took a snapshot in the opening minutes but Gurpreet, the Aizawl keeper was equal to the task. Then Surchandra Singh coming in from the right flank made a good first-time connection to a Nagem Tamang cross in the eighth minute but hit the side-netting.

Aizawl had a chance of their own in the 25th minute when Albert’s cross from the right forced a tip-over by Bilal the Kashmir keeper, but the ball bounced off the bar and came back to Liberian striker Ansumanah Kromah, who despite being a bit out of position, managed a side-flick which lobbed over the goal.

The hosts then went ahead in the half-hour mark off a set-piece. Surchandra Singh, it was who got involved in a Kashmir goal for the second game running, delivering a wonderful corner from the left to which Bazie rose above the Aizawl defence to direct his header past Gurpreet into the far corner. This was the Ivorian’s second goal in this year’s Hero I-League.

Aizawl got the first chance of the second half when Albert was set-up for a free-header by Lalrinfela, who delivered a wonderful cross from inside the box on the left, but his goal-bound header bounced off Mason Robertson in the Kashmir defence. For the hosts, it was Krizo who got the best chances of the half and two free-headers, one at the quarter of an hour mark off a cross from Kofi and another in the 82nd minute off a free-kick, missed their marks.

Coach Gift Raikhan played all his cards and even brought on Kyrgistani midfielder Bektur Talgat in place of David Lalrinmuana in the 73rd minute, but it was not enough to stop Scottish coach David Robertson’s Real Kashmir from running out winners on the day.

02.12.2018: SHILLOG LAJONG 1-2 NEROCA FC (FT.)
NEROCA : Felix Chidi 33', Subhas Singh 83'
SLFC : Buam 50'.
MOM : Subhas singh - NEROCA FC

SHILLOG  LAJONG <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> NEROCA FC

SLFC : Chaileu, Lalrohlua, Nabin, Samuel, Lyngdoh, Buam, Novin, Lalawpuia, Aibanbha, Allen, Kenstar.
NER : Lalit Thapa, Sebastian, Kallon, Eduardo, Ashok, William, Saran, Subhas, Yusa, Malem, Felix Chidi.

25.11.2018: REAL KASHMIR ( 2-0 ) INDIAN ARROWS (FT.)
REAL : Surchandra singh 26', B. Armand 69'.
MOM : BAIZE BRMAND - Beal Bashmir

REAL KASHMIR (<b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font>) INDIAN ARROWS (FT.)

REAL : Bilal, D. Ravanan, Robertson, Aaron, Loveday, Khalid, Armand, Surchandr, Avinash, Nagen Tamang.
ARR : P.Gill, Boris, Anwar, Narender, N. Metei, Amarjit, Rahim, Rahul, Asish, L.Mawaya, Vikram.

24.11.2018:CHENNAI CITY ( 2-1 ) NEROCA FC (FT.)
CCFC : Eslava 14', NESTOR GORDILO 52'
MOM : Nestor Gordilo - CHENNAI CITY

CHENNAI CITY (<b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font>) NEROCA FC

CCFC :Kabir T, Edwin S, Bora G, Eslava R, Ajith kumar, Charles Anandraj, Pravitto R,Alexander Romario, Nestor G, Sandro R, Ameerudeen.
NFC :Mauro, Kallon, Ashok, Shaikon, Naorem, Chdi, Singam, M.Metei, Sebastian, Sushil Metei, Williams.

SLFC :Buam 24', Allen 43'
MPFC :Opoku 45'+3', Njoku 75'
MOM : Navin Gurung - Shillong Lajong

SHILLONG LAJONG  <b><font color=red> 2-2 </b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB

SLFC :Chaileu, Lalrohlua, Nabin, Samuel, Lyngdoh, Buam, Novin, Lalawpuia, Aibanbha, Allen, Kenstar..
MPFC : Arshadeep, Philip, Toure, Akashdeep, Souvik, Joseph, Jagpreet, Arashpreet, Deepak, Opoku, Amandeep.

GKFC: Shibinraj, Abhishek, Addo, Ortiz, Kumar, Nigam, Batata, Rashid, Rajesh, Antonio, Suhair.
MPFC: Bhaskar, Akashdip, Akashpreet, Toure, Souvik, Njoko, Amandeep, Asiedu, Kuboki, Dahir, Edafe.

GOKULAM KERALA FC <b><font color=red> 1-0 </b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB FC

16.11.2018: AIZAWL FC 1-2 CHENNAI CITY FC (FT.)
CCFC : Sandro R. 49', 78'
AFC : Kromah 72'.
MOM : Kabir Toufik - GK of CHENNAI CITY.

AIZAWL FC <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY FC

AFC : Lalammpuia, Govin, Paul, Dodoz, Albert, Alfred, Lalrinfela, Lalram, Kromah, H.Mawaia, Vanlal.
CCFC : Kabir T, Roberto, Thangalakath, Sandro, Edwin Vanspaul, Alexander, Charles, Gourav, Nestor, Kamraj, Ameeruddin.

REFEREE : Tanmoy Dhar

AIZAWL FC <b><font color=red> 1-2 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY FC

Chennai City FC extended their lead at the top of the 12th Hero I-League standings, getting their fourth win away at Aizawl’s Rajiv Gandhi stadium, as Sandro Rodriguez’s two second half strikes ensured that Liberian striker Ansumanah Kromah’s 72nd minute goal for hosts Aizawl FC, was not enough to prevent a second consecutive loss.

The southerns now have 13 points from five games, seven points clear of second placed Quess East Bengal and third placed Churchill Brothers. Aizawl, who won the Hero I-League two seasons ago, find themselves at the bottom of the table with three losses and two draws from their five games so far.

After a goalless first half, Aizawl began on the front foot for a second time and Kromah’s head from close in the 48th minute, saw a reflex save from Kabir, who also had a brilliant game to be awarded the Hero of the Match.

In the very next minute, Duata gave away a needless foul in a dangerous position outside the Aizawl box. He was made to pay as Sandro struck his second brilliant free-kick of the league to beat Lawmpuia all ends and put Chennai in the lead.

Aizawl tried to get back into the game immediately, when Dodoz got at the end of a blunder of a back-pass by the Chennai defense, but he could not beat Kabir from eight yards out. Gift Raikhan meanwhile kept ringing in the changes in search of an equaliser. He had got in Mapuia in place of Lalrinfela and Rinchena in place of Govin Singh. But it was his third sub Isak who played a role in the goal that finally came Aizawl’s way.

In the 72nd minute, Isak put in a wonderful cross from the right flank, which beat the Chennai defense to land at Dodoz’s feet. The Beninese fumbled and the ball after hitting Kabir fell to Kromah on the rebound, who tapped in for the easiest of goals.

CB : Willis Plaza 18', 51', 55' D. Cessay 39'
SL : Samuel Lalpuia 31', Kynsi 48'.
MOM : Willis Plaza - CHURCHILL

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-2 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Goa’s Churchill Brothers FC registered their first win of the 12th Hero I-League season, with the help of a Willis Plaza hattrick against Shillong Lajong at the Tilak Maidan on Thursday. Playing their first home game of the season, the Goan giants struck four against Shillong’s two to rise up the league standings to third place.

Captain Dawda Cessay scored the fourth for Churchill while for Shillong it was the two Samuels, captain Lalmuanpuia and Lyngdoh who got on the scoresheet. The home team dominated the proceedings throughout with 24 shots on goal against 10 for their opponents. Only eight of them were on target though.

CHURCHILL BROTHERS <b><font color=red> 4-2 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

Finally in the 18th minute, Plaza, after missing an easy volley five minutes earlier, struck his first goal of the 12th Hero I-League to give Churchill the lead. Ceesay got hold of the ball on the right flank and fired in a left-footed cross. Plaza was perfectly positioned between two Shillong defenders and rose to head home comfortably before an oncoming Lachempa could get to the ball.

After Plaza muffed up one and created another chance which Hangshing missed, Shillong captain Samuel Lalmuanpuia equalised for the visitors in the 30th minute. Off an attack involving Sheen and Buam, the lose ball came the captain’s way inside the box and he executed a calm controlled right-footed curler, beating Vicky in the near post.

Hussein Eldor almost put Churchill ahead again two minutes later, as his tap in from an Israil Gurung free-kick brought about a reflex save from Lachempa.

Churchill did go ahead again thanks to a stunning strike by Dawda Ceesay. Willis Plaza got the assist this time as he chased down a cross down to the Lajong left flank, played a 1-2 with Cessay to cut inside with some calypso skills, and laid the ball back towards the path of Ceesay. The Gambian took one touch and with his second unleashed a left-footer from the top of the box which angled over Lachempa to settle into the top left corner of the Lajong goal.

Shillong set the tone for the second half with a wonderful team goal in the 48th minute to get back on level terms. However, just like in the first half, Churchill restored their lead immediately. Israil Gurung’s free kick delivery from the left was met high inside the box by Plaza and his headed touch found the back of the net.

Plaza then got his hattrick, the second of the 12th Hero I-League, when he went on a solo run on the break and calmly finished with a low angled grounder for the score to read 4-2 in Churchill’s favour. As Churchill moved to third with this victory, Shillong after their fourth consecutive defeat, remain in the ninth position inspite of a good showing by the young all-Indian squad.

GKFC : Gani Ahmmed 43', Antonio German 56', Rajesh S 67'
SLFC : Phrangki Buam 79'.
MOM : Gani Ahmmed Nigam - GOKULAM

GOKULAM KERALA <b><font color=red> 3-1 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG

GKFC : Deepak K, Esteban Ortiz, Daniel Addo, Antonio German. Felipe Castro, Suhair V P,Rashid., Abhishek Das, Gani Ahmmed, Rajesh S,Kunniyil.

SLFC : Rakesh Pradhan, F. Lalrohlua, Sheen Stevenson, Samuel J, Mahesh Singh, Phrangki Buam, Novin Gurung, Lalawmpuia Hnamte, Aibanbha Dohling, Neithovilie Chalieu, Kenstar.

11.11.2018 (M1) : REAL KASHMIR 0-2 NEROCA FC (FT)
NER : Felix Odili Chidi (11', 75')
MOM : Felix Odili Chidi - NEROCA

REAL KASHMIR <b><font color=red> 0-2 </b></font> NEROCA FC

REK : Bilal Khan, D. Ravanan, Md. Hammad, Lee Robertson, Aaron Katebe, Loveday , Farhan Ganie, Gnohere Krizo, Danish Farooq, Bazie Armand, Brian Mascarenhas.

NER : Mauro Boerchio, Varney K Kallon, Ashok Singh, Ronald Singh, ndomba Singh, Jerry Onesemas, Felix Chidi, M. Meitei, Sebastian Thangmuansang, Sushil Meitei, Glen Williams.

10.11.2018 : AIZAWL FC 1-2 MINERVA PUNJAB FC (FT..)
MPFC :Lancine Toure 9', 59'
AFC : Dodoz 84'(Pen)
MOM : Lancing Toure - Minerva Punjab

AIZAWL FC<b><font color=red> 1-2</b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB FC (FT..)

AFC : Gurpreet, Govin, Bektur, Lalkhawpuimawia, Dodoz, Kareem, David, Alfred, Kromah, Mawia, Vanlalduatsanga.
MPFC : Bhaskar, Philip, Lancine, Bala, Akashdeep, Souvik, Joseph, Arashpreet, Opoku, Amandeep, Moinuddin

REFEREE : Raktim Saha.

AIZAWL FC<b><font color=red> 1-2</b></font> MINERVA PUNJAB FC (FT..)

AIFF PRESS RELEASE : Defending champions Minerva Punjab FC registered their first win of the 12th Hero I-League campaign, overcoming Aizawl FC 2-1 on the artificial turf of the Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Aizawl on Saturday. Two headers off two corners by centre-back Lancine Toure ensured that despite a late penalty conversion by Leonce Dodoz for the home side, the ‘Warriors’ from Punjab logged a full three points from a spirited encounter.

In the 12th minute, Moinuddin was found free inside the box by Opoku, who in spite of having time and space to control, chose to go for a first timer but the ball lobbed over the Aizawl bar. Moinuddin then got one into the net of a cleverly-taken corner, but was called for offside.

Aizawl too had their chances and In the 24th minute, Dodoz found Bektur inside the box with a wonderful pass and the Kyrgystani turned his defender and was ready to pull the trigger, but Arshdeep’s slide, left Bektur denied. Minerva took their one goal lead into the lemon break.

Aizawl again began the half stronger with Kromah striking a volley from just outside the box which went over. However, just like in the first half, Minerva came back into the game and Lancine Toure got his second headed strike in the 59th minute, again off a William Opoku corner which pierced Gurpreet in the Aizawl goal and the last defender on the line, going in on the bounce.

As the game seemed to be meandering towards a Minerva victory, the home team got a penalty to pull one back. A long ranger from distance found the outstretched hand of Akashdeep Singh inside the box and referee Raktim Saha had no hesitation in pointing to the spot. Dodoz converted despite Bhaskar Roy guessing the right away.

07.11.2018 :AIZAWL FC 0-0 NEROCA FC (FT..)
MOM : Malemnganba Meitei
AFC : Gurpreet Singh, Kareem Omolaja, Alfred Jaryan, Lalkhawpuimawia Lalkhawpuimawia, Talgat Uulu Bektur, Govin Singh, Albert Zohmingmawia, Mamit Vanlalduatsanga, Lalrin Fela, Ansumana Kromah, Hmingthan Mawia

NFC : Mauro Boerchio, Eduardo Ferreira, Ronald Singh, Kallon Kiatamba Jr, Jerry Pulamte, Malemnganba Meitei, Odili Felix Chidi, Moirangmayum Ashok Singh, Biaklian Paite, Aryn Williams, Sebastian Thangmuansang

MOM : Danish Farooq ( REAL KASHMIR)

REAL KASHMIR<b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT)

RKFC : Bilal Khan, Dharmaraj Ravanan, Muhammad Hammad, Mason Lee Robertson, Aaron Katebe, Loveday Okechukwu, Farhan Ganie, Gnohere Krizo, Danish Farooq, Bazie Armand, Brian Mascarenhas.

CB :James Kithan, Wayne Vaz, Hussein Eldor, Nenad Novakovic, Nallappan Mohanraj, Richard Costa, Lamgoulen Gou, Khalid Aucho, Israil Gurung, Dawda Ceesay, Willis Plaza.

REAL KASHMIR<b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS (FT)
AIFF PRESS RELEASE : 10-man Churchill Brothers held Real Kashmir FC to a creditable goalless draw, as history was made at Srinagar’s TRC ground, with the first-ever Hero I-League game taking place in the state of Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday. The two-time former champions from Goa had their goalkeeper James Kithan sent off just before half-time but held on gamely and in fact even had the last chance of the game. They remain unbeaten in their first three games, all of them away from home.

Scottish coach David Robertson’s home side will feel an opportunity was lost to register a second successive win in their debut campaign, having won the opener against defending champions Minerva Punjab away from home.Kashmir opted to solely depend on Ivorian striker Gnohere Krizo for a breakthrough, but the visitors’ defence led by Libyan Hussein Eldor and Serbian Nenad Novakovic had a solid outing, thwarting all such designs of the home team.

Coach Robertson had an unchanged line-up from the eleven which beat Minerva in their opener while Churchill’s Romanian coach Gigiu opted to start with Lamgoulen Hangshing as his under-22 pick instead of Vinil Poojary who had started in the previous game.It was end-to-end football in brilliant sunshine, but chances were few and far between in the first half. Danish Farooq hit the bar for the hosts as early as the seventh minute. Then Churchill’s Israil Gurung broke away on the left flank in the 13th minute and his cross found Langshing with a free header inside the box but his effort went just over the bar.

Krizo was also making his presence felt with some aggressive runs down the middle and putting Eldor and Novakovic under considerable pressure. He rose for a header in the 37th minute but the weak effort lobbed over the Churchill bar. Willis Plaza broke free on the right side of the Kashmir box and his shot missed the far post, not by much.

The incident of the first half which changed the game completely happened just before the end. Nenad Novakovic under constant pressure from Krizo fumbled a back pass inside his own half on to the path of Aaron Katebe who went off on a run with just the goalkeeper in front of him.James Kithan, in the Churchill goal, sensed the danger and rushed out of his box to thwart Katebe. The Zambian tried to go around him, but a falling Kithan in the heat of the moment inadvertently stopped the ball with his hand and was promptly sent off.

Churchill ended the half honours even, but with 10 men on the pitch, Vigneshwaran ‘Vicky’ Bhaskaran now in goal, brought on in place of Langshing. In the second half, Churchill sat deep but the hosts embarked upon a strategy to try and find Krizo with long balls from the deep defence. Their second option was to penetrate down the middle.

Krizo did hit the bar once in the 65th minute after breaking into the box, this time from the left and unleashing a wonderful right-footed curler. The other opportunity was when Katebe and Danish Farooq played a 1-2 on the right and the latter’s shot from inside the box was saved by Vicky in the Churchill goal.Churchill had the last chance of the game when Dawda Cessay got onto a free-kick halfway between the goal and the right corner flag. His floater was good but could not find the head of a Churchill player.

Churchill now have three points from their three draws while Real Kashmir have picked up their fourth point after their second game.

INDIAN ARROWS : Ashis Rai 11'

ARROWS: P.Gill, Boris, Anwar, Narender, Suresh, Amarjit, Aniket, Rahul, Asish Rai, R.Ajmol, Lalengmawa.
SLFC :Nethovilie C, Rakesh, Lalrohulla, Samuela, S.Kynshi, Naorem Singh, Phrangki Buam, Novin, L.Hnamte, A.Dohlinh, Kenstar.
INDIAN ARROWS <b><font color=red>  1-0 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG
AIFF PRESS RELEASE : The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) development side Indian Arrows registered their first win of the 12th Hero I-League campaign riding on an 11th minute Asish Rai strike to overcome Shillong Lajong FC at Cuttack’s Barabati stadium.

The side from the Meghalaya hills were clearly out of depth in the heat and humidity of Odisha's second largest city against a well-travelled Arrows unit and capitulated to a second successive defeat from three games, despite impressive performances in their first two outings back home. The Arrows, on the other hand, did extremely well to come back after a 1-4 loss to Chennai in their opening game.
INDIAN ARROWS <b><font color=red>  1-0 </b></font> SHILLONG LAJONG
Arrows coach Floyd Pinto made a couple of changes to the eleven which started the first game against Chennai. Aimol began at right back in place of Jitendra Singh and Boris Singh replaced Sanjiv Stalin, who had a mediocre outing against Chennai, on the right side of midfield. Alison Kharsyntiew, the Shillong head, on the other hand, opted for an unchanged eleven to the one which started against Quess East Bengal, playing a regular 4-4-2 with Mahesh Naorem Singh and captain Samuel Lalmuanpuia upfront.

Shillong were quicker off the blocks though with Lalmuanpuia releasing Buam inside the box as early as the second minute but the midfielder failed to chest the ball down properly in front of him to make the desired impact. Then in the 11th minute, off an Arrows attacking foray, the loose ball meandered away from the Shillong goal with Novin Gurung at right back in pursuit. Novin’s touch just outside the box was intercepted by an onrushing Asish Rai who broke free and unleashed a crisp right-footed curler to give the Arrows the lead for the second game running.

The Arrows then decided to sit back and hold on to the lead and play on the counter, a strategy which they have been brought up on quite well. Samuel’s low piercing corner from the right flank in the 19th minute seemed straight out of the training grounds and was aimed at Kenstar Kharshong’s head. The centre-back leapt up and connected with a perfect angled header but just missed the target by a whisker.

The game did not pick up much pace even after the break and all movement was restricted mainly to the midfield. Rahul KP and Boris were the most enterprising of the Arrows boys while the combination of Samuel, Buam and an overlapping Rakesh Pradhan on the left wing was all the Shillong attacks were originating from.

There were a couple of bookings that referee Suman Kumar had to effect. Aniket Jadhav was booked in the 60th minute and was promptly replaced by Rohit Danu. For Shillong, Lalrohlua went into the books for a rash tackle on Boris. As the game neared the final whistle, Shillong stepped up the pressure and a couple of chances went abegging. In the 88th minute, off a Rakesh Pradhan cross from the left, centre back Aiban rose to connect with a strong header but Aimol affected a goal-line clearance to keep the Arrows lead intact.

Then the captain Samuel earned a free kick in the last minute of injury time in the danger zone but his effort struck the Arrows wall.Having opened their account, Indian Arrows now rise to the fifth spot with three points whereas Lajong will continue to hold the fourth spot with three points having played one match more.

04.11.2018 : GOKULAM FC 2-3 CHENNAI CITY FC (FT.)
CCFC : Pravitto Raju 23', Pedro Manzi 32', Amenuddin 69'
GKFC : Antonio German (Pen 4'), Suhair VP 70'.
MOM : Ajithkumar Kamaraj - CHENNAI CITY
RED CARD : Mudde Musa of Gokulam Kerala FC 90+7'
GOKULAM FC <b><font color=red> 2-3 </b></font> CHENNAI CITY FC (FT.)

GKFC : Shibinraj, Fabricio, Daniel Oddo, Anthonio German, Manotosh, Felipe De, VP Suhair, Mudde Musa, Abhishek Das, Arjun Jayraj, N.Singh
CCFC : Kabir T, Roberto E, Sandro R, Edwyin Vanspaul, Alexander, Charles Svvy, Gaurav, Nestor Jesus, Pravitto Raju, A. Kamraj, Pedro Manzi

CCFC : Nestor Jesus 9', Sandro Rodriguez 62'
CBFC : Israil Gurung 52', 58'
MOM : Nenad Novakovic - CB
MINERVA PUNJAB  <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> REAL KASHMIR (FT.)
MINERVA PUNJAB  <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> REAL KASHMIR (FT.)
CBFC : James Kaitan, Wayne, Hussain, Plaza, Ceesay, Israil, Khalid Aucho, Novakovic, Costa, vinil Poojary, N. Mohonraj.
CCFC : Kabir T, Roberto E, Sadro R, Edwin Vanspaul, Alexander, Charles, Gaurav Bora, Nestor Jesus, Ajit Kumar, Pedro, Regin M.

RKFC : Krizo 74'.
MPFC : Bhaskar, Akashdeep, Araspreet, Toure, Souvik, Njoku, Amandeep, Chothe, Alex, Sangwan, William.
RKFC : Belal Khan, D. Ravanan, Md, Hammad, Aaron, Loveday, Robertson, Farhan, Krizo, Brian Maskarenhas, Danish Bhat.

MINERVA PUNJAB  <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> REAL KASHMIR (FT.)
AIFF PRESS RELEASE:In the biggest upset of the 12th Hero I-League season so far, debutants Real Kashmir FC registered a solitary-goal victory against their hosts Minerva Punjab FC at the Tau Devi Lal stadium in Panchkula today (October 31, 2018).

Ivorian beanpole of a striker Gnohere Krizo, got the game’s only goal in the second half to stun the champions, who otherwise played the better football on the day. Real Kashmir bagged full three points while Minerva now have one point from two games after drawing their opener against Churchill Brothers FC Goa.

The game which heralded the beginning of Game Week Two of the 12th Hero I-League, did not reach dizzying heights as Real Kashmir understandably began with a defensive approach and the defending champions, despite creating some gilt-edged chances, failed to score, an area which they will have to urgently look into, if they have to reach even near the levels of last year.

Minerva began the game with Irish coach Paul Munster effecting a couple of changes from the opener against Churchill Brothers. Youngster Makan Winkle Chothe got a start in place of Nongdamba Naorem and so did Ivorian striker Alexandre.

MINERVA PUNJAB  <b><font color=red> 0-1 </b></font> REAL KASHMIR (FT.)

Scotsman David Robertson, the Real Kashmir gaffer opted to go in with a five-man backline consisting of captain Loveday Enniyana and the experienced Dharamraj Ravanan, who played for Chennai City last year.

He also had his son Mason Robertson, Goan Brian Mascarenhas and local boy Muhammad Hammad to bolster his defence at the start of the game. Other Local Kashmiris who made the starting line-up were midfielders Farhan Ganie and Danish Farooq. The 6 ft 7 inches Ivorian Gnohere Krizo was the lone striker upfront with Bilal manning the Kashmir woodwork.

Minerva’s Ghanaian forward William Opoku had the first good chance of the game just before the quarter of an hour mark, when an excellent ball from Amandeep, from inside the Minerva half, found Opoku in the clear in the Kashmir box with a defender on his shoulder. Opoku trapped and fired only for Hero of the Match Bilal to bring about the first of his many good saves on the day to deny Minerva the lead.

Opoku combined well with youngster Makan Chothe on a couple of occasions but the youngster was once caught offside and on the other occasion took too much time with the ball. They finished the half with a couple of corners, from one of which defender Lancine Toure connected with a good header from close but Bilal was up to it again.

Minverva’s sense of urgency was evident at the beginning of the second half as in the first three minutes they had two excellent chances to score. In the first, Ivorian Alexandre’s powerful shot from inside the box was tipped over by Bilal and hit the bar and then Opoku’s powerful drive from outside the box brought about another save by Bilal.

Munster rang in the changes quick and fast, bringing in youngsters Nongdamba Naorem, Dilliram Sanyasi and Hitova Ayemi to inject more pace and flair into the game, but the Kashmir defence held solid.

Then, in a subtle change of tactics, David Robertson brought in midfielder Vicky Meitei in place Hammad, bolstering his midfield for a defender. The move paid dividends as in the 74th minute, quite against the run of play, off a free kick inside the Minerva half, Krozi got hold of the ball inside the Minerva box and turned and unleashed a powerful drive which beat Minerva goalie Bhaskar Roy at the near post to go in.

The team from Jammu and Kashmir held on until the final whistle despite some enterprising forays from the champion to continue their fairytale which began with their winning the second division I-League last year to get promoted as the first ever team from the state to ever play in top-flight Indian football.

31.10.18 : NEROCA FC 1-1 GOKULAM FC (FT.)
GKFC : Bodo Baoringdao 45'.
NFC : Eduardo Fereira 59'.
MOM : Ronald - NEROCA FC
NFC : Mauro, Eduardo, V,K.Kallon, Ashok, Ronald, Tondomba, Felix Chidi, Subhas singh, Malemnganba, Y.Metei, Glen Williams.
GKFC : Shibinraj, Monotosh, Fabroco, Addo, Abhishek, Germanpreet, Castro, Musa, Rashid, Pritam, Rajesh.

NEROCA FC <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> GOKULAM FC (FT.)

GOKULAM PRESS RELEASE : Gokulam Kerala FC and NEROCA FC played out an entertaining draw, 1-1, at the Khuman Lampak Main Stadium in Imphal on Wednesday. Substitute Bodo put Gokulam Kerala FC upfront at the stroke of first half whistle but NEROCA found equaliser through Eduardo Ferreira’s 59 th minute goal.

Though Gokulam had created several chances, a superb performance by NEROCA’s Italian goalie Mauro Boerchio ensured the match end in a draw. Gokulam Kerala FC started the match with a spirited display, creating several chances down the flanks but later on NEROCA upped the ante and gained most of the possession in the first half. Antonio German had a few clear-cut chances on goal but he was not able to score from it.

Former NEROCA player Pritam Singh was outstanding on the right flank as he created several chances with his pace and dribbling. His efforts finally materialised as Bodo, who was subbed in for Muhammed Rashid in the 35 th minute, scored from his assist in the 45 th minute to put Gokulam Kerala FC upfront with a sublime finish.

NEROCA FC <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> GOKULAM FC (FT.)
Gokulam defenders Addo and Fabricio saved the team several times at the start of the second half as NEROCA FC players attacked in numbers. A defensive lapse during a set-piece near Gokulam box resulted in the equaliser by unmarked Eduardo Ferreira as he collected a deflected shot to finish rather easily.

The goal again shifted the momentum of the match as Gokulam started to show more intent. The best chance for Gokulam came in the 63 rd minute as Antonio German had a one-on-one situation with NEROCA goalie but the striker was not able to finish it. He took too much time to shoot and he was closed down successfully by the goalie.

Bino subbed in VP Suhair for German later on and this increased Gokulam’s tempo. He had a beautiful chance to score with a sumptuous turn but his thundering shot was saved by NEROCA goalie. Bodo also had another shot on goal but NEROCA custodian played spoilsport again.

Suhair continued to pester NEROCA defence and he won a free-kick just near NEROCA box in the dying minutes of the match. Castro’s ensuing free-kick flew past the woodwork narrowly and the match ended in a stalemate.

28.10.2018 : SHILLONG LAJONG 2-1 AIZAWL FC (90+4' )
SLFC : Naorem Mahesh Singh 20', 51'
AFC : Kroma ( Pen-70')
MOM :Naorem Mahesh Singh -SHILLONG LAJONG

SHILLONG LAJONG <b><font color=red> 2-1 </b></font> AIZAWL FC

SLFC : N. Chalieu, K. Kharshong, A. Dohling, R. Pradhan, N. Gurung, S. Kynshi, L. Hnamte, F. Lalrohlua, P. Buam, N. Singh, S. Lalmuanpuia.
AFC : G. Singh, L. Tochhawng, K. Nurain, H. Mawia, L. L, A. Jaryan, A. Kromah, P. Ramfangzauva, Leonce Dodoz, Vanlalduatsanga, F. Lalremsang.
REFEREE : Tanmoy Dhar

28.10.2018 : MINERVA PUNJAB 0-0 CHURCHILL BROTHERS (90'+3'.FT) MOM : Naorem Mahesh Singh -SHILLONG LAJONG.
MOM : Philip Njoku - MINERVA PUNJAB.
MPFC : Bhaskar Roy, Philip, Lancing Toure, Manandeep, Akashdeep, Souvik, Akash Sangwan, Arashpreet, William Asedu, Nongdamba, Amandeep.
CBFC : James Kaitan, Wayne Vaz, Hussain, Plaza, Dawda Ceesay, Khalid Aucho, Nedand Novakovic, Lamgoulen Gou, Richard Costa, Marshall, Mohonraj.

MINERVA PUNJAB <b><font color=red> 0-0 </b></font> CHURCHILL BROTHERS

ARR : Amarjit 3'
CCF : Pedro Manzi 31', 49', 64', Alexander Romario 76'

CHENNAI CITY FC <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS

CCFC : Kabir T, Tarif Ahmed, Roberto E, Sandro R, Vanspaul, Jesuraj, Bora, Jesus G, Kaamaraj, Pedro, Regin. M.
ARRW : Gill, Jitendra, Anwar, Narender, Amarjit, Rahim, Jeakson, Rahul KP, Ashish Rai, Stalin, Gurkirat CHENNAI CITY FC <b><font color=red> 4-1 </b></font> INDIAN ARROWS
The opening 12th Hero I-League encounter between Chennai City FC and the Indian Arrows at Coimbatore’s Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, turned out to be a happy outing for the boisterous home fans. Riding on Uruguay born Pedro Manzi’s hattrick, Chennai City FC outplayed a young Indian Arrows side 4-1, logging full three points to begin their campaign in style. Romario Jesuraj, who had an outstanding game, scored the fourth. Indian Arrows captain Amarjit Singh Kiyam, however, opened the scorecard with a second-minute strike to give the young side an early lead.