Defending Champions Dempo lift AIFF Super Cup to beat Fed Cup Winner East Bengal..

1.12.2010: I-League champions Dempo Sports Club of Goa brought the curtain down on their brilliant season by winning the Super Cup with a 3-1 win over Federation Cup winner East Bengal and got Rs. 10 lakhs as Cash prie winner Money. In 2008 Dempo also beat East Bengal 1-0 to lift Super Cup title.

In 10th National Football League on 26th April 2006, East Bengal beat Dempo 3 - 1 margin where Debabrata Roy was a player of East Bengal in their defence but this year Dempo beat East Bengal in a same margin in AIFF Super Cup where that defender Debabrata Roy played a superior game in Dempo Jersey.

But today Kolkata Premier League winner East engal lost 1-3 to defending I-League champions Dempo SC. Dempo Captain Ranti Martins fired in a hat-trick while Penn scored the only goal for East Bengal.


01/12/10: East Bengal   1 - 3   Dempo ( Gurgaon - FT )
KEB: Penn 23' :: DEM: Ranty 34', 38', 50'

KEB : Jayanta, Saikat, Sunil, Gurwinder, Ravinder, Sanju, Mehtab, Sushant, Penn, Budhiram, Robin
DEM : Kattimani, Debrata, Dias, Caravalho, Peixeto, Kalu, Noronha, Clifton, Ranty, Borges, Joe

FULL TIME, Dempo lift Super Cup, beat East Bengal 3-1

90+1: Sushant attack, cleared by John Dias.

90: 3 minutes injury time.

89: ALvito pass, Tolgey takes a great shot, saved by Dempo goal keeper, corner for EB. Nothing results from corner.

86: Dempo attack, ball goes out.

84: Tolgey cross, but cleared by Dempo player.

83: Micky takes a good shot, straight to Jayanta.

79: Robin Singh shows good skill, makes a diagonal run, but his shot goes straight to GK.

75: Dempo leading 3-1 and controlling the game.

74: Corner for Dempo, ball fisted out by Jayanta.

72: EB attack down left side, but ball goes out.

69: Dempo makes 3 attack, but nothing results out of it. Kalu completely controlling the midfield.

67: Alvito shot from outside box, ball goes out.

65: Nice pass by Alvito but Kuttimani comes out of charge to clear the ball.

63: Sonju cross ball goes out.

62: Dempo cross from right side, Ranty pass from inside box, but Mehtab snatch the ball nicely, pass towards Sonju, but he gives wrong pass.

60: Ranty shot just goes out.

60: Joe to Clifton, cross from right, ball just goes out of reach of Ranti.

58: EB trying to put pressure, they are attacking mostly down right side.

56: Good attack by East Bengal via Tolgey, but ball cleared by Dempo defence.

54: Alvito shot from outside box, ball goes out.

52: Lucky escape for East Bengal. Free kick for Dempo, ball comes to unmarked Ranty, but his head goes out.

50: Cross from right, Ranty push the ball inside goal past Jayanta.

50: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, Ranty scores his hattrick.

49: Free kick for East Bengal, but ball goes straight to goalkeeper.

48: Tolgey gets ball in right side, but holds ball for too long, ball cleared.

46: East Bengal makes two change, bringing Alvito and Tolgey.

HALF TIME, Dempo leading 2-1

48: Foul on Dempo goalkeeper.

48: Attack from EB after long time, they gets a corner.

47: Free kick for Dempo, ball collected by Jayanta.

46: Mehtab fouls near corner flag, referee shows yellow card.

45: Nothing results out of the corner, 3 minutes injury time.

44: Another corner for Dempo.

42: Debabrata corner, foul on Penn by Peter.

42: Corner for Dempo.

40: Dempo attacking more now, leading 2-1.

38: Shot from outside box, Jayanta makes a very good save, but Ranty puts the rebound ball inside goal.

38: 23: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Ranti scores his 160th goal in India and 2nd for Dempo today.

34: Pass from midfield towards Ranty, Sunil was covering Ranty, Jayanta came out of charge to collect the ball, collides with his own player Sunil and ball goes out of his hand, Ranty put the ball inside empty goal.

34: 23: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Ranty scores for Dempo.

33: Jayanta makes a good save. Debabrata free kick, Ranty shot, nice save by Jayanta.

32: Corner for Dempo, but Kalu head goes out.

31: Debabrata Roy takes a great right footed shot from about 25 yards out, ball hits Jayanta's hand, hits post and goes out.

29: Peter shot from outside box, goes out.

27: Dempo is trying to equalize but EB has got only 1 chance so far while EB has scored from the only chance they have got.

24: East Bengal officials has definitely recruited two great foreigners, Tolgey and Penn who are helping East Bengal to win a lot of trophies. But Tolgey is not in squad today.

23: Sonju cross from right side, Demp goalkeeper fists the ball, Penn takes a left footed shot that goes inside goal. A brilliant goal scored by Penn.

23: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .. Penn scores for East Bengal.

22: Sonju cross, Penn fails to take the shot properly from inside box.

20: Good attack by Dempo but nice clear by EB.

18: What a miss by Dempo, cross from left side to Peter Carvalho, he was unmarked, fails to trap the ball, ball goes out of ball.

16: Sanju lob, Robin head, ball goes to Budhi inside Dempo box, but cant take shot, nicely covered by Dempo defender.

14: Ranty takes a good shot from edge of box, but straight to Jayanta.

12: Dempo attack down right side, plays about 20 passes amongst each other but cross cleared by Gurvinder.

10: Free kick for East Bengal, Mehtab free kick headed out by Dempo defence.

9: Pass from midfield to Ranti, but he is ruled offside.

8: Robin gets ball in left flank, but sends a very poor cross.

7: Long ball towards Budhiram, but Dempo defender heads back towards goalkeeper.

6: Dempo attacking more but no team has got any positive chance so far.

4: Penn shot by left foot goes over the bar.

3: Dempo attack down left flank, but ball goes out of play.

1: EB makes the first attack, cleared by Dempo defence.

0': Match start, EB kickoff.


12th Super Cup :26.05.2008/2009 : Mohun Bagan (Manju, Barreto ) 2 - 1 Churchill Brothers ( NFL Winner) ( Dipak Modol, Og)

11th Super Cup :27.02.2007/2008: Dempo SC ( NFL Winner) (Chidi Edeh ) 1-0 East Bengal Club

10th Super Cup:27.05.2006/2007: Dempo SC ( NFL Winner) 0-4 Mohun Bagan (Baichung - Hattrick, Lalam Puia)

9th Super Cup :27.05.2005/2006: Mahindra United ( NFL Winner) (Yakubu Yusif) 1-2 East Bengal(Ndem 23, Alvito )

8th Super Cup :28.05.2004/2005: Dempo S.C ( NFL Winner) 0-3 Sporting Goa (Dudu 10, 81, Chidi 24)

7th Super Cup :19.11.2003/2004: East Bengal ( NFL Winner) (Suley Musah) 1-1, 3-4( Pen) Mahindra United (Felix)

1999/2000 (4th), 2000/2001(5th), 2001/2002(6th) not held

3rd Super Cup :09.09.1998/1999 : Salgaocar SC ( NFL Winner)(Alvito D'Cunha) 1-0 Mohun Bagan

2nd Super Cup : 29.03.1997/1998 : Salgaocar ( Sameer Abbas) 1-0 Mohun Bagan ( NFL Winner)

1st Super Cup : ??.??.1996/1997 : East Bengal 0-0, 4-2 ( PEN) JCT ( NFL Winner)

Team : Wins
Dempo SC : 2
Mohun Bagan : 2
Salgaocar : 2
East Bengal : 2
Mahindra Utd : 1

Mohun Bagan beat I-League Winner in Super Cup

26.04.2009 : S.Mitra:: Federation Cup winners Mohun Bagan today beat I league Champions Churchill Brothers 2-1 to lift Super Cup 2009. After today's win, Mohun Bagan ended a successful season, being Kolkata league winners, Federaration cup champion and winning the Super Cup title whereas they finished runners in I league.

The match was a fast paced one with both teams missing chances. Mohun Bagan defence played really well to bottle up Odafa. The first chance of the match came to Bhaichung in the 8th minute when he got a loose ball inside box due to a lapse by Churchill defense, but his hurriedly-taken shot went out.

In 12th minute, Odafa brilliantly dribbled past three players but Ishfaq was equally good to his task when he snatched the ball from Odafa in front of his own penalty box. In 16th minute, Ishfaq was again in the thick of action when he took the ball from Kalu in midfield and gave a forward pass to Baichung who pushed the ball towards Barreto, who in turn took a shot from outside box that narrowly missed target. In 20th minute, James, who had a brilliant match today, crossed the ball from right flank that went straight to Bhaichung, who leaped and headed the ball in first post, the ball went out, the second post was left open by goalkeeper.

In the next minute, Mohun Bagan scored the goal. Marcos took a short corner with James and the latter floated the ball inside box that Kalu tried to clear by heading the ball but the ball ballooned up and went to Manju who took a header that took a parabolic motion and went straight inside goal, Arindam had absolutely no chance to save the ball and Mariners went 1-0 up. After the goal, Churchill looked to pile pressure on the Fed Cup Champions and got few chances in the next 5 minutes but the defenders of Mohun Bagan brilliantly intercepted the ball each time.

In 22nd minute, Habibur made a very good clearance to avert danger, Felix was in open. In the next minute, Vashum gave a long ball for Odafa who tried to enter Mohun Bagan box by getting past Dipak and Manju but the latter cleared the ball for corner by timely heading the ball. In the next minute again, Odafe gave a through pass to Vashum who had only Shilton in front of him, but Mohanraj covered him up nicely and cleared the ball for corner.

In 28th minute, James crossed the ball that was going towards Baichung who was standing unmarked but Gourmangi made a very good clearance by heading the ball for corner. In 37th minute, Mohun Bagan again got a chance when Barreto gave a through pass to James who again delivered a very good ball for Bhaichung but unfortunately his well-taken shot narrowly missed target. Just before half time, Mohun Bagan conceded the goal when Vashum entered the box, dribbled past Mohanraj and took a shot that beat Shilton and went inside goal deflecting off Dipak's leg. Dipak who otherwise had a very good game perhaps was a bit slow this time.

After lemon break, Churchill dominated the proceedings for about 15 minutes. In 50th minute, Shilton saved a certain goal when he did not allow Felix to take a shot at the goal. In 54th minute, this time it was Habibur whose acrobatic header saved the day for Mariners. In 56th minute, Rakesh got a ball from Marcos in midfield and took a long ranger shot from about 30 yards out that just missed the target by a whisker. In 62nd minute, Mohun Bagan was clearly denied a penalty when Barreto brilliantly dribbled past 2 players and when he was about to unleash a left footed shot he was clearly pulled down by Raju, but referee Suresh overlooked the incident.

In 74th minute, Bhaichung ran a few paces with the ball and released a through pass but Barreto's shot went out of target. Barreto, however, scored the winning goal in 89th minute. Mohanraj made a brilliant cross from midfield that went to Barreto who leaped well to head the ball that went into far corner of the net making it 2-1 in favor of Mohun Bagan. While scoring the goal, Barreto injured himself and was taken to nursing home via ambulance. However, the report that we got is that he is okay now but he had bleeding from his mouth and it is suspected that he might have fractured his teeth.

26th Apr( Gurgaon- FT ) :: Churchill Bros.   1 - 2   M.Mohun Bagan
MMB : N.S.Manju 21' (off a corner from Marcos),Barreto 88'
CB: Deepak Mondol (OG 44'- Ball deflected from Vasum Punch)

(Churchill Brothers): Arindam, Naoba,Gouramangi,Rowilson,Raju,Vashum,Chandam, Kalu,Paite(Balan 74'),Felix,Odafe,
(M.Mohun Bagan): Shilton,Manju,Dipak,Habibur,Ishfaq,James,Masih,Marcos, Lalkamal,Barreto(Branco 90'),Baichung . :: Manju (Y/C 71')

ONGC I - LEAGE 2008 - 2009 BESTS

Coach - Zoran Djordjevic- Churchill Brothers
Defender - Gourmangi Singh - Churchill Brothers
Midfielder - Ogba Kalu - Churchill Brothers
Goalkeeper : Arindam Bhattacharyya - Churchill Brothers
Striker and Top Scorer (Golden Boot)& Most Valuable Player: Odafa Okolie - Churchill Brothers
Fair Play Trophy - JCT Mills

Who will win Rs 10 Lakhs Super Cup tomorrow??

25.04.2009 :Churchill Brothers of Goa, after winning AIFF ONGC I-League for 1st time will be looking to end the season by winning the ONGC Super Cup tie against runners-up Kolkata Giant Mohun Bagan at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex here tomorrow.

Churchillís Serbian coach Zoran Djordjevic said that "We won I-League and want to end the season by winning the Super Cup also".He hopes on his Nigerian striker Odafe Okolie who may the winner of "BEST STRIKER OF I-LEAGUE 2008-09" award from AIFF , as he is the highest scorer in the I-League with 26 goals and crowned 7 times Man of the Match award . Zoran also hopes Odafe will come out with his spectacular skill and goal scoring ability and assist by Midfielder Ogba Kalu who also has a chance to win " BEST MIDFIELDER IN I-LEAGUE 2008-09 ' Award from AIFF" . But Churchill is not taking Mohun Bagan lightly.

On the other hand, Mohun Bagan who lost the I-League after going down 1 - 2 to Mahindra United in the final round of the league and then 0 - 6 loss to Al Kuwait in the AFC Cup.Both were the away match to Mohun Bagan which they lost. But Bagan Coach Karim Bencherifa wants to finish the season with a win after two defeats. It's also be a challenge to him because, probably he will be the winner of "BEST COACH IN I-LEAGUE 2008-09" award tomorrow alongwith "BEST GOALKEEPER" Sangram Mukherjee of his Green and Maroon team.

But Mohun Bagan Goalkeeper Sangram Mukherjee may be replaced by Shilton Paul due to his ancle injury in AFC cup match against Kuwait.Defender Peter Odafe also not confirm. Bhaichung - Barreto duo will lead the attack of Mohun Bagan tomorrow.

Probable Squad of Mohun Bagan:
Shilton Paul, N.S.Manju, Dipak Mondol, AnandVashan,Habibur Rahaman, Ishfaq Ahmed, James Sr.,Rakesh Masih,Marcos, Barreto, Bhaichung Bhutia.

Extras - Sangram, Rahul, Mohanraj, Lalkamal, Lalramluah, Branco,Tulunga

ONGC Super Cup 2008 :: Venue:Gurgaon, Haryana.

Dempo S.C (I-League Winner)   1 - 0   KF East Bengal (Fed Cup winner)

DEM : (Chidi Edeh 72')

SQUAD DEMPO 1-Abhijit Mondal; 4-Cressan Antao, 3-John Dias, 23-Domonic Noronha, 16-Samir Naik; 19-Johnny D'Cruz ( 17-Joaquim Abranches), 8-Climax Lawrence, 11-Beto, 22-Nicolau Borges , 9-Ranti Martins ( 29-Clifton Gonsalves), 30-Chidi Edeh

SQUAD EAST BENGAL24-Subrata Pal; 12-Anupam Sarkar, 27- Surkumar Singh, 5-Debabrata Roy,4-Julius Owino, 23-Mehtab Hussain,7-Jayanta Sen, 26-Mehrajuddin (34-Snehasis Chakraborty), 9-Alvito D'Cunha,30-Edmilson, 19- Rahim Nabi ,

ONGC Super Cup 2007 :: Venue:Gurgaon, Haryana.

M.Mohun Bagan (Fed Cup Winner)   4 - 0   Dempo S.C(I-League Winner)
MMB :(Baichung Bhutia 8',19',40', Pachau Lalam Puia 38')

DEMPO : VP Satish Kumar; Samir Naik, John Charles Dias, Dominic Noronha, Valeriano Rebello, Clifford Miranda, Climax Lawrence,Nascimento Silveira, Jerry Zirsanga (John D Crudz), Roberto Mendes Silva, Anthony Pereira.

MOHUN BAGAN : Shilton Paul;Manas Das, Anit Kumar Ghosh, Deepak Kumar Mondal, Bijay Basfore, Dhanraj Ravanan, Lal Kamal Bhowmick, Douglas da Silva, Jose Ramirez Barreto, Pachau Lalam Puia(Suman Dutta), Baichung Bhutia.

YELLOW CARDS: Clifford Miranda (25'), Roberto Mendes Silva (45'),Samir Nayk (Dempo):: Douglas D Silva, Deepak Kumar Mondal (29', Mohun Bagan).

Previous Winners of Super Cup

2000,2001,2002 : Tournament was not held

9th Super Cup :27.05.2005/2006: Mahindra United ( NFL Winner) (Yakubu Yusif) 1-2 East Bengal(Ndem 23, Alvito )

8th Super Cup :28.05.2004/2005: Dempo S.C ( NFL Winner) 0-3 Sporting Goa (Dudu 10, 81, Chidi 24)

7th Super Cup :19.11.2003/2004: East Bengal ( NFL Winner) (Suley Musah) 1-1, 3-4( Pen) Mahindra United (Felix)

1999/2000 (4th), 2000/2001(5th), 2001/2002(6th) not held

3rd Super Cup :09.09.1998/1999 : Salgaocar SC ( NFL Winner)(Alvito D'Cunha) 1-0 Mohun Bagan

2nd Super Cup : 29.03.1997/1998 : Salgaocar ( Sameer Abbas) 1-0 Mohun Bagan ( NFL Winner)

1st Super Cup : ??.??.1996/1997 : East Bengal 0-0, 4-2 ( PEN) JCT ( NFL Winner)

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