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PART - 1st


..Nehru Invitation International Gold Cup : This tournament once had put India on World Football Map as one of the best organisers.

Dr. Carlos Bilardo, who needs no introduction, left a dream unfulfilled in Kolkata. The coach of Argentina team that won 1986 World Cup and the mentor of the greatest footballer Diego Maradona, could not win the 1984 Nehru Gold Cup even with the help of seven players, excluding Maradona, who were later included in the World Cup winning team of 1986.

Argentina failed to qualify in the final, where Poland and less fancied team China fought for the title. China earned the final berth by virtue of their win against Argentina in round robin group league match. When he met Ashok Ghosh, the then secretary of All India Football Federation in Mexico during 1986 World Cup, Dr. Bilardo screamed, "Hey man, you must call me next time to compete in your tournament, I have to win that one." However, AIFF failed to bring such high profile teams from Latin America for the later editions of Nehru Cup, so Dr. Bilardo's dream remained unfulfilled.


The competition, which started at Kolkata with a galaxy of top-level global stars playing at Eden Gardens in 1982, was given a real touch of class before packed galleries by players like Enzo Francescoli and Valencio Ramos. Francescolli's sparkling career saw him play at the highest club level, not only in Uruguay but also in Argentina, France and Italy and earn the admiration of fans the world over. He was affectionately called 'El Principe' (The Prince). Uruguay, twice World Cup champions and the team the duo turned out for, won the first edition of the championship defeating China.

TV was introduced in Kolkata in 1975 and football lovers of the city had seen the 1978 World Cup through television. Before that they had seen some good teams in action from Moscow Locomotive and Combined XI of former Soviet Union, Helsingberg of Sweden, VFB of Germany, Silvan Club of the then Czechoslovakia and Tatabania of Hungary and of course Crock Town of USA, that included King Pele and Alberto Carlos. Credit should go to Late Dhiren Dey, the then Secretary of Mohun Bagan Club for bringing Pele in Kolkata and let the football lovers had glimpse of King's magic touch.

But inception of Nehru Gold Cup was something historic, because for the first time people had the opportunity to watch international matches between Latin American and European countries fighting for the laurel in front of their eyes, was simply unbelievable. Kolkata went in rampage to see the Latin American and European football flair at the same time.

Ramos and Francescoli mesmerised football lovers of Kolkata with their superb touch and ball control. Throughout his long and successful playing career, Francescoli, or El Principe (the Prince) as he was known, cut a dash on the playing field with his inimitable blend of elegance and skill.


Football was the most popular sport in India even a couple of years ago. Semifinal between the archrivals of Kolkata in 1997 Federation Cup was seen by more than 1,30,000 people. Even now around one lac people used to fill up Salt Lake Stadium in any important match between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.

Kerala's soccer organisers succeeded in building stadiums in several districts by holding the Nehru Cup, Federation Cup and the Santosh Trophy. For long time, due to organisational problem the Nehru Cup had been cast off the AIFF's programme.

Later it was disclosed that the dates for the tournament had to be finalised eight months in advance and the teams had to confirm six months in advance, which was simply impossible for AIFF to ensure. However, the tournament has revived in 2007 with some lowly ranked Asian teams.

(Source: "History of Indian Football" written by veteran Soccer Journalist Nirmal Nath) Buy the Book to know more about History of Indian Football then e-mail to (nath_nirmal2008@rediffmail.com) for details.

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... The Nehru Gold Cup was the brainchild of Ashok Ghosh, the then secretary of AIFF. He had the courage, conviction and the business expertise to launch the Nehru Gold Cup and bring teams from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia to provide Indians the real taste of world-class football.

Late Ashok Ghosh was a versatile person possessed tremendous organising capacity and one of the 'a few' officials of Kolkata maidan, who spent money from his own pocket for the benefit of the players. At the beginning it was an annual event and from 1989 the tournament became a biennial affair. Probably Nehru Cup was the first sponsored football tournament of the country. GD Pharmaceuticals, maker of Boroline, came forward with financial assistance to make the great idea a grand success.

Till the inception of this tournament, few players and officials, through the competition like the Mardeka Cup every year, gained some taste of international football. To the vast majority, trends and development of the game at international level were idle talks. The Nehru Gold Cup filled a big void in this scenario.

The tournament brought scores of stalwarts who had already been or later acclaimed in the World Cup, the European Cup and Copa America. Media, print and electronic, made it possible for those who could not be present at the venues in Kolkata, Siliguri, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Margao and Madras to enjoy the artistry and distinctiveness of the players and teams.

Uruguay bought almost the same team in 1982 that had won a very strong tournament Copa d'Oro in the previous year among the six countries. The two central deep defenders Russo and Juan Ferrari and defensive midfielders Nelson Agresta and Jorge Barrios proved to be the best of the lot.

But it was not the strength of Uruguay's defence that helped them to clinch the title rather it was the extraordinary skills of their midfield and forwards. Especially those of Venancio Ramos, Enzo Francescoli, Jorge da Silva, Amero Nadal, who were backed by the overlapping wing backs, Nestor Montelogno and Washington Gonzalez.

The second goal in their 2-0 triumph in the final against China will be cherished for long by the Kolkatans, who were present at the packed Eden Gardens on that day. The wall-passing move, which showed their excellent ball control, by Ramos and Nadal made open the Chinese defence and Goalkeeper Li Fusheng was helpless as Nadal trapped and struck a brilliant goal in two touches, which was treat to watch.

The East European countries dominated the subsequent tournaments. Hungary won it in 1983 and '89, Poland in 1984, the Soviet Union in 1985, '86, '87 and '88 and Romania in 1991. After that European countries started sending their experimental teams and with the deterioration in strength of the participating European countries, Asian countries took over the mantle with North Korea winning the Cup in 1993 and Iraq in 1995 and 1997. India is the proud winner of revived tournament in 2007 and 2009.

Hungary generally used zonal marking, but Tomas Preszeller bottled up the awesome striker Liu Haiguang of China in the final of 1983 edition. Liu scored both the goals in China's 2-0 win in the group match, which incidentally was the only defeat of the eventual champion. It was Liu who chipped on the run into goal, over the goalkeeper Jacques Songoo, in the semifinal against Cameroon, which went into extra time.

Songoo later went on to win senior caps for his country. However in the 1983 final, Hungary went on to win the trophy beating hardworking China 2-1. Winning goal for Hungary came from a penalty. Preszeller could not stop Liu to score a goal. In 1984, Kolkatans had the opportunity to witness the touch of another Hungarian great Lazlo Kiss.

(Source: "History of Indian Football" written by veteran Soccer Journalist Nirmal Nath) Buy the Book to know more about History of Indian Football then e-mail to (nath_nirmal2008@rediffmail.com) for details.

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. Cameroon was the first team to display suppleness, athleticism and raw power of African football. Nigeria, who came four years later, was not so physically robust but was far more skillful. It was delightful to watch their play because of their exquisite control and body faints. Morocco, who came in 1985, was the best side to play in the Nehru Cup from Africa.

The Kochi people had the opportunity to enjoy the silky skill of Mahmoud Timoumi, who attracted spectators following year in the Maradona's World Cup. Timoumi blended well with the determined and functional play of the solid Dahan Saad and catered to the driving force of El Mostapha Haddoui, one of the greatest forwards of Morocco. All these three footballers were mainstay of Morocco in 1986 World Cup.

No team in the history of this tournament used it as a stepping-stone to bigger successes more than the erstwhile Soviet Union. In 1985 they virtually bought their 1982 World Cup team. In 1986 they brought along Igor Belanov, who later in the year shone in the World Cup and was also voted as the Europen Footballer of the Year.

Rinat Dessaiyev, Vassily Rats, Sergei Aleinakov, Oleg Blokhin Vadim Evtushenko, Ivan Yaremchuk and Alexei Prudnikov, in 1987 Alexei Mikhailchenko, twins Yuri and Nikolai Savichev, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Vadim Tischekno and Dimitry Kharin, and most of these and some more like Gela Ketasvili were in the team in Siliguri, which went on to win the Olympic gold medal in 1988 for the USSR for the second time after a gap of 32 years.

In 1991, Soviet Union sent under-23 team, which was being prepared for 1992 Olympics. Outstanding was top marksman Sergei Kiriyakov, who later became full Russian international. His mobility through the left, control within little space and shooting were a constant threat to rival defenders. Yet for the first time USSR failed to reach final of the tournament.

In 1985 Yugoslavia came with a team that combined the 1982 World Cup and 1984 European teams with some excellent players like the Vujovic twins, Zoran and Zlatko, Blaz Sliskovic, Mirsad Baljic and Mehmad Bazdarevic. The strong and more defensive team Soviet Union lost to the more attractive Yugoslavia team in the group match. The Soviet team took revenge in the well-contested final. None demonstrated the outstanding technique of sliding tackle by Sergei Demianenko, a member of their 1982 World Cup team.

One of the desired sights that missed in 12 editions of the Nehru Gold Cup was a battle of wits between Soviet Union, the side that was so defensively organised and a Latin American team, with flair to tease and torment.

After Uruguay in 1982, only Argentina represented the Latin American soccer, Peru of 1986 was an apology. Dr. Carlos Bilardo treated this tournament an opportunity to mould his team for the 1986 World Cup and Jorge Buruchaga, the scorer of the winning goal in the final in Mexico City's Aztec stadium, was a member of the team that did not succeed in 1982 and made Dr. Bilardo's desire to compete again in the Nehru Gold Cup.

Indeed it was not Buruchaga who caught the eye as much as did the other midfielder, Jose Ponce, with his control and swerving free kicks and Ricardo Garreca, the striker with a flowing mane.

India made a gallant fight against the super power (Argentina) of world football and restricted them with just one goal. This was certainly one of the few best matches played by the host country. Argentina then lost to China, which cost them out of the title match.

Argentina made a hollow claim that India had thrown away the match to China to let the later into the final against the eventual champion Poland. The Poles rose to the great height with sound defence by Roman Wojcicki and brilliant attack through the world cupper Wlodzimierz Smolarek. Roman was a tower of strength in defence with Jozef Mylunareczyk, the goalkeeper, being voted the best in the tournament.

Hungary won the tournament in 1989 playing some attractive football. After winning four consecutive titles from 1985 to 88 that was for the first time the USSR lost in the final at the newly built Nehru Stadium at Margao. Zoltan Czuczansky of Hungary scored one the most memorable goals of the tournament.

Gela Ketashvili of USSR had been the hardest defender to shake off. But Zoltan, who was spotted and coached by Josef Gelei, took possession of the ball near the half way line and on way towards goal he beat Ketashvili with superb body feint and unleashed tremendous shot from about 20 yards that took corner of the first post. Incidentally Josef Gelei took charge of Indian team later on.

Iraq, who played first in this tournament in Goa in 1989 and claimed the handsome trophy at their second attempt at Kolkata in 1995, fulfilled expectations by retaining the trophy in the last edition also. With two Asian All Stars in skipper Habib Jaffer Agal and Lalith Hussein Shihab and eleven members of the triumphant team of Kolkata, Iraq were not only the most experienced of the five teams that took part in 1997, but also the most formidable.

Right back Hayder Majeed, who overlapped on and often to boost his attacks; strikers Qahtam Darin and Hasan F Naji were also treat to watch. The Iraqis undoubtedly were the best outfit in 1997. They beat India 1-0 in the group league matches before edging out India in the tie-breaker in the semi-final and confirming their supremacy over Uzbekistan with a 3-1 in the final.

(Source: "History of Indian Football" written by veteran Soccer Journalist Nirmal Nath) Buy the Book to know more about History of Indian Football then e-mail to (nath_nirmal2008@rediffmail.com) for details.




Performance of India

With the exception of performance in 2007 and 2009, if we go through the history of the tournament, except in the inaugural and last Nehru Cup, held at Kolkata in 1982 and Kochi in 1997 respectively, the performance of Indian team was not satisfactory, though in few occasions the national team displayed some good performances.

In the inaugural tournament India, under the guidance of PK Banerjee, drew with China and South Korea and beat Yugoslavia and in 1997, under the coaching of Syed Naeemuddin, for the first time India played in the semifinal and lost to Iraq on penalty shoot-out after gallant fight.


Efforts had been made for building up a strong national team by employing foreign coaches like Cyric Milovan of Yugoslavia, Joseph Gelei of Hungary, Jeri Perek of Czechoslavia and Rustom Akramov of Uzbekistan.

Despite all these efforts we have not reached our goals. Till 1997, we had a dismal picture in 12 editions of the glamour event losing 36 out of 53 matches and winning only 3. India scored 31 goals and conceded a staggering total of 95 goals.

AIFF altered from Jawaharlal Nehru Invitation International Gold Cup to the Eider Nehru International Series, in recognition of the support of the sponsors. But the last edition of the tournament, which was held at Kochi in 1997, with Iraq defeating Uzbekistan in the final, brought no change to the fortunes of the host nation.

Indeed, the field was the poorest in the 15-year history of this tournament. It stuck out like a sore thumb when set against the fields of the previous two editions staged in Kochi in 1983, when Hungary beat China in the final, and in 1985, when the erstwhile Soviet Union made a winning debut by turning the tables on the erstwhile Yugoslavia in the final after having lost the group match between the two.

In 1983, Algeria played truant and left Hungary, China, Italy and India (Group A), Romania, Cameroon and Iran (Group B) to contest the Cup, while in 1985, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Iran and China made up Group B and Morocco, Algeria, South Korea and India made up Group A. And in 1997, just five teams - Iraq, Uzbekistan, China, Ghana and India played.

Pity was that the Kerala Football Association and the Ernakulam District FA, the local organisers, had been handicapped in the conduct of the tournament by the inefficiency of the AIFF. On all the three previous occasions there had been uncertainties about the foreign teams, and the start had been delayed. In 1983 and 1985, Algeria wavered.

While they did not come in 1983, they did arrive two years later, and recovered from two goals down to ruin India's victory hopes with a 3-2 win. Though the Eider Nehru International series produced football of a level far below that of 1983 and more especially of 1985, it matched its two predecessors in takings at the gates. The fans had thronged the temporary stadium at the Maharaja's College ground in 1983 and 1985.

(Source: "History of Indian Football" written by veteran Soccer Journalist Nirmal Nath) Buy the Book to know more about History of Indian Football then e-mail to (nath_nirmal2008@rediffmail.com) for details.




Performance of India

In 1997, they did likewise at the newly constructed Nehru Stadium at Kalloor, suburb of Kochi. Perhaps being starved of good football through the failure of Kerala Police and SBT to qualify for the National League, that made the fans eager for a taste of high skills, and they flocked to the stadium in anticipation. All the six matches that India played - four in the league, a semi-final and the third place match - drew capacity crowds.

Kerala football fans had reputations for fair and disciplined behaviour - the 1983 final, at Maharaja College ground, was an outstanding example, when about 10,000 spectators were in the area between the pitch and the gallery. Recalling the incident SS Hakim, referee of that final between Hungary and China, told me, 'I had experienced some unforgettable memories from that final.

2007 : 4 Win and winner of the Tournament

17/8/2007 : India 6-0 Cambodia (N.P. Pradeep, Baichung Bhutia- Pen, Steven Dias, Sunil Chettri -2)
20/8/2007 : India 1-0 Bangladesh (Baichung Bhutia)
26/8/2007 : India 3-0 Kyrgyzstan (Baichung Bhutia, Sunil Chetri, Abhishek Yadav)
29/8/2007 : India 1-0 Syria (N.P. Pradeep)

2009: Played 3 matches and winner of the Tournament

23/8/2009 : India 2-1 Kyrgyzstan (Baichung Bhutia, Sunil Chetri-pen)
26/8/2009 : India 3-1 Sri Lanka (Baichung Bhutia, Gourmangi Singh, Steven Dias)
31/8/2009 : India 1-1, 5-4 (Pen) Syria (Rennedy Singh)
1997 : India - NO WIN
1995 : 22/3/1995 : India 1-0 Uzbekistan (Baichung Bhutia)
from 1994 - 1982 : COMING UP WITH FULL - STAY WITH US


I had to take more than an hour to cover the 15 minutes journey from my hotel to the ground. With so many people by sideline, the teams were fearful and reluctant to take the field. As a FIFA badge holder I had to respect the laws of the game and ensure the safety and security of the players and all concerned. Fortunately, the Kerala Football Association officials persuaded the two teams and me that the spectators would cause no trouble to us. Though initially I was apprehensive of organiser's word, but the final went through without any problem. That was a great experience of my refereeing career.'

Similar thing happened in the 1997 edition. There was every chance of the Iraq-India semifinal not kicking off. Tickets had been sold far in excess of the stadium's capacity of 60,000. The result was overcrowding and spilling over of spectators close to the sidelines. Significantly, all of them had genuine tickets, and so could not be denied admission.

The match commissioner and the referees in charge appointed by the AIFF were understandably reluctant to start the match. They feared that any incident or dispute or violent act would be enough to spark off a riot, especially as there was no fence to prevent spectators invading the field of play. And their task was made even more difficult through the non-availability of officials to deal with the situation.

At the same time, not starting the match could have provoked the fans, who had all paid good money, and a law and order situation could have arisen. This argument, advanced by the Kochi police commissioner, made the organisers and referees-in-charge to take a softer line. The police commissioner did all he could, and posted his men close to the sidelines to act swiftly in the event of any trouble. But at the end, to the immense relief of the two teams, the match officials, the referees-in-charge, the match commissioner and the police commissioner, the Kerala football fans stayed true to their high reputation of fair play and disciplined behaviour.

Due to a financial hick up, lack of motivation and sponsor the AIFF could not be able to hold the tournament for long ten years. The collapse of communism in East Europe was another major factor, as it prevented the Federation from bringing teams from that region without having to shell out foreign exchange as appearance fee. Also packed international schedule of the FIFA and AFC calendars are major impediment in filling in the Nehru Cup.

Fortunately, former President of the AIFF Mr. Priyoranjan Dasmunshi was successful to revive the tournament with some lower graded teams. For the first time in the history of Nehru Gold Cup, India won the coveted title in 2007 under the coaching of British coach Bob Houghton and captaincy of Baichung Bhutia, beating Syria in the final by NP Pradip's superlative strike. In 2009, India repeated the feat beating Syria again in the final via tie-breaker. 'Super Saver' goalkeeper Subrata Paul was instrumental this time to retain the title by saving three penalties in spectacular fashion.

(Source: "History of Indian Football" written by veteran Soccer Journalist Nirmal Nath) Buy the Book to know more about History of Indian Football then e-mail to (nath_nirmal2008@rediffmail.com) for details.


You need to adjust according to the situation: Koevermans

21.08.2012 : AIFF MEDIA : It's a new beginning for Indian football under National Coach Wim Koevermans. As he takes his wards into the Nehru Cup, Koevermans spoke at length with www.the-aiff.com about the technical ability of his boys, the practice sessions, the participating teams and much more. EXCERPTS:

How has your training shaped up?

I'm pleased with my preparation for the Nehru Cup. The two-week Camp in Bangalore set the tone. It was heartening to see the boys respond well. All of us have worked hard at the Camp. The atmosphere has been good.

Which attribute of the boys has impressed you the most?

The attitude of the boys has impressed me the most. We have played two Friendly matches and both have been good.

What's been your assessment of the technical ability of your boys?

I'm very confident in the ability of my players. They have started to realise they can play like that. The practice sessions stay evidence of what I say. Overall, I've found the boys to be technically sound. They are in fact, much better than what they think they are.

What do you mean when you say 'play like that?'

Keeping possession of the ball stays the priority. At the same time, we need to create chances and convert them as they come our way. We have also laid equal emphasis on defending. The moment you lose the ball, you need to be aggressive and earn it back - and the faster, the better. We have been practicing it for some days now.

Did the boys find it tough to adjust during the initial days of the Camp?

Not really! Everyone loves to play football and none wants to sit out. We have been sticking to a style but there will be moments in the game when you will need to adjust. It depends on the opposition.

How do you look at the Nehru Cup?

I'm very confident and looking forward to see and assess the performance of the boys against tough opposition. We have had a look at some videos of Syria but as far as the other teams are concerned, we will have a look at them as and when they take the field. The participating teams are very strong ones.

INT.. - 2

I'm learning a lot under Koevermans: Nabi

21.08.2012 : AIFF MEDIA : It's been eight long years for Syed Rahim Nabi. Since 2004, he has been an integral part of the Senior Indian squad. A day prior to the kick-off of the Nehru Cup, the versatile player, spoke to www.the-aiff.com about the new NationalCoach, the new philosophy, the new breed of National Team players and much more. EXCERPTS:

Being the defending champions, can India defend the Nehru Cup?

The competition in this edition will be much tougher. You look at the participating teams and you will understand. Cameroon and Syria are very tough teams and you need to respect them. At the same time, you can never be complacent against Nepal and Maldives. We have to put our best foot forward.

How different has National Coach Wim Koevermans' approach been?

Fitting into a new system will always take time and you need to be patient with both the Coach and the players. In the Preparatory Camp, he has stressed on a new style and we have adapted fast. Take for example the friendly against Pailan Arrows - it was for everyone to see the manner we pressed for the ball when they had possession. In the second half, our passing was much better. I firmly believe we can perform and deliver.

What's been your assessment of Koevermans?

He is Coach with lot of ideas. The best part stays he just isn't content in living in the present but thinks about the future as well. His approach has been enlightening. I'm learning a lot under him and believe the same implies to all my teammates. I have been playing for such a long time but some of the minor adjustments he has made to my game have been an education for me.

How do you define the squad?

It's a perfect blend of experience and youth. The current crop of young players like Alwyn (George) and Manan (Manandeep Singh) are very talented. They have a very bright future ahead and I can foresee that. The best part about the newcomers stay they push the others for a place in the squad. Whenever you have youngsters in the team, you never stay certain of a start. That augurs well for us.

INT.. - 3


The Jawharlal Nehru Invitational International Gold Cup Football Tournament started in the year 1982. The tournament was opened by the former Prime Minister of India late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 16 January 1982 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Manas Bhattcharya, was one of the important members of the inaugural Indian Squad then. currently he is a Bank officer and associated with an advisor of IFA Football Academy and an editor of IFA published Bengali Football Magazine - Kick off. He shares his experience with Kolkatafootball.com on the eve of the tournament.

Can you share your experience as a player of the 1st Nehru Gold Cup?

The 1st Nehru Gold Cup started in the tear 1982. It is the most glamorous football tournament organized by the AIFF in post independence. I was selected to serve for the country. The experience is really to be remembered for ever. I was so happy as I played arainst the truly world class footballers. Indian football got a good exposure in the International arena after the tournament. Not only that, India performed really well under the captain ship of eminent goalkeeper Bhaskar Gunguly.

Which is your memorable match in the tournament?

I had played quite a number of memorable matches in the Nehru Cup. The match which I remembered most was the match against China, the inaugural match of the Tournament. We were trailing by a 1st half goal, but came back brilliantly in the match with a tremendous fight and equalized in the mid of the second half. I received a pass from the mid field and quick centered inside the box and Mihir Bose nods in with a flick. The match ended 1-1. What a thriller match that was??

Which is your best goal in the tournament?

I must mention the match against Uruguay. The champions of the 1st Nehru gold Cup came to Kolkata with their national team. The team comprises of players like Jose Liue Russo, Enzo Franciskoli, Amaro Nadal, Washinton Gonsalves. Uruguay won the first Neru Cup and later the team was the champions of Copa America - 1984 beat Brazil 3-2 in the Final.

We lost that match by 3-1 on 25th Feb match, George DaSilva scored brace and the rest by Mario Saralegui, but we showed up a good fight against the Uruguayans. I scored the only goal for India. In fact I played some memorable matches in the tournament under the able guidance of our coach Mr. Pradip Banerjee. Late Mr. Ashok Ghosh, the then Secretary of AIFF and the think tank of the Tournament told us after the match the Ramos and Franciscoli both praised us for our fight and playing. They praised the playing of our Defenders and Midfielders.

Say something about the spectators in that time...

Yes, Spectators are the wealth of any football teams. That time in Eden Garden, the heart of the Football City - Kolkata was full of crouds more or less 80 thousands, in each and every matches of India team. They shouted for us every minute. We got energy from the spectators to play as well we can did.


URUGUAY : Rodolfo Rodriguez, Jose Luis Ferrari, Jose Luis Russo, Washington Gonzalez, Nestor Montelongo, Nelson Agresta, Jorge Walter Barrios, Enzo Francescoli, Jorge da Silva, Amado Carlos Nadal, mVenancio Ramos, Mario Saralegui, Carlos Alberto Aguilera.

Highest Scorer for INDIA in Nehru Cup

Baichung Bhutia : - 7 Goals.( 1995 - 2009)
Bikas Panji - 4 Goals.(1989-1991)
Sunil Chettri : - 4 Goals. (2007-2009)
Manas Bhattacharya - 3 Goals (1982)
I.M.Vijayan - 3 goals.(1993-1997)


29.08.2012 : MALDIVES   1-3   CAMEROON (DELHI - FT..)
CAM : Mpondo 14', 40', Bertin (50'-Pen)
MAL : A.Akram 27'
RED CARD : Ashadh Ali - 50' MAL
CAM : Momaso, M.Gustave, A. Tambe, E. Bertin, Bebey K., M. Thierry, A. Patrick, M. Stephane, N. Lawrence, K. Mpondo, K. Merime.
MAL : Md Imran, Md Sifan, Umair Md, Asfaq, W. Rilwan, A. Ashadh, A. Akram, A. Asadhulla, E. Ismail, A. Shafiu, Rasheed.

AIFF RELEASE : A place in the summit clash was up for grabs for both Cameroon and Maldives. At the end, a spirited Cameroon got the better of 10-man Maldives 3-1 in the crucial Nehru Cup match at the Jawaharlal Stadium on Thursday (August 29). The result means that the Indomitable Lions will cross swords with India in the final on Sunday (September 2).

As things stand now, both Cameroon and India have 7 points each from 3 matches while Maldives, the other team who was in the contention prior to the kick-off finished their engagement on 6 points from 4 matches. Syria and Nepal had earlier bowed out of the Tournament. India and Cameroon clash with each other in the last match of the round robin league which is also a dress rehearsal for the final slated to be played on September 2.

Coming to the match, Cameroon went ahead as early as in the 12th minute through Kingue Mpondo’s close-range volley but his goal was cancelled out 13 minutes later when Abdul Akram slotted home from close range. But the islanders’ joy was short-lived as the Indomitable Lions restored their upper hand in the 39th minute. Mpondo was on target again, this time from a corner. His header went like a bullet past Maldives custodian Mohammed Imran. Ebanga Bertin increased the margin in the 50th minute from the spot.

Cameroon started the match from where they left in their last outing against Nepal, troubling the Red Snappers from the word go with swift flank movement and physical superiority. A packed five-man midfield failed to bear fruit for Asfaq Ali's boys until the 26th minute when a brilliant move saw Easa Ismail set up Akram inside the box. Akram made no mistake from close range with a rasping right-footer that nestled into the far post. But the Indomitable Lions restored their superiority in the 39th minute through Mpondo who doubled his tally with a powerful header from a corner.

Maldives were down to ten men at the beginning of the second half as Ashaad Ali was sent off for protesting against a spot kick decision. Ebanga Bertin, once again was spot on from the spot. The decision though left both Ali and his colleagues fuming.


27.08.2012 : MALDIVES   2-1   SYRIA (DELHI - FT...)
MAL: Ali Ashfaq 58', Rasheed 90'
SYR: Alshbii 81'
SYR: Mosab Balhous, Abdul, Almedani, Ouday, Alaa, Ahmed, Jehad, Khaled, Ali, Yaser, Hani,
MAL : M.Imran, Sifan, Umair, Ashfaq, Ali, Abdul, A.Rasheed, Abdhullah, Easa, Ahmed Imaz, Rasheed.

A goal deep into second half stoppage time by Ahmed Rasheed saw Maldives edge past Syria 2-1 and stay in the hunt for a place in the final of the Nehru Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Monday (August 27). The loss rang exit bells for Syria. While Maldives have 6 points from three matches, Syria could muster only 1 from that many outings.

Rasheed scored in the dying minutes of the match latching on to a cross from his captain Ali Asfaq. Ali had found the back of the net earlier in the 59th minute when he headed home from close range from a Umair Mohammed floater. But his goal was cancelled out by an acrobatic bicycle kick from Syrian striker Alaa Al Shbli in the 81st minute.

Maldives' celebrations were cut short when their coach Istvan Urbanyi was shown the red card for not being able to control his emotions and kicking a water bottle.

Earlier, torrential downpour forced the match to start 75 minutes late. The islanders came close to scoring in the 3nd minute but captain Ali’s left footer flew over the bar from inside the box. Then in the 19th minute, Syria’s Yasir Shushara broke away from his markers to head a Mohammed Zahir Almedani corner. A goal line clearance by Maldives’ Abdulla Asadhulla came to the rescue.

Abdulla came close to scoring in the 39th minute but veteran goalkeeper Mosab Balhos charged forward to collect the ball from a one on one situation.


26.08.2012 : NEPAL   0-5   CAMEROON (FT..)..
CAM : Kologny Merime 13', 61', Ebanga Bertin 41', 68', Joseph Momaso 78'
NEP : Ritesh, Bikash, Sandip, Rupesh, Nirajan,Bharat,Sujal, Sagar, Rohit, Biraj, Jumanu
CAM : Momaso, Bebey, Makon, Abounda, Moundi, Ashu, Ebanga, Meyoupo, Ngome, Kologny, Kingue.

A different day, a different side. Shrugging off their first match result where they were held to a 2-2 draw by Syria, Cameroon pumped in five goals against a hapless Nepal in their second match of the Nehru Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Sunday (August 26).

Two goals each from Kologny Vigny Merime (12th and 60th) and Ebanga Bertin (41st and 65th) and one from Momaso Joseph (76th) was enough to send across a strong message to the other competing teams.

The Indomitable Lions took the lead early on in the game. Kologny Vigny Merime, who found the back of the net in the last match too against Syria, headed home after just 12 minutes of the ball roll. Cameroon doubled the tally in the 41st minute through their set piece specialist Ebanga Bertin who tapped in from close range.

That the African giants were the better side was reflected from the number of times they came close to increasing the margin of victory. They also had a hand ball appeal turned down in the 38th minute.

The complexion of the game refused to change after the break as Cameroon scored their third goal in the 60th minute. Merime doubled his tally with a perfectly placed left-footer that nestled into the net. Bertin's second came five minutes later. Mosamo Joseph completed the rout in the 76th minute. This is the highest margin victory in the tournament so far.

August 27: Syria V Maldives

Man of the Match: Kologny Vigny Merime


23.08.2012 : NEHRU CUP - 2012 : Syria snd Cameroon shares point

24.08.2012 : SYRIA   2-2   CAMEROON (DELHI - FT... )

CAM :K.Mpondo 16', Ebanga 55' :: SYS : Alla Alshbbli 42', Odey Jafal 79'
SYR : A. Alsalih, J. Albour, A.K.Almjarmesh, O.Abduljaffal, A.Alshbbli, M.Zubaida, M. Balhous, Y.Sushura, M.Mardkiyan, A.Ghlioum, M.Z.Alomari
CAM : N.Lawrence, B.Kingue Paul, M.Gustave, M.Stephane, A.J.Patrick, K.Mpondo, M. Joseph, O.Baba, E.Bertin, K.V.Merime, M.Thierry

A determined Syria came back from behind twice to hold Cameroon to a 2-2 draw after the Indomitable Lions took an lead early in a thrilling match of the Nehru Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Friday (August 24).

Syria, in the process, opened their account in the points table after losing to India in the tournament opener. Cameroon too had to be content with just one point.

The African giants did not take much time to settle down, finding the back of the net through midfielder Kingue Mpondo in the 17th minute. A well taken free kick by Ebanga Bertin went for a corner after Syria goalkeeper Mosab Balhous pulled off a commendable save. Mpondo met the resultant flag kick with a stooping header that saw the ball rocket past a helpless Balhous.

Five minutes before the interval, Syria finally broke the African resistance - Alaa Al Shbli nodding the ball home from a free kick.

The scoreline changed in favour of Cameroon early in the second half when Kologny Vigny Merime was tripped inside the dreaded area by the Syria custodian. Bertin converted from the spot with ease nestling the ball in the right hand top corner of the net.

But the Syrians were the better team post breather and they were eventually rewarded when in the 79th minute Ouday Abduljaffal capitalised after being set up off a rebound.

August 25: India vs Maldives (7pm).


23.08.2012 : NEHRU CUP - 2012 : Maldives edge past Nepal 2-1

MAL : Abdull Asadhulla 6', Ismail 78'
NEP : Jumanu Ra 90+3'

NEP : Ritesh, Raju, Bhola, Bijay, Sandip, Sagar, Rohit, Biraj, Bikash, Santosh, Bharat.
MAL : Imran, Arif, Umair, Ashfaq, Asadulla, Assad Ali, Akram, Shafiu, Shifan, Rilwan, Rasheed.

AIFF RELEASE: A spirited Maldives got the better of Nepal 2-1 to log full points and join India at the top of the table in the second match of the Nehru Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Thursday (August 23). Goals from Abdulla Asadhulla (7th minute) and Easa Ismail (77th minute) garnered full points for Maldives. Nepal pulled one back in the dying minutes of the match through substitute Jumanu Rai.

Maldives surged ahead as early as in the 7th minute as Ashadullah made the most of a goalkeeping error to tap in the ball home. Maldives looked more enterprising during the opening exchanges of the match. They defended sturdily and stringed together some good passes.

Nepal, on the other hand, failed to live up to the expectations of their supporters who had turned up in numbers to cheer their team. They not only lacked creativity in the middle of park, but were unable cut past the Maldives back four.

Post interval, Nepal showed more intent up front with Maldives sitting deep and guarding their fort. Left winger Jagjeet Shrestha’s cross at the hour mark was headed just wide by Bharat Khawas.

As the match entered its final phase, Nepal surged in numbers testing the Maldives defenders who were caught unaware a few times. But luckily for the side that is ranked just above Nepal, luck was in their favour and they had the last laugh.

Maldives on the other hand sealed the fate of the match in the 77th minute when Easa prodded home from close range. Nepal though were finally rewarded for their good show in the second half when substitute Jumanu Rai scored a consolation goal late into injury time.

Maldives next play India in their second match on Saturday (August 25).

Friday's match: Cameroon vs Syria (7pm)




02.09.2012 : INDIA   2-2, 5-4(Pen)   CAMEROON (DELHI - 120'..)
IND: Subrata, Nirmal (Denzil), Gouramangi, Raju, Nabi, Sanju (Robin), Mehtab, Lenny, Clifford, Francis, Sunil.
CAM: Lawrence Ngoe (Hosea), Kingue, Meyoupo, Patrick, Momaso, Tambe, Djengue, Mpondo, Makon, Bertin, Kologny Merime (Charles).
MOM : Rahim Nabi(INDIA) and Man of the Tournament: Sunil Chettri( INDIA)
10.Cameroon : Makon Thierry :MISSED: 4-5 -- HITS THE LOWER BAR POST.
9. India : Clifford : Goalll: 5-4
8. Cameroon : Kingue Mpondo : Goalll: 4-4
7. India : Mehtab : Goalll: 4-3
6. Cameroon : Paul Bebey : Goalll: 3-3
5. India : Denzil : Goalll: 3-2
4. Cameroon : Ousmila Baba : Goalll. 2-2
3. India : Sunil : Goalll: 2-1
2. Cameroon :Ashu TAmbe: GOALLL. 1-1
1. India :- Robin Singh : GOALLLLL. 1-0

PSU : Subrata Paul - The experienced India Keeper playing in United SC-Kolkata. Indian Fan's eyes on him.. India first take shot.
STAT : India beat Syria 5-4 in 14th Edition of Nehru Cup - 2009. Schedule time was 1-1. Renedy Singh scored for India then. Subrata Pal was the hero then.
120': 1 minute added time. 2-2 the score line.
120': Ball deflected from India wall.
120': Free kick for Cameroon, Gourmangi fouled. Just out side of the 18 yard box. Danger for India.
119': Foul of Cameroon to Lenney. Free kick for India. No impact.
118': Another corner for Cameroon's attack now in right side of India box. Corner cleared.
117': Both teams are searching for the winning goal.
115': Franco cleared a positive chance of Camroon for Corner. Corner kick cleared.
115': Still the score line is 2-2.
113': Long ball of Cameroon in right went for Indian Throw in.
111': Good side tackle cleared by Denzil in right.
110': Free kick for Cameroon in mid field. Cleared.
108': From right to left and again left to right, Camneroon is attacking now. 18 yard shot of a cameroon's Charles went out from side bar.
106': A cameroon players left sided shot went out. Subrata was there to cover the ball.
105': Still 2-2. Another 15 minutes to start now.
105': OHHHH... Robin Singh missed to score. Clifford's cross and Robin's header went out.
103': Danger for India, Charles's left footer out side of the box went wide.
103': 2-2 still.
102': Cameroon is now attacking more and more.
102': Corner Kick of Cameroon cleared.
101': OHHHH. Raju well saved a close shot of Baba via corner kick.
100': Still the score line 2-2.
98': Both teams in pressure.
96': Corner kick of Cameroon's saved by Subrata, deflected ball went to out side of India box and a players shot went wide.
95': Cameroon earned corner in left of India box. Francis is injured and under treatment.
94': Cameroon got a chance from a left sided cross but no player reached in time to heade the ball. ball went out for India's throw in.
92': Clifford long Free kick like first goal but this time the ball headed out from Cameroon defence.
91': Cameroon earned Free kick in left side of India box. Free kick went wide.
91': Match starts for another 30 minutes.
91': Going to start of Extra time.

STAT : India made 2-2 against Cameroon in 30.1.1993 in NEHRU CUP Group league match, the scorers were late P.B.Sathyan and Aqeel Ansari.
90+4': Full time. Result 2-2. Now waiting for Extra time.
90': 4 minutes injury time.
90: The match is 2-2 still now.
88': STAT: Chettri scored 4 goals in 2007 and 1 in 2009 Nehru Cup and till he scored 4 goals in 2012.
86': Yellow card: Robin singh of India fouled Cameroon keeper.
83': Again attack of India, Francis cross from right and Sunil header went for wide.
81': STAT : Chettri overtakes Baichung Bhutia's goal in Nehru Cup by 9 goals so far. Baichung scored 7 goals.
80': STAT : India made 2-2 against Cameroon in 30.1.1993 in NEHRU CUP, the scorer were P.B.Sathyan and Aqeel Ansari.
79': Now the scoreline is 2-2.
78': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Chettri scored from spot kick and india made 2-2.
77': Sunil's attack from left and bad foul of Keeper of Cameroon, May be Penalty for India.
75': Robin towards Chetti in left but Cameroon defender covered it well for their goalkick.
74': Mehtab's kick cleard.
74': Corner for india from a left sided move of Robin.
72': Momaso of Cameroon from left crossed but the grounder went to Subrata's hand.
70': Nirmal's cross and Robin's pass for Sunil but rescued by Cameroon Referee.
68': Mehtab's weak shot from oput side of the box missed the target.
67': Lenny's cross towards Sunil Chhetri who crossed the ball to towards Robin and Robin's cross cleared form Cameroon defence.
63': Cameroon won corner kick in left, ball cleared by Nirnmal.
62': PLAYER CHANGE : INDIA Robin Singh in and Sanju Pradhan out.
60': Sanju's long cross from right but cleared before it reaching to Sunil.
60': Cameroon is leading 2-1.
58': PLAYER CHANGE : CAMEROON Merime out and Charles in
57': OHHH.. great escape of India. close left footer of Makon's went wide from 6 yard box.
56': India attacked from left, Francis effort blocked in left sided box.
54': 4th Goal of Kingue Mpondo in the Tournament. Now the score line is 2-1.
54': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. Cameroon scored from Corner kick leading 2-1 now. Kingue Mpondo header from Makon's kick beat Subrata and Raju also in left.
53': Counter attack of Cameroon, won corner kick in left side of India Box.
52': Good chance for India, Clifford's cross from right but Gourmangi's header blocked in Cameroon box.
51': Francis injured and under in treatment.
50': Score line is 1-1.
48': YELLOW CARD : Lenny- India
47': Match starts.
46': 2nd half match is going to start.
STAT : How many Defenders scored for India in Nehru Cup?...Yes, Tarun Dey, Manoranjan Bhattacharyya, Pem Dorji, Alok Mukherjee, Late P.B.Satyen - The defenders of India team scored for India in Nehru Cup.
HT: It's half time now in the match. Scoreline is 1-1.
STAT : India defender Gourmangi Singh also scored a goal in 2009 Nehru Cup against Sri Lanka. India won 3-1
45+3': Sunil moved for a loose ball from behind but finally went for Cameroon's Goal kick.
45': Referee added 5 minutes more for injury time.
44': STAT : India's best win in All time Nehru Cup was in 2007 Group league match when they beat Combodia 6-0.
43': Free kick of Cameroon from danger place but Berton's shot cleared by India keeper Subrata Pal well.
42': YELLOW CARD : to Nirmal Chettri of India fouled Momaso near corner flag..
41': Danger in India box, but Finally cleared by Nrimal.
40': India attacked from right, Got a ball from Lenny, Sunil wanted to passed umcoming Mehtab but too long for Mehtab.
39': Wastage of a Free kick by India, Miranda's long kick went over the cross bar.
38': Missed pass of Cameroon, Ball cleared from India box.
36': Nirmal blocked an attack of Cameroon in left.
34': Danger shot of Cameroon palyer from left sided outside the box but went out.B 33': Nabi cleared an attack of Cameroon in India box.
32': Cameroon is ahead in ball possession.
STAT : In 1993 Nehru Cup India vs Cameroon match was ended 1-1. I,M.Vijayan scored for India.
30': Goalkick for India. The result is 1-1.
28': Again attack of Cameroon, Gournamengi well covered a box bounded ball for goalkick.
26': Now the scoreline is 1-1.
25': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Cameroon equalized the goal. Makon Thierry scored goal from a bullet shot from out side India box after getting ball from a missed clearence of Raju. He is the top scorer of Cameroon Premier League.
25': Again attack of India, from left, Chettri ran for a long ball but it finally went for goal kick for Cameroon.
24': PLAYER CHANGE: CAMEROON : Goalkeeper Nkessi Hosea came in place of Lawrence Ngoe.
22': Cameroon's injured Keeper replaced.
STAT : Sunil scored 8 goals so far in Nehru Cup and beat Baichung's record who scored 7 goals in Nehru Cup..
20': India is leadfng 1-0.
19': Cliffort Miranda's Free kick from midfield went to Cameroon box where Gourmangi header beat Cameroon keeper Lawrence who came advance from his position.
18': Chettri injured in aerial ball with Gustava. He is under treatment.
STAT: Sunil the captian of India scored so far 37 goals from 66 matches for India in international matches.
17': Powerful left footer of Cameroon's went wide from out side box.
15': Cameroon attacked from left, cross cleared by Raju from defence.
13': India good attacks from right, Sanju's cross and Sunil header went out.
11': Cameroon won their group league matches 1-0 against India.
10': No score yet.
9': Attacks of India from right flank ball went to Camroon keepers hand.
8': Cameroon attacks from right side now.
6': Free kick of Cameroon, shot went right side of India box, Nirmal cleared.
4': Cameroon is playing small passes.
3': Attacking by Cameroon deflected from India defence.
1': Match starts. The Final of Nehru Cup.


India show character in the Dress Rehearsal, lost cameroon 0-1 in 1st minute goal.

31.08.2012 : REPORT: AIFF PRESS : It was the Dress Rehearsal - the Dress Rehearsal for Sunday's final. As any Coach would want to do in such a situation, Wim Koevermans turned to his bench. It was the best time in the Tournament to rest some of the regulars. Hence, on Friday (August 31) against Cameroon as India took the field, mainstays, Captain Sunil Chhetri, Subrata Pal, Lenny Rodrigues took the dugout; and along with the trio, Raju Gaikwad and Anthony Pereira too.

The 'bench' didn't let one down. Even as Cameroon took the lead through Bite Samuel in the 2nd minute, the midfield had enough character in their repertoire. At times, it was difficult to trace Syed Rahim Nabi, who overlapped to add to the strength in the midfield and Mehtab Hossain played the perfect foil.

India stuck to a plan. There were a string of passes stitched; the ball shuffled from one flank to the other, the pace slowed down, and on two occasions, a Denzel Franco cross had Manandeep and then Jewel Raja in the clear. India should have scored from both.

Goalkeeper Karanjit Singh, who couldn't have been blamed for the first goal, however, made amends saving a Ebanga Bertin penalty in the 40th minute. The penalty was awarded when Nabi had tripped Eloundou Charles inside the box. But as Ebanga tried to do a 'Andrea Pirlo,' Karanjit was quick enough to recover and gather the ball; the loudest cheers being reserved for Chhetri and Pal from the bench. One needs to credit Kranajit for his reflexes.

The defensive organization also needs to be credited. Against a team which has stayed deadly from the set-pieces, especially form the corner-kicks, the defence led by Captain Gouramangi Singh kept everything at bay. The presence of taller Cameroon rivals didn't bother them.

Changing over, India pressed hard. In the 51st minute, a Nabi header off a Mehtab Hossain corner sailed inches over. It was till then, the easiest chance of the match. Minutes later, Jewel snaked in between the two stoppers but Robert Ntolla recovered in the nick of time to deny him. India's last chance came in the 83trd minute. Sanju Pradhan broke down the right and essayed perfectly for Denzel Franco but his header went straight to rival goalkeeper Nkessi Hosea.

The final, as Wim Koevermans, maintained the other day, will be an "interesting one" for sure.


31.08.2012 : INDIA   0-1   CAMEROON ( (DEL - FT)
IND: Karanjit, Franco, Nabi, Gurwinder(Raju), Gouramangi, Jewel, Mehtab, Sanju, Clifford, Francis, Manandeep(Robin)
CAM: Hosea, Achilles, Ntolla, Baba, Mandjombe, Talla, Elooundou, Momasso, Mbogning, Samuel, Bertin
CAM: Samuel 1'
Match End Cameroon beat India 1-0 by the early goal of Samuel
90'+3':Counter attack of Cameroon, beat goalkeeper. What a miss by them
90'+2':Chance to Robin, but he cannot reach it
90'+1':Counter attack of India, long shot after seeing upcoming goalkeeper, good save by Hosea
90':Referee added 3 minutes of injury time
89':Clifford and George brought down Camerron's player, free kick to Camerron. Samuel will take it
88':Another counter attack of India, Mehtab made a bad cross
88':Sanju's corner, 3 players misses the ball in box
87':India's attack, corner to India
87':Chance to Clifford, good clerance in defence
85':Score remains still same. Cameroon leading by the early goal of Samuel
84':Good through ball of Nabi to find George. A touch can change the match but he failed to do it
83':Players Change in India: George in place of Francis
82':Another attack of Cameroon, good save by Karanjit
82':Brilliant run of Sanju and a brilliant cross and also a brilliant header by Francis. Good save by Hosea
81':Cameroon made all their three substitutions
80':Players Change in India: Raju in place of Gurwinder
79':Cameroon keep procession, a made the game a bit slow
77':Gouwinder slips, Denzil recovers from it
75':Attack of Cameroon.Bertin is in offside
73':Another move and a cross to find Charles, good save by Karanjit
72':Chance to Cameroon, Gurwinder clears the ball
71':Play resumes
70':Collision between Mehtab, Talla and Sameul. Mehtab and Talla looks injured
69':Nice forward pass to Sanju, good clearance by defence
67':Collision between Gouramangi and Momasso. Momasso looks injured
66'Players Change in India: Robin Singh in place of Manandeep Singh
64':Good solo run of Momasso, failed to make a shot, good c=block by defenders. Cameroon still maintaining good procession
63':Long pass to find Manandeep, good clearance in defence
62':Long ranger of Willian, ball went wide
60':India cleared the ball from corner
59':Chance to Cameroon, good clearance by Gurwinder. Corner to Cameroon
57':Bad tackle to Mehtab, free kick to India
55':Long forward pass of Denzil to Jewel, he chested the ball, good block by defenders, ball cleared
54':India looking more positive in the second half
53':Sanju's corner, Nabi's header, went over the bar
52':India's attack through Nabi, corner to India
51':Long forward pass to Manandeep, but he is in offside position
50':Denzil looks injured, game stopped
48':Score remains still same
46':Nice cross of Sanju to find Clifford, Hosea save the ball
46':Second half resumes
Half Time After the end of first half Cameroon leading 1-0
45'+1':Samuel's free kick, good save by Karanjit
45':Denzil brought down Elooundu. Free kick to Cameroon in very dangerous position
45':Referee added 1 minutes of injury time
44':Mehtab committed a foul against Talla, free kick to Cameroon
42':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Mandjombe. Rough tackle of Mandjombe to Denzil. Free kick to India
42':Long forward through of Gurwinder to Nabi, ball cleared
41':India survives luckily before half time
40':Karanjit save the penalty, Bertin chips the ball, Karanjit did not move and save th eball in second try
39':Bertin will take it
38':Bad tackle of Nabi to Elooundu in box, penalty to Cameroon
37':ball went over the bar from a header from the corner
36':Good run of Charles, tight angle, Karanjit save the ball. Corner to Cameroon
34':Good move by Nabi, forward pass to find Manandeep, failed to reach there
33':Jewel's long run, cross went wide
32':Denzil Franco made a misspass, procession lost
30':Jewel's long ranger, directly in Hosea's hand
28':India looks better. Doing some good passes to back into the game
26':Game's speed slowing down now
24':Franco's cross from right wing, Jewel's header directly in Hosea's hand. Very easy to him
23':Jewel brought down by Samuel, free kick to India
22':Momasso's centre, directly in Karanjit's hand
21':Cameroon's attack, long cross, good clearance by Gurwinder. Corner to Cameroon
20':Cameroon maintaining better procession. No such good move by India still now
19':Forward pass to Momasso, he is in offside. Free kick to India
18':Counter attack of India through Manandeep. lack of speed and control of ball. Ball cleard by Mbogning
17':Clifford looks injured, game stopped
16':Another attack of Camerron through right flank, Mehtab clears the ball
15':Manandeep's long ranger, went wide
15':Good block by Nabi to Charles. Ball cleared
14':India's move, Manandeep is in offside
13':Cameroon maintaining better procession in early minutes
11':Bad tackle of Manandeep, free kick to Cameroon
10':Another move by Cameroon, 3 defenders blocked Bertin. Ball cleared
9':India's attack, Manandeep's header from box, went wide
8':Big chase of Manandeep, ball cleared by Hosea
6':India making too many miss passes in early minutes
5':Charles's shot, very easy to Karanjit
3':Cameroon leading 1-0 now
2':Brilliant forward pass to Bitte, he beat Gouramangi and his shot beat Karanjit.
1':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Samuel Bitte scores for Cameroon
0':Kick off
24/1/1993 : India 1-1 Cameroon (I.I.Vijayan)
30/1/1993 : India 2-2 Cameroon (P.B.Sathyan, Aqeel Ansari)



28.08.2012 : INDIA   0-0   NEPAL (DELHI - FT)
NEP : Kiran, Sagar, Rohit, Biraj, Bikash, Sandip, Raju, Jagjeet, Bhola, Jumanu, Bharat.
IND : Subrata, Denzil, Raju, Gourmangi, Nabi, Miranda(Robin), Anthony, Lenny(Jewel), Mehtab, Francis, Chhetri.
Full Time. Nepal hold India in the Nehru Cup
90'+3':Good ball of Robin to find Sunil. Good save by Kiran
90'+2':Nepal typically wasting match times
90':Referee added 3 minutes of injury time
90'+1':Sunil's shot just went over the bar
90':Red Card. Referee shown Red Card to Bikash
88':Bad tackle to Robin, free kick to India
87':Players Change in Nepal: Santosh in place of Jumanu
84':Chance to Sunil from Jewel's pass, his shot directly in Kiran's hand
84':After Jewel brought in the field, India's game looks more impressive
82':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Rohit Chand for time wasting
81':Rohit looks injured, game stopped due to injury
80':Two back to back shot of India from corner. Good save by Kiran
80':Brilliant move by Jewel, his shot just missed the post
80':No score now still in the match
77':Bad tackle of Jewel, free kick to Nepal
76':Players Change in India: Jewel is in the field in place of Lenny
SAFF Championship 2005  : 08.12.2005  : India 2-1 Nepal
South Asian Games 1999  : 30.09.1999  : Nepal 0-4 India
Asian Games  :1998  : 05.12.1998  : India 1-0 Nepal
South Asian Games 1995  : 25.12.1995  : India 3-0 Nepal
74':No score still in the match
73':Brilliant save by Subrata from corner
72':Counter attack of India through Jumanu, Gouramangi's sliding tackle clears the ball
70':Another attack of Nepal and a corner
68':Good move by India, but a totally aimless cross of Denzil
67':Nepal's attack through Jumanu and Bharat, Gouramangi clears the ball
66':No score still in the match
65':Another attack of India, Sunil's shot. Good save by Kiran
65':Jagjeet's shot, directly to Subrata
64':Denzil's shot, straight to Kiran
63':Ball cleared from corner
63':Another move of India, Corner to India
63':Good move by India, nearly a chance to Robin, defence save it
62':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Biraj for wasting time
61':Chance to Robin from a misspass, but his shot went wide
60':Wide corner, ball cleared
59':Francis tries for a centre, ball cleared and a corner to India
58':Robin Singh clears the ball from the free kick
57':Bad tackle of Nabi to Bhola, free kick to Nepal
56':Long shot of Nabi, directly in Kiran's hand
55':Long diagonal pass to Bharat, but he is in offside
54':Score remains goalless
SAFF Championship 2009  : 07.12.2009  : India U23 1-0 Nepal
SAFF Championship 2008  : 03.06.2008  : India 4-0 Nepal
AFC Challenge Cup 2006  : 09.04.2006  : India U20 0-3 Nepal
53':Gouramangi's shot, went wide
52':Brilliant shot of Anthony just outside the box, brilliant save by Kiran. Corner to India
50':Bad tackle to Denzil, free kick to India
49':India's attack, Anthony is in offside
48':Bharat handed the ball, free kick to India
47':Nepal's attack through Bhola, Jumanu and Bharat. Ball saved by Subrata
46':Nepal's attack, Raju cleared the ball. Corner to Nepal
46':Players Change in India: Robin Singh in place of Clifford Miranda
46':Second half resumes
Half Time. Score remains goalless after the end of first half.
45':Referee added 1 minutes injury time
45':Very weak free kick of Anthony, no problem to Kiran
44':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Sandip Rai for a bad tackle, Free kick to India
43':Another cross of Anthony, miss kick by Rohit in defence. Nearly a chance to Sunil. Good save by Kiran
42':Anthony's pass, Sunil's header, directly in Kiran's hand
41':No score yet in the match
39':India's shot passing is not working due to rain, as a result they made too many miss passes today
38':Chance to Nepal to Bharat, good clearance by Raju
37':Diagonal ball to Bholanath, but he handled the ball in box. Otherwise it may worry India
36':Clifford's corner, good corner, but India made a foul in box
35':Another attack of India, Ball cleared, Corner to India. First corner to India
34':India's attack, Rohit clears the ball
32':Rohit's free kick, Raju's shot, good save by Subrata
32': Another foul committed by India
31':India's attack through Anthony, but he is in offside
29': Sandip's shot from free kick, brilliant shot, Good save by Subrata
28':India already 8 fouls still now
27':Chance to Lenny, but his left footed shot totally off target
26':No score still in the match
25':Nepal's defense looks very solid. India making too many miss passes
24':Subrata collects the ball from corner after Lenny headed the ball
23':Nepal maintaining better procession in still now
22': Another attack of Nepal, ball deflected and a corner to Nepal
20':Bad tackle of Mehtab to Bharat, free kick to Nepal
19': Score remains still goalless
18': Clifford's cross, Sunil tries for a back volley, failed to connect the ball. Committed a foul also
16':Wide corner, ball cleared
16':Sandip's cross in box, ball cleared. Another corner to Nepal
15': Nepal looks more aggressive in these ear;y minutes
14': Counter attack of India, Aimless shot of Lenny, ball went wide
13':Back to back 4 corner of Nepal.
12':Nepal's attack, Nabi clears the ball. Corner to Nepal
11':India's attack through Sunil, good sliding tackle of Rohit, ball cleared
9':Chance to Nepal from free kick, shot directly in Subrata's hand
7':Score remains still golaless
6':It's drizzling in the field again
5': Excessive water looged surface, both team faced difficulty to play ground passes
4':Rohit's free kick, directly in Subrata's hand
3':Bad tackle of Mehtab, free kick to India
2': Denzil's long shot, directly in Kiran's hand
1': Team India is in red jersey today...Whereas Nepal is in blue jersey....
0': Kick off
0':Players on the field. Match is about to the start
SAFF Championship 2009  : 07.12.2009  : India U23 1-0 Nepal
SAFF Championship 2008  : 03.06.2008  : India 4-0 Nepal
AFC Challenge Cup 2006  : 09.04.2006  : India U20 0-3 Nepal
SAFF Championship 2005  : 08.12.2005  : India 2-1 Nepal
South Asian Games 1999  : 30.09.1999  : Nepal 0-4 India
Asian Games  :1998  : 05.12.1998  : India 1-0 Nepal
South Asian Games 1995  : 25.12.1995  : India 3-0 Nepal
South Asian Games 1993 : 26.12.1993  : Nepal 2-2, 4-3(Pen) India
SAFF Championship 1993 : 21.07.1993  : India 1-0 Nepal
South Asian Games 1989 : 26.10.1989  : India 2-1 Nepal
South Asian Games 1987 : 26.11.1987  : India 1-0 Nepal
South Asian Games 1985 : 21.12.1985  : Nepal 0-2 India


25.08.2012 : NEHRU CUP - 2012 : India beat Maldives 3-0 in 2nd match.

25.08.2012 : INDIA   3-0   MALDIVES (DEL -FT)
IND ; Sunil 45'+1'(Penalty),69', Nabi 53'

IND : Subrata, Gourmangi, Raju, Nirmal, Nabi, Lenny, Mehtab, Sanju(Robin), Miranda, Francis, Sunil.
MAL : Imran, Arif, Umair, Ashfaq, Asadulla, Assad Ali, Akram, Shafiu, Shifan, Rilwan, Rasheed.

MRINAL KANTI NATH: Full Time India beat Maldives in 3-0.
Indian Captain Sunil Chettri touched former India Captain Baichung Bhutia's 7 goals in Nehru Cup.
90'+3': Quick free kick of Maldives, chance to Umair, shot went wide
90'+3': Ali Asfaq a brought down, free kick to Maldives
90'+3':Match is very near to the end, India is on their way to ensure their second victory in the tournament
90'+2': Referee shown yellow card to Denzil
90'+1':Brilliant run of Umair, another good save by Subrata
90':Players change in India: Denzil in place of injured Nirmal
90':Referee added 4 minutes of injury time
89':Nabi pulled up the shirt, free kick to Maldives
88': Nirmal looks injured, went outside the field
87': Bad tackle of Ali Asfaq to Nirmal in India's box, both looks injured. Game stopped. Free kick to India
87': Through ball to Robin, but he is in offside
86': Score remains still same
85': SAFF   SEMI FINAL :29.04.1999 : India  2-1 Maldives
Friendly  1998: 17.11.1998: India  2-1  Maldives
SAFF   Final: 13.09.1997: India  5-1  Maldives
SAFF   :09.09.1997:Maldives  2-1  India
South Asian Games   23.11.1987: India  5-0  Maldives
84': Umair's shot, directly in Subrata's hand
83': Brilliant diagonal ball of Anthony to Robin, Robin;s shot, good save by Amran
82': Players change in Maldives: Easa in place of Ashad Ali
81': Another attack of Maldives through Raseed, shot went wide
81': SAFF   09.12.2009: Maldives  2-0  India U23
SAFF   Final: 14.06.2008: India  0-1  Maldives
SAFF   07.06.2008: Maldives  0-1  India
SAFF   SEMI FINAL :14.12.2005: Maldives  0-1  India
South Asian Games   3rd/4TH: 04.10.1999:India   3-1 Maldives
80': Umair's free kick and a poor header, no problem to Subrata
79': Bad tackle of Mehtab, free kick to Maldives
78': Score remains still same
77':Anthony's corner, ball cleared in defence
77':Anthony's free kick, Imran fists it, corner to India
76':Players Change in India: Anthony in place of Clifford
76': SAFF  SEMI FINAL: 09.12.2011:India  3-1  Maldives
Friendly   10.07.2011: Maldives  1-1  India
SAFF   Final :13.12.2009: Maldives  0-0  India U23
75': Maldives's attack, ball went wide
75': Nirmal looks injured, game stopped
74':Ali Assad's shot, good block by Nirmal, ball cleared
73': Ball cleared from the free kick
72': Bad tackle of Raju, free kick to Maldives
71': Another brilliant attack of India. A brilliant through of Clifford, good run of Sunil, beats goalkeeper, but his shot touches the bar and went wide. Missed the chance of hattrick
69' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal by Sunil. A driving header from Sunil from Francis's centrein box finds the net
68':Umair's free kick, went over the bar
67': Bad tackle of Mehtab to Asadulla. Free kick to Maldives.
65': Brilliant procession football by India, making too many passes. Chance to Robin in box, failed to touch the ball. Excellent movement
64': Maldives's attack, Umair's shot, off target
63': Brilliant pass of Lenny, chance to Robin, failed to make it
62':Defenders clears the ball, another corner to India
62':Another attack of India and another corner
61':Defenders clears the ball from the corner
60': Clifford's free kick, ball cleared and a corner
60':Players Change in Maldives: Raseed in place of Ashad
59':Yellow card. Referee shown yellow card to Ashad Ali for his bad tackle to Mehtab
58':India's attack, Clifford is in offside
57': Maldives attack, Lenny clears the ball from Umair. Brilliant sliding tackle
56': India leading 2-0 now with better ball procession
55':Brilliant pass of Robin to Sunil, brilliant tackle of Maldives in box. Ball cleared
54': Another attack of India through Lenny, his shot blocked in box
54': Lenny's long ranger went over the bar
53':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Nabi's excellent header finds the net from a brilliant corner of Clifford Miranda
52':India's attack and a corner to India
51': Chance to Ali Assad, but made a misspass in box, ball cleared
50': Score remains still same. India leading 1-0 with the loan goal of Sunil
49': India's attack, Robin's shot went wide
48': Brilliant chance to Sunil in box, his shot blocked in box
47': Nirmal's centre to find Robin, ball went wide
46':Miss passes by both the teams in the early minutes of second half
46':Players change in India: Robin Singh in place of Sanju Pradhan
46':Second half resumes
Half Time. India leading 1-0 from a goal of Sunil from penalty just before half time
45'+2': India leading 1-0 now
45'+1':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sunil Scored from the spot kick
45'+1': Sunil will take it
45':Referee added 2 minutes of injury time
44': Nabi's cross, Maldives player handed the ball in box. Penalty to India
43':Very good free kick by Rasid, but Subrata collects the ball brilliantly
42':Gouramangi committed a foul, free kick to Maldives
41': Another attack of India. But Sanju is in offside
41': Brilliant diagonal ball to find Nabi, Imran saves the ball. Good move by India
40': Maldives's attack, very weak shot to beat Subrata
39': India's attack, Nabi's shot, very wide
38': A brilliant cross of Rasid from left flank, Ali Assad trying to head. Subrata save it
37':Through ball to Md Umair, but he is in offside position
36':Sanju's free kick and a header, Imran takes the ball in second try
34':Brilliant movement of India. Sanju's pass and a header of Sunil to Francis. Francis's header directly in Imran's hand
34':Ali Assad slips here, a lucky escape of India
33':Brilliant attack of Maldives through Asadulla and Ali Assad. Good save by Subrata.
32':A long pass to find Sanju, ball went wide
31':Subrata clears the ball from corner, a return shot of Malvies, went wide
30':Chance to Assadulla, again Raju is in the position of rescue. Corner to Maldives
29':Md Umair's centre from left flank, Raju clears the ball very well
28':Clifford's cross, directly in Imran's hand.
27':Good save by Subrata from a long pass, no chance to Asadulla
25': Long pass of Nirmal to find Sunil, ball cleared
24':Score remains still goalless
23': Two back to back attack of India. Shot went wide
22':Another attack of India, this time from right flank, ball cleared in defence
21': Clifford's long run and a center from left flank, directly in Md. Imran's hand
20':Maldives attack, Ali Assad's cross in box, Subrata misses the ball, defenders clears the ball
19':Indian defence looks more organised today. Still no score in the match
18':India's attack through Nabi, his center, defenders headed the ball and clears
17':India's attack through Clifford and Nabi from left wing, ball clears in defence
16':Assad Ali lying on the ground, play stopped due to injury
15':Counter attack of Maldives, brilliant sliding tackle of Subrata to clears the ball safe
14':Maldives already committed 6 fouls within 14 minutes of the game, whether no fouls from Indian perspective
13':Ball cleared from the corner
12':Excellent Sliding tackle of Raju from Ali Assad to clears the Maldives attack, corner to Maldives
11':Yellow Card. Referee shown yellow card to Asadulla for his bad tackle to Nabi
11':Score remains still goalless
10':Brilliant pass of Francis to find Sunil, ball touches goalline
9':Bad tackle of Asadulla to Mehtab, free kick to India
8':Chance to Sunil from a counter attack, Arif clears the ball
7':Maldives Corner, ball directly in Subrata's safe hand.
6':Brilliant corner of Cliffod, nearly finds the net, Imran clears it
5':Sanju's cross from left flank from a Mehtab's cross, Rasid clears the ball. Corner to India
4':Abdullah got injured, his first match in this Nehru Cup. Play stopped
3':Bad tackle of Lenny, free kick to Maldives
2':Weak back pass to Subrata, Subrata clears the ball
1':A pass to Clifford, failed to touch it, ball touches sideline
0':Kick off
0':Match is very near to the start.
SAFF  SEMI FINAL: 09.12.2011:India  3-1  Maldives
Friendly   10.07.2011: Maldives  1-1  India
SAFF   Final :13.12.2009: Maldives  0-0  India U23
SAFF   09.12.2009: Maldives  2-0  India U23
SAFF   Final: 14.06.2008: India  0-1  Maldives
SAFF   07.06.2008: Maldives  0-1  India
SAFF   SEMI FINAL :14.12.2005: Maldives  0-1  India
South Asian Games   3rd/4TH: 04.10.1999:India   3-1 Maldives
SAFF   SEMI FINAL :29.04.1999 : India  2-1 Maldives
Friendly  1998: 17.11.1998: India  2-1  Maldives
SAFF   Final: 13.09.1997: India  5-1  Maldives
SAFF   :09.09.1997:Maldives  2-1  India
South Asian Games   23.11.1987: India  5-0  Maldives



Put him to save a penalty and he is concentration personified. But Subrata Pal can't bear the tension of watching his own team taking a penalty. With Maldives' defender Mohamed Sifan handling a Syed Rahim Nabi centre in the 45th, the referee pointed to the spot.

As Captain Sunil Chhetri put the ball on the spot and then ran to take the spotkick, everyone in the Stadium had their eyes fixed on the Maldives goal - except Pal. He preferred to turn his back and rely on the cheer of the crowd. The very next second, he jumped up, more than anyone in the Stadium as the crowd roared. Chhetri by then, had sent Maldives goalkeeper Mohamed Imran the wrong way and was celebrating with his other teammates.

Chhetri scored another in the second half - off a diving header (70th) as India, cheered on by a vociferous crowd breezed past Maldives 3-0 in their second match of the Nehru Cup, thus moving onto 6 points. Syed Rahim Nabi completed the rout heading in the second goal in the 53rd minute.

Wim Koevermans's wards displayed some delightful football on the pitch, playing in the new style of theirs with relative ease than their previous outing. Their passing was clear, crossing much more accurate and after it kicked-off, it was just a matter of time before they would take the lead. The visitors had a tough time trying to thwart the flankers, especially Nabi, who was darting down the left flank every now and then.

One such run had three defenders trying to stop him. He crossed and before Chhetri could meet his delivery, the ball struck the hand of Mohammed Sifan. The referee pointed towards the dreaded spot. Chhetri stepped up amidst deafening cheers. The India captain, who scored around the same time in the last match, did not disappoint his adulates.

Change of ends brought more misery for Maldives who came into the match high on confidence after their win against Nepal. Nabi this time got his name in the scoresheet heading home from a Clifford flag kick in the 53rd minute.

India looked more menacing as time wore on. Chhetri's second goal came in the 70th minute. Francis found his captain unmarked and drilled an inch perfect cross and the Sporting Lisbon striker stooped to glory. Chhetri also stayed unlucky when he hit the woodwork after getting past the goalkeeper. But it didn't matter.


22.08.2012 : NEHRU CUP - 2012 : India starts campaign with winning beat Syria 2-1

Rain tried to play spoilsport. But Team India's indomitable spirit to start their defence of the Nehru Cup with a win got the better of the inclement weather at the Jawaharlal Stadium on Wednesday (August 22). The Wim Koevermans coached outfit won 2-1, a goal each from Captain Sunil Chhetri and substitute Anthony Pereira in the 45th and 82nd minute respectively helping India's cause.

Alaa Alshbbli pulled back for the visitors in the 89th minute.

Chhetri opened the scoring in the 45th minute when he headed in a Clifford Miranda centre and then Anthony Pereira lobbed it over rival custodian Ahmed Alsalih who was out of position. Barely 10 minutes earlier, Chhetri had led the team back to the dressing room in the 34th minute - play was interrupted due to torrential downpour. But the 15 minutes of torrential downpour wasn’t enough to derail India.

The effort was visible from the first whistle. The players were trying their best to display the new style with the one twos. And they were perfect. Unnecessary long balls were not to be seen. Rather, inch perfect crosses excited all- after all on display was a new Indian football side.

Let's take for example Sanju Pradhan's cross from the right flank in the 20th minute. The No.8 India winger drilled a lovely cross for Francis Fernandez to expertly tap it down. Chhetri just could not connect properly. Central midfielder Lenny Rodriguez was gelling well with Francis who was deployed just behind Chhetri in a 4-4-1-1 system. The back four was looking like a well oiled machine, closing down efficiently inside the box.

Further back, Subrata Pal looked more than convincing when his turn came. He palmed away a well placed header from his counterpart with minimal fuss. India were more calculated in the second half.

They didn't take unnecessary risks at but the same time looked to split open the rival defence. The ploy paid dividends as Pereira settled the issue in the 82nd minute. Alshbbli pulled back for Syria but it came a bit too late. Sunil Chhetri was declared the Man of the Match. India next play Maldives on August 25.


22.08.2012 : INDIA   2-1   SYRIA ( FT.. )
IND: SUNIL 45', Anthony 84' :: SYR: ALA 90+1'
IND : Subrata, Gourmangi, Raju, Nirmal, Nabi, Lenny, Mehtab, Sanju (Anthony), Miranda, Francis, Sunil.
SYR : T.Mousa, Alsalih, Jehad, Md. Zahir, Ouday, Alshbbli, Aalrefaai, Zubaida, Altayar, Mardkian (Hamud), Ghlioum.
90'+3: Match end. Indian won the match 2-1.
90'+1 ': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Syria reduced the margin from Free kick. Ala Alshbbli scored via brilliant header from Oday Jaffal's free kick. Raju was not in the position.
90': 3 minutes added time by Referee.
89': Free kick for Syria just top of the Indian box.
88': India is leading 2-0 now.
86': Again attack of India from right flank by Anthony but ball went for corner. His corner cleared.
85': Gourmangi slight injured now fit.
84': Anthony got the ball in right flank from Lenny Rodrigues, beat one Syrian player and his left footer beat Syrian keeper. India is now leading 2-0.
81': Chettri was fouled by Syrian defender. Free kick for India. Miranda's kick cleared.
78': Effortless pass of Miranda. Ball went for Throw in for Syria.
76': Well header saved by Nirmal off a long Syrian ball in India box for Throw in.
75': Yellow Card to Syrian Jalal who fouled Raju.
72': Lenney 's shot went to Syrian keeper.
72'; Yellow card to Nirmal Chettri of India.
70': Two back to back throw in for india, Long ball came to Sunil in Syria box and his header savd by Syrian keper.
66': Referee Shown Yellow Card to Indian Keeper Subrata for time westing..Still India is leading 1-0.
65': Well saved by Subrata, Bad back pass of Nabi towards Subrata, one Syrian player followed the ball, but Subrata cleared the danger.
64'; PLAYER CHANGE : SYRIA : Mardek Mardikian out and Hamoud Al Hamoud in.
61': Sunil again attacked from left wanted to enter in the box but two defenders of Syria came and cleared the ball.
59': India win a Free kick in left, Sanju kicked but cleared by Syrian defenders.
57': Subrata Pall well advance and cleared a long ball which came in to top of the Indian box.
55': Again Free kick for Syria, Raju fouled one player of Syria, ball cleared of the said free kick.
54': Syrian Free kick cleared by Indian defence.
53': Mirinda wanted to pass in deep from left but unable to did the same for watered grass.
51': India is leading 1-0.,
50': Goal kick for India, Lonkg kick of Subrata Pal went for Throw in for Syria.
48': Free kick won by Syria, near Indian right sided corner flank, Subrata well cleared the ball.
46': 2nd half match starts.
HT : It's half time now in the match. India is leading 1-0.
45+1': This is Sunil Chettri's 5th Goal in Nehru Cup as he started plying from 2007.
45+1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...Sunil Scored for India. Mehtab to Miranda in left, Miranda beat a defender in Syrian box and crossed from left, which went to unmarked Sunil and Sunil's brilliant header beat Syrian keeper in left..
45': Referee added 1 minute as injury time.
44': Sunil shot from out side the box saved by Syrian keeper Musa Alsalih.
41': Sunil failed to head from Miran's cross from left.
40': Syrian attacking is going on, India is in under pressure.
39': Corner from the left flank of Syria, free header of a Syrian player and Goalline save of Mirana 38': Subrata another saved when a header of Syrian Hamid.Corner for Syria. 38': Still no score in the match.
36': Subrata saved an another good movement of Syrian striker Hani.
36': Ball is not moving smoothly.
36': Lenny Rodrigues effort, his shot cleared by Syrian defence.
35': Match started. Faulty clearance of Raju and due to this one of the Syrian Striker found an open goal but India keeper saved well.
35': The rain has stopped now. Super Sopper now being used to dry up the field.
35': Syria has got 5 chances while India got only 1 in the mean time.
35': The play has been called off temporarily .. by the referee. Ball is not rolling in the field due to heavy rain.(34.21 Sec. match called off)
34': Referee has called the players, discussing the situation for poor visibility.
32': It is still heavy shower.
30': Yellow Card to Mardkian of Syria who fouled Nirmal Chettri.
29': It's now heavy raining in the field now.
28': No score yet. Syria is attacking from the right side. Hamid's cross from right which missed the open net by Mardkian.
26': Misunderstanding by Subrata and Raju, Hamid missed the golden chance to score for Syria. 25': It's raining in the field.
23': Corner win by Syria, Abdul's corner kick cleared by Raju.
20': No score yet in the match.
19': Mehtab to Sanju in right flank, Sanju's crossed well from there but Sunil failed to trap inside Syria box. ball cleared.
18': Sanju's effort, lobbed the ball out side Syria box went out side the bar.
17': No score yet in the match.
16': Alshbbli of Syria good header from 6 yards box of India but went over the cross bar.
15'; Slow pace in the match. Game is playing in the midfield.
14': Nabi well blocked the through pass of Hamid in india box.
13': Raju blocked an attack of Syria.
10': Ansari's shot went wide from out side the box.
10': first shot on target of India, Now Syria is attacking, Subrata colloct Ube's left footer.
9': Good counter attack of India, Chetti's shot from right sided cross of Nirmal, missed the target.
8': Corner kick cleared by Gourmangi.
5': Free kick for Syria from India top of the box. Raju cleared the shot via corner.
3': Yellow card to Clifford who fouled Alshbbli of Syria
2': India got free kick. Miranda's shot cleared.
1': Match starts.

Nehru Cup 2009, Final   31.08.2009  Syria 1-1, 4-5(pen)  India
Nehru Cup 2009, 1st round   29.08.2009  India 0-1   Syria
Nehru Cup 2007, Final   29.08.2007  India 1-0   Syria
Nehru Cup 2007, 1st round   23.08.2007  India 2-3   Syria