DELHI DYNAMOS: : 1 Hout, 26 Souvik, 22 Naoba, 5 Anwar,4 Raymakers,6 Mudler, 15 Herroro,28 Tulunga, 23 Steven, 10 Del Piero, 9 Junker.

CHNNENYIAN FC: :Bradgllano, 25 Dhanachandra, 5 Mendy, 27 Silvestre ,19 Gourmangi, 10 Djordjlc, 18 Khabra, 7 Elano, 17 Balwant, 13 Denson . REFEREE : Tejes Narvenkar

90+5: Match Ended Delhi Dynamos won 4-1
90+2: YELLOW CARD to Santos for pulling off his jersey after the goal
90+2: Santos dribbled pass three defender and places the ball at the far corner of the net
90+2:GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL.........a brilliant goal by Dos Santos, Delhi Dynamos leading 4-1
90': 5 mins added time
87': Santos replaced by Tulunga
86': Souvik Chakroborty replaced by Bruno
85': Delhi Dynamos are heading for their first win in ISL
77': GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLL..... Bruno scored , Delhi Dynamos leading 3-1
76': YELLOW CARD to Khabra
76': PENALTY for Delhi Dynamos, Tulunga tripped from behind by Khabra
74': Morten replaced by Del Piaro, Delhi Dynamos leading by 2-1
68': Elano scored from a free kick from outside the 18 yards
68': GOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLL...... Elano reduced the margin for CHENNAYIAN FC
66': YELLOW CARD to Hans Mulder for rough tackel to Elano
60': Chennaiyian FC trying hard to reduce the margin ,but Delhi Dynamos are still leading by a brace
55': Delhi Dynamos leading 2-0
50': Second session are promising to be entertaining as Chennaiyn Fc are desperate to reduce the margin
46': SECOND HALF STARTED, Mendoza replaced by Djordjlc,
45': 2 mins added time
42': YELLOW CARD to Dhanchandra for rough tackling to Junker
40': YELLOW CARD to Van Hout for time wasting
35': Delhi Dynamos 2, Chennaiyan FC 0 30': Chennaiyan FC are depending on the counter attacks ,but unable to create any danger in the Delhi Dynamos defense
25': Delhi Dynamos are leading by a brace are in complete command of the match
21': A center from Steven from the right was brilliantly headed by Junker to give Delhi Dynamos their second goal
20': GOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLL.......... Delhi scored the second goal
15': Delhi leading , while Chennai trying to gain position
10': Delhi Dynamos are attacking earned 3 corners within 1st 10 minutes
5': Delhi dynamos leading , Raymaker scored the fastest goal of the tournament
1': A pass from Tulunga from a corner of Del Piaro,and Raymakers left footer finds the target
1': GOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLL.......... Raymakers score for Delhi Dynamos
0': Match started
**** AIFF Has suspended the footballers and coaches for violating ARTICLE 58
Robert Pires - Footballer Fc Goa - 2 matches and Rs 5 laks
Fikru Lemessa - Footballer Atletico de Kolkata - 2 matches and Rs 5 laks
Antonio Lopaz Habas - Coach - Atletico de Kolkata -4 matches and Rs 5 Laks
Pradip Kr Bhaktekar - Goalkeeper Coach - Atletico de Kolkata 2 matches and Rs 30,000
Pradip Kr Bhaktekar - Goalkeeper Coach - Atletico de Kolkata 2 matches and Rs 30,000,
* Chennaiyan Fc had won both the matches are on 6 points
* Delhi Dynamos had played 2 matches are on 2 points.
0m: Delhi Dynamos to face Chennaiyin FC today in ISL 2014.

19.10.2014 : NORTH EAST UNITED 0 VS )FC GOA (7.00 PM.)

0m: North East United to face FC goa in 2nd match of the day as Atletico De kolkata and Delhi Dynamos match ended 1-1.