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NEU : Rehnesh; Robin, Miguel, Capdevila, Aibor; Ralte, Chansa, Mtonga, Dong; Koke; Lenn
DEL : Van Hout; Elias, Anwar, Henrique, Shouvik; Francis, Mulder, Arias, Souvik, Tulunga; Dos Santos

FULL TIME Delhi Dynamos beat NorthEast United in 2-1
90'+3':Chance to Junker, back pass to Mulder, his shot went wide
90'+3':What a chance to Steijen, brilliant save by Hout
90'+2':Delhi's corner,Steven's shot corner cleared
90'+2':Another good save by Hout from Steijen's cross
90'+1':Players Change in Delhi: Mads Junker in place of Francis
90':4 minutes added time
89':Move through Tulunga, but a OFFSIDE
89':Nearly a goal line save in opposite end
88':Good move through Francis, his forward pass to Steven but his pass to find Tulunga cleared
87':Mtonga's shot, went wide
86':Mtonga's brilliant shot, just wide.
85':Adinga's cross, cleared in defence
85':What a chance to Steven, wasted shot easy to Rehnesh
84':Tulunga's shot Rehnesh saved it. Good pass of Francis
83':Brilliant chance to Steven, he could have pass to unmarked Francis, but Rehnesh saved it
82':RED CARD Second yellow card and Red card to Aibor
81':Chansa's shot defleted and a fine save by Hout
81':Players Change in Pune: Steven Dias in place of Dos Santos
80':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mtonga scored for Corner. His header finds the net
79':Aibor's shot blocked and went wide. Corner to NorthEast
76':Players Change in NorthEast: Padilla in place of Capdevila
75':Brilliant back to back chance to NorthEast, first time Chansa failed to shot and in second Koke's shot went over the bar
74':Aibor's poor header nearly created a chance to Dos Santos, Miguel cleared the ball
73':Boithang's cross from right flank, but ball directly in Hout's hand
72':Mulder's forward pass to Dos Santos, but another OFFSIDE
71':Koke's pass, almost find James Keene, Hout save the ball
69':Chansa's forward pass to find Keene, Hout save the ball. Yellow Card to Keene for his deliberate challenge to Hout
68':Shouvik's forward pass, but Francis is in OFFSIDE position
67':Boithang's corner, cleared
67':Chansa's header, Hout cleared it. Corner to North East
66':OFFSIDE. Adinga is offside this time
65':Another move of NorthEast, good block by Shouvik to Keene. Hout finally saved the ball
64':Forward pass to Koke, but he is in OFFSIDE position
63':Another cross of Adinga, Hout save the ball
62':Delhi's counter attack, Rehnesh again cleared the ball outside box
61':Brilliant chance to NorthEast, but Lenn failed to head it from Boithang's cross first and then Adinga's pass but Chansa missed it
60':Players Change in NorthEast: James Keene replaced Do Dung-Hung
59':Dos Santos's free kick, went just over the bar
58':Yellow Card to Aibor for his bad tackle to Francis. Free kick to Delhi in a very good position
57':Lenn's shot blocked and finally a bad cross of Adinga, directly in Hout's hand
56':Players Change in Delhi: Stijn Houben comes on for Pavel Elias
55':Delhi's move, Lenn cleared the ball. Corner to Delhi
54':Boithang's shot, blocked in defence
52':Koke's long ranger, Hout fists it and a chance to Chansa, Hout save the ball in second try where Lenn is very near to shot
51':Cross from opposite end, Lenn's header but Hout save the ball
50':Brilliant chance to Lenn from Adinga's cross, his header went wide
47':Chansa'a shot, Hout save the ball
46':Second half resumed
46':Players Change in North East: Boithang in place of Robin
HALF TIME 10-man Delhi leading 2-0 against North East after the end of first half.
45'+2':Koke's free kick, Capdevilla's header and a shot went wide
45'+1':RED CARD to Souvik Chakraborty for his bad tackle. Second yellow Card. 7th Red Card of the tournament so far.
45':1 minute added time
43':Brilliant move of Chansa from Koke's free kick, but a bad finish in the centre
40':Adinga's shot from corner, went wide
40':Chansa's pass to Koke, good block in box, corner to NorthEast
39':Adinga's free kick, Hout fisted it wide
38':Souvik committed another foul against Adinga
37':Attack in opposite end through Adinga and Lenn but Lenn's shot blocked
36':Brilliant chance to Francis, but good save by Rehnesh
33':Yellow Card to Souvik Chakraborty
32':Chance to Lenn, his shot went over the bar
32':Brilliant clearance by Rehnesh to deny a counter attack of Delhi. Brilliant chance to Tulunga
31':Dos Santos tipped the ball, but it went over the bar
29':NorthEast's move but a wasted shot of Adinga went wide
28':Tulunga committed a foul against Chansa
27':Dos Santos's free kick, went over the bar
26':YELLOW CARD to Robin Gurung for his handball outside box
24':Brilliant pass and again a bad miss of Koke. Just goalkeeper to beat but his wasted shot went over the bar
21':Miguel's header from corner, went wide
21':Souvik Chakraborty committed foul against Chansa, free kick to North East
20':Dos Santos tried another long ranger from corner, went wide
19':Francis's cross from left flank, Robin cleared the ball. Corner to Delhi
18':Move through Koke, but he committed foul
17':Koke tried a long ranger, went over the bar
13':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Mulder scored for Delhi. Dos Santos's pass, Mulder's turn beat defender and a good grounder finds the net
10':What a chance to Koke!! beat keeper but still failed to score, his shot deflected from post.
8':Dos Santos tried another long ranger, went wide
6':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Brilliant goal score by Dos Santos. His long ranger touched inside upper side of bar and finds the net.
4':Tulunga tried long ranger, went wide
2':NorthEast's move, defence cleared the ball
0':Kick off

All India Football Federation (AIFF) Disciplinary Committee decision of the ISL match held on 23rd October between FC Goa Vs Atletico de Kolkata

31.10.2014 (ISL GOA PRESS RELEASE) : The Chairman of All India Football Federation (AIFF) Disciplinary Committee decided the following today i.e. Friday, 31st Oct 2014 in the review petitions filed by both teams under Article 143 of the AIFF Disciplinary Code against order dated 25.10.2014:

Antonio Lopez Habas, Head Coach of Atletico de Kolkata shall serve the suspension of 4 (four) matches as under:-

Suspension for 2 (two) consecutive matches of ISL played or shall be played by the team after 23rd Oct 2014, as per fixture of ISL.

Further, implementation of sanction of remaining two matches shall remain suspended for a probationary period of two months from 23rd Oct 2014. During this two months probation period, if Antonio Lopez Habas commits another infringement, the suspension shall be automatically revoked and the sanction applied; it will be added to the new sanction pronounced for the new infringement.

Fine of Rs. 500,000/- (Rupees five lac only) on him remains the same.

No other change in the order of the Chairman, AIFF Disciplinary Committee dated 25th October 2014.