AFC & AIFF Meeting - India clubs agree to work together on league roadmap.
14.10.2019 - AFC WEB SOURCE : Indian football today was presented with a roadmap for the reform process for the club game in the country – with the Indian Super League (ISL) being recognised as the top league in India starting from this 2019-2020 season.
IAFC & AIFF Meeting - India clubs agree to work together on league roadmap
The ISL champions would also be entitled to a play-off place in the AFC Champions League and the I-League champions would take a place in the AFC Cup in ‘a package that takes into consideration the recommendations of FIFA/AFC report of 2017.’

Dato’ Windsor John, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) General Secretary, said at a meeting convened in Kuala Lumpur: “Everyone has to put the good of Indian football at the forefront and take the best decisions to develop Indian club football. The AFC will be very much involved to ensure the growth of the game to the next level with the pathway to a single league.

“Every point of this package – and it is a package – has been thought-out extremely carefully and it is aimed simply at providing the best chance to develop Indian club football. We have informed AIFF that 10-12 teams are not enough for the top League – it must be bigger.

“Everyone has contributed to the development of the Indian club game - ISL, I-League clubs, the AIFF and the AFC – and I am sure that if this roadmap is considered further then Indian football will see the benefits for the game. We are now all working together to deliver the best future.”

All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary Kushal Das, added: “We now have a roadmap which provides the best opportunity for Indian club football. I would like to thank the AFC – and its General Secretary – for their contribution in proposing a solution to this unique problem. India is an important country for football in Asia.

“We have to be financially sustainable and take into consideration all commercial and contractual aspects of this plan because commerce is key to football not only in India but across the world of football. We must be cognisant of that fact of football life, that footballing legacy and investment are equally important for the development of Indian football.”

The proposal will now be presented to the AFC Executive Committee and the AIFF Executive Committee. The roadmap is:

1.In season 2019-20, the ISL will attain the status of premiere league competition in Indian football.

2.As a special compensation to India, the AFC will allow the winning ISL club to represent India in the AFC Champions League play-offs, and the I-League winner will get to play the AFC Cup play-off.

3. Another key recommendation by the AFC is to open a pathway for two I-League clubs’ entry into the ISL by the end of the 2020-21 season, subject to the criteria being fulfilled.

4.In addition, starting with the 2022-23 season, the winner of I-League will stand a chance to be promoted to the ISL with no participation fee, basis fulfilling sporting merit and the national club licensing criteria to be set out by the AIFF. There will be no relegation in the ISL at this time.

5. In its recommendation for 2024-25, it is agreed to fully implement promotion and relegation into the top league, and abolition of two parallel leagues.

Indian referees to officiate FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Qualifier match

10.10.2019 : Indian referees to officiate FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Qualifier match between Iran and Cambodia at Azadi Stadium, Iran today.
Indian referees to officiate FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFC Asian Cup China 2023 Qualifier match
33 years old Pranjal Banerjee OF WEST BENGAL will be the referee of the match alongwith Asit Kumar Sarkar and Tony Joseph Louis as assistant referee of the match. Pranjol Banerjee was awarded by All India Football Federation as "Referee of the year 2016".

Earlier in the year 2019, all the four match officials has been selected from India who officiated the match between Brunei and Mongolia on 6th June 2019, which was FIFA World Cup 2022 and AFC Asian Cup Qualifier Match. Pranjal Banerjee officiated the match alongwith Samar Pal and Asit Kumar Sarkar as Asst Referees and 4th official was C.R Srikrishna where Mongolia won the match 2-0.

The above 4 Indian Referees officiated 2019 AFC Asian Cup – Play-Off Round 1 (1st leg) match in 2 June 2016 at National Stadium, Kaohsiung (Taiwan) between Taiwan and Cambodia where the score ended 2-2.

Gokulam Kerala FC will play a charity match against Ajmal Bismi SAT

09.10.2019 : Gokulam Kerala FC will play a charity match against Ajmal Bismi SAT, a club based in Tirur in Malappuram, on October 12 to help three brothers, who have lost their house in the floods happened in Nilambur, Malappuram.
Gokulam Kerala FC will play a charity match against Ajmal Bismi SAT
The football match is organised by Malappuram District Football Fraternity and will be held at Kottappady Football Stadium in Malappuram at 4 PM on Saturday. "Several people in north Kerala were affected by the floods this year. We as a football team need to help the community and this is a small gesture from Gokulam Kerala FC. The match is an opportunity for us to connect to the community and show our solidarity towards them. We hope more people will come to watch us and help the family, who are in need,” said Gokulam Gopalan, the chairman of the club.

"When we heard about these brothers, who lost their house due to floods, we thought we could help them. Football is the number one sport and if we could collect a decent amount of money, it would be a great help for the family," said Malappuram district police chief U Abdul Kareem IPS, the chief patron of Malappuram District Football Fraternity.

"We are planning to build an 850 sq ft-house. The total cost is estimated to be at least Rs 9.5 lakh for the house. We have already made the plan for the house," said Ashique Kainikkara, coordinator of the match.


KFC NEWS DESK-8.10.19: The controversy relating to I Legue and Indian Super League likely to decide finally as the I league as well as the ISL clubs are called at a meeting at the AFC headquarter at Kuala Lampur on 14th of October at 10am. AFC General Secratary Dato Windsor John, AIFF General Secretary Kushal Das and a number of officials from FSDL will be present at the meeting.

The clubs were summound at an important time when both the leagues are set to commence.Indian Super League will start on and from the 20th of October whereas the I league is likely to kick off on the 16th of November. It has been learnt from sources that AIFF along will AFC will finally announce the future road map of Indian football in presence of the I League and ISL participating clubs.

AFC in consultation with AIFF will deliver a presentation regarding the right way and structure of the future of India football. The clubs can deny or approve the the road map. AFC will finally declare their views regarding the roadmap. Earlier FIFA and AFC opined that they will not make any interference in the decision of All India Football Fedaration.

The decision of AIFF till now relating to the future of Indian football likely to affect adversely to the I League clubs. AIFF are in a mood to declare ISL as the top tier league and will be allowed to participate in AFC Champions League play off spot which is now enjoyed by I league champions. AIFF are now in discussion with AFC for the second spot for the I league to participate in the AFC competetion.