TFA : Name of the 16 fresh boys from 8 States across the country in 12th batch

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Tata Football Academy is one of the premier football breeding grounds in Jamsedpur, India. For so many years they are committed to trained young talented footballer at International standard. Players like Chapman, Renedy Singh, Dipendu Biswas, Deepak Mondal, Mahesh Gawli, Clifford Miranda, Trijit Das, Surkumar Singh, Syed Rahim Nabi, Gouramangi Singh, Subrata Paul, S. Malswamtluanga, Branco Vincent Cardozo, Rakesh Masih,Rino Antao, Raju Eknath Gaikwad, Subodh Kumar, Jagroop Singh, Robin Singh, Abhishek Das etc are all the products of TFA.

The trials for the 12th batch of TFA cadets was held from Feb. 20 - 23, 2012 for the initial scrutiny and April 1 to 8, 2012 for the final selection as per eligibility of birth on or after 1st Jan 1996 with a minimum height of 5' 6" and weight of 50 kgs. Final selected group of 19 / 20 cadets was eligible for induction into TFA from 1st June, 2012.

During the selections, the TFA coaches made trial from more than 1000 young boys from across the country. The final selection from amongst 60 boys was conducted by the Sheffield United Football Coaches Mr. Lee Walshaw and Mr. Yadigar Gorurs from England and Germany respectively in Jamshedpur in the first week of April of their 9 days visit.

The new batch consists of 16 boys from 8 States from across the country from the East, North East, North and South. The coaches separately selected 3 boys for including them in the senior batch so as to augment the batch's strength. The fresh cadets will undergo basic and advanced training in TFA over the next four years and pass out in 2016 as professional football players.

Selected Cadets are: Y C Meetai, Mustafa Ali, Amit Kumar, Alwyn George, Simranjeet S, Y C Meetei, Satish K R Patel, Pankaj Sona, Jayabrata Dhar, Karan Sawhney, Ravi Kumar, Siam Hanghal, Y R Meitei, Irfan Khan, Pronoy Halder, S Balmuchu, Ravinder Singh, Bilal Khan. The only two players from Jharkhand to have made the cut are M. Rahul Raj and Shashi Prasad Keshri.

Here are the lists of some the ex-cadets of Tata Football Academy who once played and currently playing for the Famous Football clubs of India and also in Jr. and Sr. level National Football Team.

1992 : Carlton chapman, Aloke Das, Godfrey Pereira, Toushif Jamal, Goutam Ghosh, Reajul Mustafa, K.Khen Thang Paite.

1996: P.Renedy Singh, Kalyan Choubey, Anit Kumar Ghosh, Dipendu Biswas, L. Lolendro Singh, Shankarlal Chakraborty, Abhay Kumar.

1998: Deepak Kumar Mandal,Sheikh Sanjib, Mahesh Gawali, Roque Barreto, L. James Singh, Noel Wilson, Vinu Josh, Naseem Akhtar.

2000: Clifford Miranda, Trijit Das, Sur Kumar Singh, Alex Ambrose, Amandeep Singh, Nepoleon Singh, Satish Kumar Bharti ,K. Samson Singh

2002: Manas Barua, Sheikh Sabir, Krishna Tudu, S. Malswamtluanga, Subhash Chakraborty, V.P.Satish Kumar, Syed Rahim Nabi, Amjad Ali Khan

2004: Bimanyu Bimal Birua, Bhola Prasad, Chandam Chitrasen Singh, Debabrata Roy, Gurpreet Singh, Habibur R Mondal, Jerry Zirsanga, Gouramangi Singh, Subhashish Roy Choudhury, Subrata Paul, Vanlal Rova

2006: Lester Fernandez, P. C. Lalawmpuia, Vimal Pariyar, Gautam Debnath, Gurjinder Singh, Warun Deep Singh, Bimal Minj Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Arindam Bhattacharjee, Robert Lalthlamuana, Shilton Paul, Naoba Singh, Khanthang Paite

2008: Cheeradeep Chatterjee, Branco Cardozo, Rakesh Masih, Rino Anto, Goutam Kujur, S Naveen Kumar, Mumtaz Akhtar Henry Gangte, Bineesh Balan, Jibon Singh, Hiralal Chettri, Lalramluaha, Malsawmkima, Karan Atwal.

2010: Jagannath Sana, Niroshan Mani, Raju Gaikwad, Milan Singh, Subodh Kumar, Jagroop Singh, Robin Singh, Abhishek Das ,Jagtar Singh, Ishan Debnath, Raman Deep Singh, Gurjinder Kumar

2012 : Y C Meetei, Mustafa Ali, Pankaj Sona, Irfan Khan, Jayabrata Dhar, Pronay Haldar, Alwyn George, Ravi Kumar, Ravinder Singh, Narayan Das, Bilal Khan.

Coaching Staff: Head Coach: P. Vijay Kumar Asst Coach: Kauser Ahmed Physio: Shashi Sahay

India U-22 : Can't afford to lose sight of long term picture: Papas

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Arthur Papas took over as India's U-22 Coach for the Asian Cup Qualifiers from June. Though just 32, Papas has been highly regarded for his tactical acumen and no-nonsense attitude. After a couple of training sessions with India's U-22 squad at the Ambedkar Stadium, Papas spoke at length to about his Indian experience, challenges, coaching philosophy and India's chances at the U-22 Qualifiers. EXCERPTS:

How has your Indian experience been so far?

I must say it has been pleasant experience so far. All the people I have been in contact with have been very warm towards me and this has helped me in settling down fast. I'm trying to embrace the culture as much as possible in all areas. It is very important for me to adjust to the Indian culture. It gives me the best opportunity to deliver my level of expertise to Indian football.

In terms of football we have much work to do. It's about introducing a new style of football and to do this you need have a view of long term development plan that fits in with such a change in philosophy. In the short term we will work diligently, with high levels of enthusiasm and an aim in the long term to improve the standings of India in the World Rankings. It requires patience from all involved including myself.

This is your first major assignment with the Indian National U-22 team. The bunch of boys is being considered the future of Indian Football. How do you intend to deal with the expectations and pressure?

In Coaching, you have to be able to deal with pressure. I feel the biggest pressure is the one I place on myself and I thrive on this in the process.

In terms of expectations, it's very clear and that is to play a major part in the development of these talented players within the squad to eventually help them become International Players for India. It's important for them to develop as individuals and as a team - so when they become National Team players, they can really do something special for India.

Our upcoming Tournament, the U-22 Asian Cup Qualifiers, serve as another opportunity to expose these players to a higher level of competition. It's very important that players get used to competing at a higher level. This allows the Technical Staff to identify the players in the group and only then can they display the qualities, which in will serve as the next step forward in their International careers.

It's just been a couple of days that you took over. With such little time left to prepare for the Qualifiers, how do you plan to overturn such a deficit?

With very limited time left for the preparation of the AFC U-22 Qualifiers, it's obvious that it's difficult to change the physical or technical characteristics of the individual dramatically. Hence, the main purpose is to give them a clearer understanding of the functions within the system we are implementing.

At the International level the speed of the game is much quicker than at the domestic level. So the players need to learn to play at a higher intensity and that in turn improves the technical & physical characteristics whilst keeping in mind the main theme - football and not isolated training.

There is also a strong focus on the positioning in respect to the ball, opponent and space. This is aimed at developing the individual and the team's tactical acumen. It's important to concentrate on the Qualifiers but at the same time not lose sight of the long term picture which is developing a more well rounded player who is flexible in his way of seeing football.

In terms of the players they have already shown a real willingness to embrace the training methodology and ideas we as technical staff are putting across to them. All I have asked for at this stage is that they maintain an open mind in their approach to all areas both on and off the field. They have adjusted fast and it motivates me to assist them in their aspirations in football both in the short and the long term.

If you are asked to suggest basic changes required to mould this bunch into Champions, what would those be?

Right now, we are stressing on the shifting of the playing style and system. In the past, Indian National Teams had a preference to stick to the 1-4-4-2 system. It's not conceivable to change a system overnight or in few sessions and become World Champions. It will take time and all involved need to maintain patience and not to lose sight of where in the future they would like to see Indian football.

We are focusing on the 1-4-3-3 and at this stage it is about understanding the overall concepts. Only when you start reaching a stage where you can work on the details within this system, you can start to look ahead with increased optimism. It's our main focus at the moment and requires a will to improve, a high level of concentration and the technical qualities to match.

India's Group in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualifiers couldn't have been tougher. Clubbed with Iraq, UAE, Oman, Lebanon and Turkmenistan, how do you rate Indian's chances?

It is the toughest group in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualifiers. If you consider Australia couldn't qualify ahead of Iraq and UAE in the Olympic Qualifiers, going as far as not even scoring a goal in the qualifying process, it clearly shows how tough it is.

What's important from our point of view is to have a belief in what you are trying to do. I have already explained to the group the areas I'm looking for which will be the determinants of success. All of that is not based on direct result.

As a footballing nation it's critical that we are not taking part in tournaments at youth level with a mentality that 'we try not to lose' rather than 'we play to win'. This means we need to have to look closely at our style of football which will give us the best chance of winning in the long term at Senior International level. We will aim to be more courageous in our football style.

EURO CUP : 2nd Part of All Friendly Match results before participating in the final battle.

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Before starting of EURO CUp 2012 in Poland and Ukraine the participating teams are testing their strength by playuing friendly international matches with the others countries.

Below is the list of remaining matches before the final battle of Euro cup.


GROUP - B (Portugal, Holland, Germany, Denmark)

Friendly : 02/06/2012: Portugal   VS   Turkey
Friendly : 02/06/2012: Holland   VS   Northern Ireland

GROUP - C (Italy, Spain,. Croatia, Ireland)

Friendly :29.05.2012 : Italy  Postponed   Luxemburg
Friendly :03/06/2012 : Spain   VS   China
Friendly :02/06/2012 : Norway   VS   Croatia

GROUP - D (England, Ukraine, Sweden, France)

Friendly :05/06/2012 : Sweden   VS   Serbia
Friendly :05/06/2012 : Turkey   VS   Ukraine
Friendly :05/06/2012 : France   VS   Estonia

Here below is the 2nd Part of the brief results of every Friendly matches upto 1st June.

GROUP - A (Greece, Czech, Poland, Russia)

01.06.2012 : Czech Rep   1-2   Hungary
CZE: Kadlec (p) 27'
HUN : Dzsudzsar 8', Gyurcso 90'

01.06.2012: Italy   0-3   Russia
RUS: Krzhakov 60', Shirokhov 76', 90'

31.05.2012 : Greece   1-0   Armenia
GRE: Papadopoulos 11'

29.05.2012 : Russia   0-0   Lithuania
GROUP - B (Portugal, Holland, Germany, Denmark)

31.05.2012 : Germany   2-0   Israel
GER : Gomez 40', Schurrel 82'

30.05.2012 : Holland   2-0   Slovakia
HOL: Salato - og,9', Van Der Vaart 77'
GROUP - C (Italy, Spain,. Croatia, Ireland)

30.05.2012 : Spain   4-1   South Korea
SPA: Torres 14', Alonso -pen 54', Cazorla 58', Negredo 80'
DPR: Kim Do Heon 45'

29.05.2012 : Italy   Postponed   Luxemburg
GROUP - D (England, Ukraine, Sweden, France)

01.06.2012 : Austria   3-2   Ukraine
UKR: Husyev 58', 66'
AUS: Junnzovic 4', Arnautovic 63', 90'

31.05.2012 : France   2-0   Serbia
FRA : Ribery 11', Malouda 15'

30.05.2012 : Sweden   3-2   Iceland
SWD: Ibrahimovic 3', Toivonen 14', Wilhelmsson 78'
ICE: Sigrhorasis 28', Jonnesson 90'

28.05.2012:Ukraine   4-0   Estonia
UKR: Yarmolenko 9', Gusev - Pen 34', Voronin 41', Milevskiy 50'

27.05.2012 : France   3-2   Iceland
FRA: Debuchy 52', Ribery 83', Rami 87'
ICE : Bjarnason 27', Sigthorsson 34'....