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18.08,2018: EAST BENGAL 3-0 ARYAN CLUB (FT..)

EB: Kassim Aidara 26', Laldanmawia 49', Al Amna 69'
MOM: Laldanmawia Ralte (EB)

EB :Rakshit, Samad, Mehtab, Kingshuk, Chullova, Kamalpreet, Laldanmawia, Aidara, Al Amna, Brandon, Jobby

ARN :Souvik, Raju, Mady, Bello, Sujoy, Vivek, Pritam, Kunal, Subhankar, Arthure, Safik

REFEREE : Tanmoy Dhar

FULL TIME East Bengal beat Aryan Club 3-0 to move to top of the CFL Premier A table with goal difference.
90'+4':Another chance to East Bengal, but weak shot, easy for Souvik.
90'+2':One to one chance to Bali Gagandeep, but his shot blocked by Souvik and defence cleared it.
90'+1':Chullova's long ranger, over the bar.
90':5 minutes of added time.
87':Gatch's free kick, cleared by Brandon.
86':Free kick to Aryan after Chullova committed foul against Gatch.
85':East Bengal's attack, Jobby's pass to Brandon but he is in OFFSIDE position.
84':Players Change in Aryan Club: Rishi Chhetri in place of Kunal Ghosh.
83':Long ranger, went straight to Rakshit.
80':Aryan's move, but forward pass is too heavy for Shamshad.
79':Players Change in East Bengal: Surabuddin Mollick in place of Laldanmawia Ralte.
79':Jobby's cross from right, blocked in defence.
77':Players Change in East Bengal: Prakash Sarkar in place of Kamalpreet Singh.
75':Sujoy's long ranger, went wide.
74':Gatch's free kick, Rakshit blocked it well.
73':Players Change in East Bengal: Bali Gagandeep in place of Al Amna.
73':Players Change in Aryan Club: Shamshad Ali in lace of Vivek Singh.
72':Yellow Card to Chullova for his bad tackle Gatch. Free kick in a very good position.
72':Laldanmawia's shot, straight to Souvik's hand.
70':Aidara's forward through, Chullova is in OFFSIDE position.
69':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Samad's minus from right flank, Al Amna trap the ball in right foot and his left footed shot finds the net.
68':Al Amna's corner, Mehtab's header cleared in goalline.
67':Good move of Samad from right, Sujoy cleared and corner to East Bengal.
66':Kunal's free kick, cleared and a counter attack of East Bengal. Al Amna's fine run through left flank and a square pass to Chullova, but his long ranger went wide.
65':Yellow Card to Samad for his bad tackle to Emmanuel. Free kick to Aryan.
64':Arthure's long ranger, went wide.
63':Good move of Aryan. Vivek made a fine one two with Emmanuel, but final pass cleared by defenders.
60':Emmanuel's free kick, went wide.
59':Mady's long ranger from short corner, went wide. Foul against Mady, free kick to Aryan in a very good position.
59':Laldanmawia blocked Aryan's move, another corner.
58':Nearly a chance to Al Amna, but he committed foul against Sameer.
56':Gatch's foul against Al Amna, free kick.
56':Mady's long free kick, went wide.
51':Samad committed a foul against Vivek, free kick to Aryan.
49':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Brandon's cross from Al Amna's pass, ball went over Sujoy and finds Laldanmawia and his shot finds the net.
48':Gatch's free kick, cleared in defence.
48':Mehtab committed foul against Gatch, free kick to Aryan CLub.
46':Second half resumed.
46':Players Change in Aryan CLub: Emmanuel in place of Bello.
HALF TIME East Bengal leading 1-0 at half time.
45'+2':Al Amna's free kick, cleared and a rebound shot of Brandon cleared.
45'+2':Yellow Card to Sameer for his bad tackle to Al Amna. Free kick to EB.
45'+2':Kassim's forward pass to Brandon, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
45': 3 minutes of added time.
44':Al Amna's corner, cleared.
44':Chullova to Brandon, Brandon's minus to Laldanmawia, his shot deflected and went wide. Corner to East Bengal.
42':Kunal's corner, header went wide.
41':Aryan's cross, Samad's header saved by Keeper Rakshit, but he went wide and a corner to Aryan Club.
39':Samad cleared another move of Subhankar. he looks injured. Treatment going on.
38':Al Amna's corner and header went wide.
37':Move through Kassim Aidara, blocked and another corner.
36':Another header from Jobby, went wide.
35':Chullova's cross from left, cleared.
34':Back to back two chance to Aryan, Kingshuk cleared the ball first ball with fine header. Another chance to Subhankar, but his weak flick made it easy for Rakshit.
33':Brandon's long ranger, went wide.
30':Aryan's corner kick, Vivek's back volley went wide.
28':Al Amna's free kick, Souvik save the ball.
27':Pritam's foul, free kick to EB.
26':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Kassim Aidara scored for East Bengal. Al Amna's corner, 3 header in box, Laldanmawia to Jobby to Aidara and ball went to net.
26':Aidara's minus, Bello cleared the ball. Another corner.
24':Brandon's cross from left flank, Jobby's header went wide.
23':Kingshuk's long forward pass, went wide.
22':Al Amna's corner, over all the players in box and went wide.
21':Move down the left through Brandon, blocked and another corner.
19':Raju's cross from right flank, bad clearance creates a chance to Pritam, but his shot headed out by Kingshuk.
18: Aryan's move, Kamalpreet made a good clearance.
17':Laldanmawia's cross from right, Souvik save it once again.
15':Brandon's cross from left flank, cleared in defence.
13: Another shot from corner by Brandon, went wide.
12':Brandon's brilliant left footed long ranger, Souvik made a fine save. Another corner to EB.
11':Counter attack of Aryan, Subhankar's pass and Gatch's shot went wide. Close chance to Aryan
10':Back to back two corner of East Bengal. Al Amna's corner, Aidara's shot went wide.
9':Chance to Jobby, one to one situation, but his shot deflected by post and defence cleared it. Corner to EB.
8':Al Amna's corner, Kingshuk's flick, fine save by keeper Souvik.
8':Al AMna's forward pass to Laldanmawia Ralte, his cross blocked by Sujoy and corner to East Bengal.
7':Gatch Arthure's shot, weak shot made it easy for Rakshit.
5':Back to back two move of East Bengal. First one through Al Amna to Samad, but Laldanmawia failed to trap the ball properly. Next one from down the left, Chullova's minus, cleared in defence.
4':Aryan's move, long forward pass went straight to Rakshit's hand.
3':Chullova's long free kick from left, Raju's header cleared the ball.
2':Al Amna's corner, Samad's cross cleared in defence.
1':Al Amna's cross, Souvik failed to clear it properly. Chance to Samad, his minus went straight to Souvik's hand.
0':Kick off.



10.08.2018: EAST BENGAL 0-0 CUSTOMS (90'+8'.)
MOM : Subham Sen - GK ( CUSTOMS)
QEB : Rakshit, Samad Ali, Mehtab, Kingshuk, Chullova, Bidyasagar, Kamalpreet, L.Ralte, Aidara, Dika, Bali Gagan.
CUS : Suvam, Sourav, Sourav Das, Samuel Kane, Souvik, Amit, John, Rakesh, Soubhagya, Rajon, Iffeayani.
REFEREE : Biplab Poddar

FT : Match end. Cal customs hold Mighty East Bengal by goalless. who will get Man of the Match? We guess Customs Keeper Subham. Let's see. YES SUBHAM GOT MAN OF THE MATCH AWARD.
90+7': WHAT A MISS of Brandon, Surabuddin's throw in and 3 yards open area he got to head but missed his header.
90+7": Poor corner kick of Amna cleared.
90+6': Corner kick for East Bengal.

90': 8 minute added time by referee Biplab Podddar.
88': Ram Malik in for Customs in place of S. Maji.
88': In 2017-18 League East Bengal beat Customs 2-0. Michell scored both the Goals.
87': Another chance missed - Bali Gagandeep's shot GOAL LINE SAVED BY CUSTOMS.
86': Sabmad Ali's cross cleared from customs defence.
84': We think Customs keeper can get Man of the Match award for his brilliant keeping.
84': Chullova's kick went wide.
83': Free kick for East Bengal, Danger area, Sourav fouled moving Surabuddin.
82': Miss by Bali Gagandeep, his left footer from close missed the target.
81': 10 minutes left of schedule time.
80': East Bengal is trying to score and more and more attack in Customs den.
79': 2nd corner kick cleared.

78': Corner for East Bengal, Subham cleared for another corner off Dika's kick.
72': Chance missed by East Bengal, Brandon had a chance to score from a cross from behind.
70': NO SCORE YET - 0-0
69': L.Ralte out and surabuddin in for East Bengal.
69': OOOOO...what a shot of John 40 yards shot saved by Dagar for corner.
66': Dika's corner kick and Chullova's effort missed.
61': Amna for Dika in left wing but Kane defended for goal kick.
59': Free kick for East Bengal as Sourav Das fouled Al Amna.
56': Souvik Bol injured but now he his fit after treatment.
54': Souvik Bol cleared a left sided attack of East Bengal.
52': East Bengal now attacking more and more for a score through Al Amna.
48': Johm Ampong fouled Al Amna free kick for East Bengal.
47': Ralte's shot saved by subham.
47': Al Amna shot cleared by Customs defence.
46': 2 changes in East Bengal - Al Amna and Brandon now playing.
46': Now 2nd half match starts.
HT : EAST BENGAL 0-0 CUSTOMS.. Customs Keeper Subham and EB keeper Dagar saved sure goal for their team in first half.
45+2': YELLOW CARD TO AMIT ROY of Customs fouled to Ralte.
45': 2 minute added time.
45': Now corner kick for EB, Mehtab's effort from Chullova's corner.
44': Souvik Ball fouled to Mehtab free kick for EB.
42': CHANCE - L. Ralte's shot went out from 1st post of Customs.
39': Back to back 2 corners. No impact.
38': What a Save by Subham, Ralte to Dika in left wing and Dika's close left footer shot for corner.
37': No impact from Customs corner kick.
37': Danger shot of Iffiani with left footer and well saved by Dagar for corner.
35': Iffiayani's sudden shot from out side box of East Bengal but no damage done.
33': Samuel of Customs and Dika of EB ball fight in Customs area went for goal kick.
32': Corner kick to East Bengal, Chullova's weak corner kick cleared.
30': Free kick for East Bengal, Samad Ali's kick cleared.
30': No score yet in the match.0-0.
29': YELLOW CARD to Rajon Burmon of Customs as he fouled Samad Ali.
27': Mehtab Singh cleared Rajon's attack from Sourav Dasgupta.
26': Souvik Ball to Amit in left but throw in for EB.
23': Iffiani's cross in EB box for Rajon Burman but he fouled Rakshit Dagar - keeper of EB.
22': MISSED...Aidara to Gagandeep but his shot high wide.
20': No score yet in the Match.
13': CHANCE to EAST BENGAL- Dika wrong header from a nice cross from right of Samad Ali.
10': East Bengal is playing their 134th Premier League Match today
9': Goal kick for Customs from a Dika move.
7': John Ampong's attack in left but cleared by East Bengal.
4': Offside to Dika as he got a ball from behind.
3': Kane of Customs cross in right wing but cleared by East Bengal.
3': In pracice Game Customs lost to East Bengal 1-2 and Mohun Bagan 2-7.
2': Free kick for East Bengal, Dika's kick cleared by Sourav Das.
1': East Bengal won their first Match 2-0 against West Bengal Police.
1': Match starts at East Bengal ground.
0': In 2017-18 League East Bengal beat Customs 2-0. Michell scored both the Goals.
0: Cal Customs Promoted this season from CFL Premier 2016 with other three teams.<
0': The match will start at 4.30 pm.



06.08.2018 : EAST BENGAL 2-0 W.B. POLICE (QEB - FT..)
QEB : Lalrindika Ralte 14', Kassim Aidara 38'
MOM: Lalrindika Ralte (QEB)
EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> W.B. POLICE  (QEB - FT..)

QEB : Rakshit, Samad, Mehtab, Kingshuk, Chullova, K.P. Singh, Kassim, Laldanmawia, Lalrindika, Brandon, Gagandeep.
WBP : Soumava, Uttam, Subrata, Saruk, Subhas, Pradip, Indrajit, Surajit, Kishor, Anupam, Prashanta.
REFEREE : Animesh Biswas

FULL TIME East Bengal beat West Bengal Police in 2-0.
90'+2':Al Amna's corner, cleared and a long ranger of Chullova went wide.
90'+1':Laldanmawia's shot, deflected and corner to EB.
90':3 minutes of added time.
EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> W.B. POLICE  (QEB - FT..)
89':Kassim's forward pass to find Bidhyasagar, but another OFFSIDE.
87':Chullova's centre, Bidhyasagar's touch cleared in defence.
86':Al Amna's through, Bidhyasagar's cross straight to Soumavo's hand.
85':Chullova's tackle to Anupam, free kick to WB Police.
84':Samad's cross from right flank, Saruk's header cleared the move.
81':Another long pass and Chullova is in OFFSIDE position.
80':Chance to Laldanmawia, Subrata cleared the ball.
78':Al Amna's centre, Surabuddin missed the back volley.
77':Players Change in WB Police Samim in place of Surajit.
76':Laldanmawia's centre, straight to Soumavo's hand.
EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> W.B. POLICE  (QEB - FT..)
75':Players Change in EB: Surabuddin in place of Gagandeep.
72':Score remains still same. East Bengal 2-0 West Bengal Police
70':Al Amna's pass, but Bidhyasagar is in OFFSIDE position.
67':Chullova's cross, just over Bidhyasagar's head. Ball cleared.
67':Players Change in EB: Al Amna in place of Lalrindika.
66':Header went wide from corner.
66':Chullova's corner, Dika's shot, cleared. Another Corner.
65':Bidhyasagar's pass to Laldanmawia, but he missed an open net.Corner to EB
65':Players Change in WB Police: Kousik Dutta in place of Prashanta Sarkar.
63': East Bengal 2-0 West Bengal Police
60':Chance to Bidhyasagar from Laldanmawia, but his shot went wide.
EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 2-0 </b></font> W.B. POLICE  (QEB - FT..)
57':Pradip's through, chance to Prasanta, but he failed to touch the ball.
56':Chullova's cross from left flank, Laldanmawia's first touch is too heavy, cleared in defence.
53':Samad's minus, Laldanmawia's shot cleared in defence
53':Yellow Card to Subhas for his bad tackle to Laldanmawia.
51':Kassim's forward pass, Gagandeep is in OFFSIDE position.
50':Chullova's centre to find Bidhyasagar, but went wide.
49':Foul against Kassim by Saruk, free kick.
46':Chullova's pass, went straight to Soumavo.
46':Players Change in WB Police: Mehtab in place of Uttam.
46':Second half resumed.
HALF TIME. East Bengal leading 2-0 after the end of first half.
45'+1':Another move of East Bengal from right flank, but Samad is in OFFSIDE position.
45':2 minutes of added time.
42':Chullova's free kick, cleared in defence.
42':Foul against Chullova, free kick to East Bengal.
41':Lalridika's shot from corner, went wide.
39':Corner to East Bengal.
38':GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL Chullova's cross from left flank, Kassim's header finds the net.
36':Lalrindika's pass to find Bidhyasagar, went wide.
35':Another good move of East Bengal, Laldanmawia's shot, went wide.
34':Players Change in EB: Bidhyasagar in place of Brandon.
33':Again offside, this time Brandon. They looks frustrated after to many OFFSIDE decision.
33':Another offside, this time Laldanmawia from right flank.
32':Quick corner of East Bengal, cleared.
32':Samad's cross from right flank, Subrata cleared and corne to EB.
31':Another forward pass to find Bali Gagandeep, but another OFFSIDE.
30':Long pass to Chullova, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
29':Cross from right flank, Saruk's header cleared the ball.
26':Fine cross of Brandon from left flank, Saruk's sliding clearance deny the move.
25':Another move of East Bengal through left flank, Combination of Brandon and Chullova but final pass is too heavy made it easy for Soumavo.
23':Subhas's corner, cleared in defence.
22':Another move of Police, Mehtab's sliding tackle cleared the ball.
22':Brandon's forward pass to Bali, Soumava cleared the ball by upcoming outside the box.
21':Chance to Kassim once again, Lalndika's cross to Kassim, but again a OFFSIDE.
21':Police's corner, cleared in defence.
20':Anupam's cross, cleared. Corner to WB Police
19':Indrajit commited foul against Kamalpreet, free kick to EB.
17':Chance to East Bengal once again, Kassim' pass cleared , another long ranger of Chullova, easy for Soumava.
16':Another forward pass an again Brandon is in OFFSIDE position.
14'GOALLLLLLLLLL Kassim's pass, Dika's left footed shot, Soumava's fist finds Dika again and his rebound shot finds the net.
13':Lalrindika's forward pass, Soumava collects the ball this time.
11':Kamalpreet's forward pass, again Brandon is in OFFSIDE position.
10':Another move of East Bengal from left, Brandon is in OFFSIDE position.
9':EB's corner, cleared in defence.
8':EB's move through right flank, Laldanmawia' shot, deflected and corner to EB.
7':WB Police's free kick, deflected by human wall and cleared.
6':Bad tackle of Kingshuk to Anupam, free kick to WB Police.
5':Another long pass to Gagandeep, but again he is in OFFSIDE position.
4':Samad's long ranger from corner, went just over the bar.
3':East Bengal's move, corner to EB from right.
2':Chullova's forward pass to find Gagandeep, ball went wide.
1':Forward pass o Brandon, but he is in OFFSIDE position.
0':Kick off.
0': full team squad - W.B. POLICE - CLICK IT
0': Opening Game of East Bengal abandoned against Tolly Agragami on 3rd August. Now East Bengal to play against newly pormoted W.B.Police Club today at their home ground.



QEB : Kassim Aidara 1'
TOL : Lagoo Bei 30'
EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> TOLLY AGRAGAMI (HT/ABD.)

QEB : Rakshit, Chullova(C), Mehtab, Kingshuk, L.Fanai, L.Ralte, Kamalpreet, Aidara, Brandon, Lalrindika,Gagandeep.
TOL : Subham, Phoolchand, Md. Saukat, Richard, Gobin Singh, Rakesh Masih, Goutam, Surojit, Bidemi, Lagos Bei, Ashim.

REFEREE : Uttam Sarkar

EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> TOLLY AGRAGAMI (HT/ABD.)

46': MATCH ABANDONED after first half score was 1-1.
46': YES, Match commisioner Bikash Mukherjee declared after discussion that Match is abandoned.
46': May be no match will be held in 2nd half as the water in the surface.
46': Referee's are discussing with Match Commissioner after watching the situation of the match pitch.
HT : 1-1 Half time score.
44': Water over grass but Match is going on through shower.
43': Yellow card to Daniel Bidemi of Tolly.

42': Missed attempt of Dika from Brandon's pass in Tolly box.
37': Free kick to Tolly as Surojit was fouled. No impact of Subhas Singh's attempt.
30': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1-1. Lagoo Bei scored from a pass of Bidemi Daniel and his 2nd post grounder missed to save by Dagar.
24': Brandon's shot from out side box saved by Subham.
22': It's till raining in the field. East Bengal playing small passes to attack.
18': Well header of Brandon Mawaia from Chullova's corner kick.

17': Another corner kick for East Bengal from a shot of Chullova.
15': Subham well saved a right sided sot of Ralte.
14': Fanai's kick went to Subham.
13': 2nd Corner kick of East Bengal from left of Subham.
12': Fanai's corner kick cleared by Saukat last minute.
12': Corner kick for East Bengal from a right wing attack.
10': STAT : LALTU CHAKRBORTY : Last year East Bengal beat Tolly Agragmi 5-0. Scorers were - Willis Plaza (hattrick-27',50',63'), Nikhil Pujari 82', Ralte 84'. Willis Plaza of East Bengal got Man of the Match Award. EAST BENGAL IS UNBEATEN TO TOLLY in LAST 5 SEASON
6': Well sudden shot of L. Fanai wnet over the cross bar.

EAST BENGAL <b><font color=red> 1-1 </b></font> TOLLY AGRAGAMI (HT/ABD.)

1': GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL East Bengal leading 1-0. Dika's freekick and Aidara's push went after deflting from Richad.
1': Free kick of East Bengal as Richard fouled.
1': Match starts at East Bengal Ground.
0': STAT : LALTU CHAKRBORTY : Last year East Bengal beat Tolly Agragmi 5-0. Scorers were - Willis Plaza (hattrick-27',50',63'), Nikhil Pujari 82', Ralte 84'. Willis Plaza of East Bengal got Man of the Match Award.
0': STAT : LALTU CHAKRBORTY :EAST BENGAL win the League title for 39 time and 8th time from 2010 to 2017.
0': Last year Winner East Bengal to face Tollygunje Agragami in the opening match of IFA CFL Premier-A Division today at East Bengal ground from 4-30 pm